Ben Boogz x Doc Reevez – SPOOKINGS [Video] [2018]

Ben Boogz x Doc Reevez – SPOOKINGS [Video]

Beat Tape

Deep x Ben Boogz – Connections Series C007 – The Reconnection [Beat Tape] [2018]

Deep x Ben Boogz – Connections Series C007 – The Reconnection [Beat Tape]
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Side A – Deep
01. Eel O’ Brien
02. Basil Karlo
03. M’Gann M’ Orzzz
04. Garth
05 Reep Daggle
06. Amazo
07. Rex Mason
08. Hannibal Bates
09. Madame Rouge
10. J’Onn J’ Onzz
11. Matt Hagen

Side B – Ben Boogz
01. Reed
02. Adaptoid
03. Calvin Rankin
04. Dmitri Smerdyakov
05. Kevin Sydney
06. Raven Darkholme
07. Steve Harmon
08. Cletus Kasady
09. Loki
10. KL’RT
11.En Sabah Nur

Deep x Ben Boogz – Connections Series C007 – The Reconnection

Available On: Limited Cassette Of 100

Beat Tape Co-Op and 77 Rise Recordings have teamed up to bring you a series of split tapes from beat makers / producers from all across the globe.

The seventh in the series showcases Deep from Brooklyn, NY and Ben Boogz from Jersey City, NJ.


Ben Boogz – Downtown Rhythm [Video] [2016]

Ben Boogz – Downtown Rhythm [Video]

Beat Tape

Ben Boogz – I Moreno [Beat Tape] [2016]

Ben Boogz – I Moreno [Beat Tape]
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01. Pop’s Broke Radio
02. Fresh Out The Box
03. Soleil
04. Freestyle 101
05. Pop’s Guitar
06. Evaristo
07. Horn Dog
08. Pickin’
09. Cosby Sweater
10. Interboro Connection
11. Sonic Boom
12. Downtown Rhythm
13. Moreno Man Theme
14. Funkin’ Intro 2
15. Beauty of Blackness
16. Eugenio Flow
17. Only When I Dream
18. For Ramona Y Luisa
19. Like That
20. I Moreno
21. Electric Movement 0
22. Living Rm Sound Trk Pt. 1
23. Living Rm Sound Trk Pt. 2
24. Succession
25. Hudson Bass
26. Message
27. Moreno Man’s Revenge
28. Tomahawk Floorwork

Ben Boogz – I Moreno

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

OUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING US. While this sounds like a warning, it is merely a preface to “I Moreno”. Young Boogz always studied his father, the Vietnam Veteran, play guitar and sing on the couch while a Charles Bronson movie would play on the television. Ben wondered why his Hero never got around to compiling such talent onto an album. While life catches up to some, the inspired Ben Boogz honors his Hero with the instrumental album I Moreno. The title resonates with Adventurous Science Fiction and Emphasizes Afro-Latino Pride and African Identity while also paying homage to his dad’s name Israel Moreno.

Ben Boogz of the 2 Hungry Bros can be described as the Soul of the Duo and Deep is the Spirit. What does that mean? Deep is known for being driven and possessed while Ben is laid back and calm. It also pertains to their sound. Fans of Comics, Adventure, and Sci Fi, Ben follows up with his first action packed installment after Deep’s Instrumental Trilogy with his own to establish his soulful sound and also leave a legacy. The two worked independently yet their concepts connect, rooted in Fatherhood. Deep being a Father celebrated his son, now Ben Boogz (Also a Dad) celebrates his Father with jazzy horns, funky breaks, vibrant strings, strange sounds, wild cuts and more with I Moreno. This amazing Hip Hop album was mastered by Willie Green. It also features live electric guitar by Scott Greenberg ,Sax by Bryan Beninghove, Keys by David Stolarz and cuts by Dj M Tri, as well as I. Moreno on commentary.