Beats O Freen x Jasper Staal – Fall in Love (Dilla Tribute) [Single] [2015]

Beats O Freen x Jasper Staal – Fall in Love (Dilla Tribute) [Single]
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01. Fall in Love (Dilla Tribute)

Beats O Freen x Jasper Staal – Fall in Love (Dilla Tribute)


Beats O Freen – Dimensions EP [E.P.] [2015]

Beats O Freen – Dimensions EP [E.P.]
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01. Dimensions
02. Bloom Ft. Joanna Borromeo
03. SAM
04. Lost Horizon
05. SAM (Jasper Staal rework)

Beats O Freen – Dimensions EP

For fans of Flying Lotus, fLako, Mo Kolours and the like.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, producer Beatsofreen has gained major attention by releasing his first well-received beattape “Future Memories” back in 2011 at the age of 17.
After a successful collaboration (Global Soul EP) with Medaforacle (USA), he was signed to the Darker Than Wax family, celebrating his new EP “Coloured Dreams” (2013), a little tribute to the late & great J Dilla. With his alterego Stan Forebee , Beatsofreen also creates more jazz-orientated beats, and most recently landed himself a feature on Okayplayer for his remix of Flying Lotus’ ‘Siren song’.

The process that led to ‘Dimensions EP’ engaged different sides of him as a well-rounded artist – growing as his music developed from straight Dilla-minded beats to more electronic songs.

He approached this first as a musician, and then a producer – working with less samples and recording live acoustic instruments – something which has always been part of work for film and radio but was never included in personal production own music, until this project.

While creating this EP had the intention of an electronic influence, it is balanced off by an earthy jazz element – he began to delve more into the acoustic-folk sound and songwriting.

The Dimensions EP is about bringing these different elements together. It stands for seeing things from new perspectives, for experiencing life’s diversity. Everything is possible: it’s all around you; inside, on the outside. You just have to find the dimensions, take the walls down, and bloom.

Special thanks goes out to Joanna Borromeo, who lends her wonderful vocals to ‘Bloom’.