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Anthony Louis Johnson & Friends – Kauwela 2021 [Compilation] [2020]

Anthony Louis Johnson & Friends – Kauwela 2021 [Compilation]
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01. Anthony Louis Johnson – Miami Vice
02. Anthony Louis Johnson – Kauwela 2021
03. Black Star – Mystic Trees
04. Xitruc NiViri – Highly Recommended (Freestyle)
05. Valeros – Jambalance
06. kisslow – Space Dream
07. Bvpeze x MGtheProd – lilSIMBA
08. [dotaki​.​beats] – The Nightlife
09. Nionsomnia – Crystallized
10. Anthony Louis Johnson – Shorty Was The Bomb 2021
11. Anthony Louis Johnson – Too Far
12. Anthony Louis Johnson – CoryXKenshin
13. Ayash – Talk About
14. Ceschi – Polyps
15. Anthony Louis Johnson – What Am I Supposed To Do
16. ApoC – I Miss You
17. Xitruc NiViri – Why Would I Diss You
18. MOOSEY – Up Next
19. [dotaki​.​beats] – These Haters (ft. Professor DJ Sparkz)
20. D.Lee – YF
21. Lil Brince – Tell Me That You Love Me
22. Cityy Towers – Nothing At All
23. Anthony Louis Johnson – What Did I Do To You
24. JB x Tee – Gordo
25. SOLACE & Anthony Louis Johnson – Reminisce (What Now)
26. [dotaki​.​beats] x AGbeatmaker x ALJ – Dontletmedown

Anthony Louis Johnson & Friends – Kauwela 2021

Kauwela – summer; compilation.

I’m crediting every artist that is on this summertime project before anything else, and I will always keep that up. This isn’t glorifying sound-biting or nothing like that. I wanna do this because there are some new artists that I love, and they seem nice with theirs. Just imagine another year of “finally.” That’s why I titled it “Kauwela 2021” and credit everybody’s music before public issues get any worse. I love hosting because I ain’t always wanna make energetic compilations just by myself. This one’s for our parents. I think our content is the miscellaneous way to make them understand our freedom and our independence. It’s about doing whatever we want ourselves. It’s 2020, but what I’m getting at is that we want our own content to be like summertime in 2021. Whenever I wanna make projects that has to feel right just for me, I’m planning on bringing back that old feeling from when I was 14 making my best music in my small bedroom, watching my family fish at Pleasure Beach, staring at the window at home and sometimes going to high school for it.