Amin Payne – The Remix Album [Remixes] [2020]

Amin Payne – The Remix Album [Remixes]
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01. Koffee – Toast (AP RMX)
02. Anderson Paak – Come Down (AP RMX)
03. Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On (AP RMX)
04. MF Doom – My Fav Ladies (AP RMX)
05. Evinha – Esperar Pra Ver (AP RMX)
06. Joey Bada$$ – Land Of The Free (AP RMX)
07. Guru – Skills (AP GTA RMX)
08. Leisure Centre – Something Better (AP RMX)
09. Man Made Mountain – Pot Liquor Brew (AP RMX)
10. Thando – Naked (AP RMX)

Amin Payne – The Remix Album

Instrumental Album

Amin Payne – The G​-​Funk Tape [Instrumental Album] [2019]

Amin Payne – The G​-​Funk Tape [Instrumental Album]
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01. Born To Do Wateva Feat.Tentendo
02. Laidback Feat.OJ KUSH
03. Brainwashed
04. Coastin’ Feat.Unda
05. Purple Dayz Feat.Cazeaux OSLO & Azriel
06. Speak With Integrity Feat.Billy Hoyle
07. J-Lion
08. Its All Real Feat.First Touch
09. Dont Fake The Fonk

Amin Payne – The G​-​Funk Tape

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassettes

Beat Tape Instrumentals Remixes

Amin Payne – Lost Beats & Remixes [Beat Tape/Remixes] [2016]

Amin Payne – Lost Beats & Remixes [Beat Tape/Remixes]
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01. Vibrations Feat. Cazeaux O.S.L.O & BLY DVS
02. Serenade Feat. BLY DVS
03. The Return
04. Green & Blue Feat. K-Saba
05. Searching
06. Jose James – Trouble (Amin Payne & Ben Jamin’ Remix)
07. Busta Rhymes & Qtip – Ill Vibe (Amin Payne & Croup Remix)
08. Outkast – Prototype (Amin Payne Remix)
09. Erykah Badu – Honey (Amin Payne Remix)
10. James Blake – Limit To Your Love (Amin Payne Remix)
11. Kelis – Trick Me (Amin Payne Remix)
12. First Touch – Skybound (Amin Payne Remix)

Amin Payne – Lost Beats & Remixes

A collection of Lost Beats from the vault as well as some Remixes from 2012-2015. Hope you enjoy it. 1Love

Beat Tape

Amin Payne – SAFFRON [Beat Tape] [2015]

Amin Payne – SAFFRON [Beat Tape]
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01. Temples Feat.Bwoy De Bhajan
02. Arabian Dust
03. The Funk Bazaar
04. Belly Dancer Feat.Billy Hoyle
05. Indian Spice
06. The Sound Of The Prophets Feat.Cazeaux O.S.L.O
07. Ramzy the Pimp
08. Just Add Rice
09. Persian Tea Feat.Golden Cub
10. Rose Water
11. Turkish Insight
12. Middle Peace Feat.K-SABA & Cazeax O.S.L.O

Amin Payne – SAFFRON

Come on a nostalgic journey of exotic Eastern sounds resonating with my early childhood in Iran and ever growing inspiration from neighboring lands of Turkey, India and the Arab Nations. This is my way of celebrating and sharing the rich history, poetry and beautiful sounds often ignored by mass media. (زعفران)

Beat Tape Remixes

Amin Payne X Ben Bada Boom – Collision Remixed [Remixes] [2014]

Amin Payne X Ben Bada Boom – Collision Remixed [Remixes]
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01. A Long Time (Moods Remix)
02. Uturn Meon (Suff Daddy Remix)
03. LayLow (mfp Remix)
04. Destiny (Evil Needle Remix)
05. Moon To Mars (Melodiesinfonie Remix)
06. Uturn Meon (Elaquent Remix)
07. Moon To Mars (Submerse Remix)
08. Destiny (Chief Remix)
09. Sunset On Saturn (Budamunk Remix)
10. Bonus : AP X 3B – Metroid

Amin Payne X Ben Bada Boom – Collision Remixed

Also Available On: Limited Blue Cassette or ‘Collision Remixed’ Cassette + ‘Collision’ 12″ Vinyl

Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom’s ‘Collision’ get revisited by
a dream team of producers worldwide Witness a whole new journey
as each artist remixes a track from the album and displays their

Amin Payne