Darko the Super – Bogus Poetry in the Dizzy Age [Album] [2018]

Darko the Super – Bogus Poetry in the Dizzy Age [Album]
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01. Denis Leary Sucks! (Feat. Already Dead Scouts)
02. Chemicals (Prod. by All These Fingers)
03. Oscar Dies at the End (Prod. by Wino Willy)
04. The Spits
05. Easy Killer (Prod. by Wino Willy)
06. My Bell (Prod. by TVPES & Doc Heller)
07. The Donut Burger (Prod. by BLKrKRT)
08. Clean Your Plate (Prod. by Hectic Zeniths)
09. Get a Real Job Fat Boy! (Prod. by BLKrKRT)
10. I’m Only In It For The Money (Prod. by Day Tripper)
11. #1 Hit Record (Prod. by Wino Willy)
12. Fuck You Biggie Smalls (Prod. by Gloam)
13. You Suck Too (Prod. by Wino Willy)
14. At Least I Tried (Prod. by TVPES)
15. Do You Know Where Andy Can Score Some LSD? (Prod. by Hectic Zeniths)
16. Tony Danza (Prod. by Johan Sebastian)
17. Outerspace Caveman Music (Prod. by Day Tripper)

Darko the Super – Bogus Poetry in the Dizzy Age

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

“When Darko first submitted his request to join the Already Dead family, I’m embarrassed to say I wasn’t into it. The music went straight over my head. By the time ‘Oh, No! It’s Darko’ dropped, I knew I had been wrong. Then the ‘Knox Overstreet’ and first ‘Hell Hole Store’ tapes hit and I realized I’d probably never been more wrong in my life. 2017 brought us ‘Apocalyptic Bastard’ and ‘Return to the Hell Hole Store’ and I’m just mad he isn’t world famous yet.

Darko is the most unique and yet somehow relatable rapper you will ever hear. He is a torchbearer for every artist refusing to compromise, quit, or step back, regardless of reception. He’s put in the time and done his homework. The result is another essential entry in the future classic catalog. We may not deserve this beautiful art but The Super has delivered anyways. Now buy the tape, bump it on all occasions, and let’s make 2018 a little nicer.”

– Sean Hartman, Already Dead Tapes, 2018


2 Hungry Bros. – ‘Recipe For Disaster’ [Instrumentals] [2017]

2 Hungry Bros. – ‘Recipe For Disaster’ [Instrumentals]
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01. All Year Reign
02. Heaven’s Way
03. Live Your Life
04. Dusty Journey
05. Charred Beef
06. Frun Gru
07. Market Venom
08. No Resemblence
09. Soul Collector
10. The Wrath
11. King’s Landing
12. Skit
13. Problematic
14. Stimuli
15. Suicidal
16. No Evidence
17. The Movement

2 Hungry Bros. – ‘Recipe For Disaster’

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

“A narration sample from John Huston’s 1946 antiwar documentary Let There Be Light about the traumatized soldiers “plunged into sudden and terrible situations” seems to be steering Recipe for Disaster in a political direction in the opening seconds of the album. However, when the beat kicks in, it quickly becomes clear that the allusions to war relate more to the struggles of daily life than to any kind of pointed attack on specific politicians or legislation. The entire album feels meticulously structured, the beats and samples supplied by Brooklyn’s 2 Hungry Bros. There are also hooks galore found on Recipe for Disaster. This is in part due to the wide variety of samples expertly employed by the vintage vinyl fanatic production team, with an emphasis on melodic passages and memorable instrumental choices. There is also just enough playful energy to the album between the dialog samples and clever beats that Recipe should win over those skeptical with its sheer creativity and craft.”
– Peter Cook, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

Beat Tape

Pyramidal – Come Home [Beat Tape] [2016]

Pyramidal – Come Home [Beat Tape]
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01. On A Park Bench (Intro)
02. Life And Upbringing
03. Flowers and The Moon
04. Love Should Be Easy
05. Never Eat Breakfast
06. Moral Sense
07. My Old Cassette
08. Come Home

Pyramidal – Come Home

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

“I’m really excited to be introducing you to Pyramidal’s latest release, Come Home. It is the AD follow up to 2013’s excellent Change Of Heart. His first album was one of my favorites from the early days of the label and it’s been a real treat to dive into this new creation. You can really feel the artistic growth and maturity here. The formula is relatively the same. Subtle, drifting synths and field recordings mixed with a driving yet relaxed beat. However, it feels like so much more this time. The music really pulls you in. Almost as if you become a part of the sounds and transform into an unseen observer on an intimate personal journey through time, space and scenes of varying beauty. I know this album is going to be getting a lot of play time from me. I hope you can spend some quality time with it as well. Enjoy!”
– Sean Hartman, Already Dead Tapes, 2016