Beat Tape

Aira – FreshTreez [Beat Tape] [2016]

Aira – FreshTreez [Beat Tape]
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01. 74LapsAroundCloverPark
02. 94DrumsGoingDownWestern
03. Bells
04. IDK
05. OhSpinThem79’s
06. TheyMad
07. Peaches
08. Be Different
09. MMMhhhM
10. RainyNight
11. OGLucky7’s

Aira – FreshTreez

Another fantastic voyage across my instrumental musical mind. I had an extreme blast making this album, enjoy it….Happy Holidays


Aira – Liquor Store Trips EP [E.P.] [2016]

Aira – Liquor Store Trips EP [E.P.]
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01. Where That Weed?
02. Spliff
03. Bounce
04. White Owl
05. Yerba Mate Break
06. KNOC
07. Have a Good Day

Aira – Liquor Store Trips EP

Beat Tape

Aira – Carmelos [Beat Tape] [2016]

Aira – Carmelos [Beat Tape]
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01. Nas Speaks (ART)
02. So Much To Say About You
03. Finding a way
04. Wisdom
05. Industry is SOFT
06. Tha BASS
07. LoFi94 (RawRaps)
08. Pepe’s FUNK
09. Relax (RollOne)
10. 420?
11. Want To Go Home?
12. @TheBeach
13. Anytime
14. Blame (TheIndica)
15. Daniel’s BEAT
16. OnMyWay (ToTheShop)
17. Vibing With B (Put a Beat On)
18. SailingIntoThe (Outro)

Aira – Carmelos

I dug into my personality on this album. Straight mellow, (Carmelos). I took my equipment across town, this album was made in Echo Park, Hollywood, Venice, and Fontana, CA. Although I went through personal turbulence I overall still had a great experience in the process making this album. I hope y’all enjoy this project as much as I did making it, seriously. It’s been a year of releasing projects and I’ve been loving every moment……..The Journey Continues…..Enjoy!

Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Aira.


Aira – Love&Hate EP [E.P.] [2016]

Aira – Love&Hate EP [E.P.]
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01. Hella Whippin
02. Life Changes
03. Today
04. Lower Eastside Manhattan
05. This is My Time

Aira – Love&Hate EP

Beat Tape

Aira – For the Love of the Game [Beat Tape] [2015]

Aira – For the Love of the Game [Beat Tape]
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01. That Intro
02. Hood Melody
03. 420 Strings
04. Jazzy
05. Los Angeles
06. Alright
07. GoodMorning
08. Dazzling Sound
09. UP on the BLVD
10. Pimp Lane
11. California
12. You had all the Moves
13. This what I do
14. 704 Rapid
15. To My City
16. *Feelin* My-self
17. LA Conductor
18. SaTiva

Aira – For the Love of the Game

My second installment to my instrumental catalog this one is titled “For the Love of the Game’. MPC2000 was the weapon of choice on this one. As usual I did this for all of my beat enthusiasts across the globe, and to those who aren’t familiar with the culture I strongly believe I could pull in any age bracket with my sounds. I do it all for the love, and will continue on that road. Thanks!

Beat Tape

Aira – Vibe With My SP [Beat Tape] [2015]

Aira – Vibe With My SP [Beat Tape]
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01. Gimme My Money
02. Just Do It
03. Human Being
04. The Iron House
05. SP-Jazz
06. LaLa-LA
07. I Love You Baby
08. Ridin High
09. Meant To Be
10. Stranger in Paradise
11. Delayed Flight
12. Except In God Alone
13. Feel That
14. Life
15. Roll Another One
16. Sampling Layup

Aira – Vibe With My SP

I did this music all off treez, vinyl, and my SP-303. I highly enjoyed the recording process for this album, and I hope you do too…….I do music all for the love………From my block to your block all around the world………………Smoke some treez and sitback……………To all of my continued supporters, thank you, and my new fans………thank you!………………..theres a lot more in the arsenal………..****RAPPERS PLEASE DON’T USE MY WORK FOR ANY SONGS WITHOUT CONTACTING ME**** Thanks, Peace!