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AFTA-1 – The B_4 Tape (Pre Release) [Beat Tape] [2017]

AFTA-1 – The B_4 Tape (Pre Release) [Beat Tape]
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01. B_4
02. Due Time
03. A Poet’s Dream
04. Got The Soul
05. Of True North
06. That Moment
07. Magnetic
08. That Feeling
09. Stripes
10. Still
11. Searching
12. Afro Combs
13. Synthesizing
14. Arriving To
15. A Song For A
16. Tip Toe Through
17. Smoke
18. Most Likely
19. Cloud Formations
20. Breathe Thrice
21. Mysterious Vibes

AFTA-1 – The B_4 Tape (Pre Release)

The B_4 Tape is a compilation of previously unreleased instrumentals created between 2004 and 2006. Some of which became songs that were and were not heard. Previously considered lost from my possession, the 21 tracks in this collection are presented thanks to the contribution of Santana Westbrook of Truthseekers Radio whom is responsible for rediscovering a folder containing these and many other master audio files and session files.

Beat Tape Instrumentals

AFTA-1 – 7_7_15 [Beat Tape] [2015]

AFTA-1 – 7_7_15 [Beat Tape]
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01. LS3_edit
02. Light Expanding
03. Hearts_beta
04. Untitled_40108
05. The Time In Between suite
06. Generated Patterns (ethereal edit)
07. Hello_beta (instrumental)
08. Starships Calling Through
09. Minds Rise
10. Within Gated Distances
11. untitled 143_beta
12. Phe Dub_beta (instrumental)
13. WMTD_beta (instrumental)
14. Yellow (tape edit)

AFTA-1 – 7_7_15

This collection includes high quality wav files of the instrumentals played during AFTA-1’s Boiler Room set on 7/7/2015.

Featuring previously unreleased tracks, and unfinished edits of forthcoming material

Beat Tape

AFTA-1 – LIGHTHOUSE [Beat Tape] [2014]

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01. Starships Calling Through
02. Our Vision
03. Within Gated Distances
04. Minds Rise
05. Rhode Lines
06. Generated Patterns
07. Mother Moon
08. Borrows The Light
09. From The Sun
10. Mother Ocean