Instrumental Album

Mental Abstrato – UZOMA [Instrumental Album] [2018]

Mental Abstrato – UZOMA [Instrumental Album]
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01. Khamisi feat. Rodrigo Brandão
02. O Mar feat. Gil Duarte
03. Mr. Cal
04. For You feat. Erica Dee
05. Suco de Acerola (Tribute to J Dilla)
06. Afroonírico
07. Samambaia Rainha feat. Claudya
08. Noite Vazia
09. Blue Skies feat. Ozay Moore
10. Down feat. Guizado
11. James Bongô
12. Menino Angoleiro

Mental Abstrato – UZOMA

Also Available On: CD UZOMA + Digital

UZOMA is new album from Mental Abstrato Project. From the African dialect Igbo, it means “the good way to be traveled”. After eight years of
the debut album “Pure Essence”, the second comes more mature and with the consistency of good children of Hip Hop, delving deeper into their references, ranging from Samba-Jazz, Neo Soul to the musicality of ancestral matrix African music, resulting in an urban and contemporary jazz record from the suburbs of São Paulo to the World.

The album was recorded in Red Bull Music Studios São Paulo, produced by Mental Abstracto, with co-production, composition and direction of arrangements by Marcelo Monteiro, with the support of great instrumentalists of the instrumental scene.

Beat Tape

Mela9 – Diaspora II: An Afro​-​Brazilian Love Affair [Beat Tape] [2015]

Mela9 – Diaspora II: An Afro​-​Brazilian Love Affair [Beat Tape]
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01. Into The Hills (Intro)/Over The Horizon
02. Céus Azuis (Blue Skies)
03. Ripe Mangoes (Cafe Da Manha)
04. Three Sisters From Bahia
05. Capoeira Players
06. Oya Yemanja
07. Cravo E Canela (Clove & Cinnamon)
08. Shantytown Café
09. Samba Pra Oxúm
10. Sundown At The Beach
11. As Crianças De Cocaina (The Cocaine Kids)
12. Dançar Comigo, Meu Amor (Dance With Me, My Love)
13. And Then, They Made Love….
14. Orfeu E Eurydice (Outro)

Mela9 – Diaspora II: An Afro​-​Brazilian Love Affair

Continuing along the global pathway of the Diaspora, this project has been in the works for quite some time. The process of creating it sent me on a path of musical and self-discovery that was as unexpected as it was rewarding. In this installment of the Diaspora Series, we delve into the rhythms of Africans in the Americas: South America specifically, and Brazil to be precise.

Soon to be released in limited edition cassette format, with a short novel (written by me). I hope you all enjoy. Peace and Blessings.