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8OhEight – Pineapple Banana Bread [Beat Tape] [2021]

8OhEight – Pineapple Banana Bread [Beat Tape]
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01. Kevins Intro
02. Its Unbelievable!!!
03. Thee Epitome of Comfort Food Pt. 1
04. D.D.T.S.T. (Don’t Drop That Sh*t There)
05. Thee Epitome of Comfort Food Pt. 2
06. Pineapple Banana Bread feat. Rick Ross and Freddie Gibbs
07. Thee Epitome of Comfort Food Pt. 3
08. Pineapple Banana Bread (Instrumental)

8OhEight – Pineapple Banana Bread

Also Available On: 10″ Picture Disc

Beat Tape

8OhEight – Pay​-​Per​-​View [Beat Tape] [2021]

8OhEight – Pay​-​Per​-​View [Beat Tape]
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01. Sneak Prevue
02. The Meteor Man (PG) on PPV
03. The Man Who Came On A Meteor
04. WWF Wrestlemania PPV Promo
05. Thee Intercontinental Champion
06. Dangerous Minds (R) on PPV
07. Carlmont High School (Graduate)
08. The Good Son (R) on PPV
09. The Not So Good Son (Mr. Highway)
10. Poetic Justice (R) on PPV
11. Phenomenal Woman (Justices Poem)
12. TINA: What’s Love Got To Do With It (R) on PPV
13. For Your Love (Eat the Cake)
14. The Spice Channel on PPV
15. The Best of Penthouse 2 (NC17)

8OhEight – Pay​-​Per​-​View

Also Available On: Limited Edition “Pay-Per-View” Cassette

Beat Tape Compilation

8OhEight – 8OhEight & Friends [Compilation] [2020]

8OhEight – 8OhEight & Friends [Compilation]
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01. Nick Arcade – Aha! (Intro)
02. Golden Dayo – question in my head
03. AMPLIFIED – 10 West
04. RND1 – so light
05. Altrice – ya ninja cuddle
06. PSYPIRTUAL – heardbawdy
07. Halsero – NIGHTRIDIN
08. Ty d Boi – More Time (God Body)
09. Jeshway – The Bounce
10. The Lasso – Leveneleven
11. MikeD – The Catalyst
12. LeGunk – BeenGoodToMe
13. ProducerTrentTaylor – sumSHIT
14. dVoid – lookforit//LBbbt
15. Cavi

8OhEight – 8OhEight & Friends

With so much going on from pandemics to politics to police brutality, The Duck comes back with some friends to try and spread some love and positivity into the world.

Beat Tape

8OhEight – Pandemics and Peaceful Protests [Beat Tape] [2020]

8OhEight – Pandemics and Peaceful Protests [Beat Tape]
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01. Pandemic
02. Dear White People
03. Is It A Crime
04. Say Their Names (Black Lives Matter)
05. Pieceful Protest (Mask Up!)
06. Stop Killin’ Us
07. A Message From Dave
08. For George (8:46)
09. The Shame (Bonus Track)

8OhEight – Pandemics and Peaceful Protests

This project is dedicated to all the black and brown men, women, and children who lost their lives due to Police Brutality or going fighting against it in Amerikka. Say Their Names! No Justice No Peace! Black Lives Matter!

Say Their Names:

Oluwatoyin Salau
Rayshard Brooks
Elijah McClain
George Floyd
Breonna Taylor
Ahmaud Arbery
Botham Jean
Tamir Rice
Trayvon Martin
Eric Garner
Philando Castile
Samuel Dubose
Sandra Bland
Walter Scott
Jordan Davis

This list unfortunately stays adding names.

Beat Tape Instrumentals

8OhEight – The Duck [Beat Tape] [2020]

8OhEight – The Duck [Beat Tape]
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01. TheMorningShow
02. eGo
03. PublicServiceAnnouncement feat. MF DOOM
04. VersacePistolGrips feat. Westside Gunn
05. T.R.O.M.
06. YES LAWD!!! feat. Westside Gunn
07. THatNWordJoHn feat. ScHoolBoy Q
08. Transcend

8OhEight – The Duck

This is an audio documentary based upon the journey of The Duck.