“Rhythm Roulette” – Paul White [Video] [2015]

“Rhythm Roulette” – Paul White [Video]

We headed to South London to link up with producer Paul White and see what he could cook up on the spot. We hit a record shop in Lewisham with White so he could make his three random selections, and he ended up with Rainbow’s Down to Earth, The Byrds’ Ballad Of Easy Rider, and Odyssey’s I Got The Melody. Once we got back to his studio, he crafted an instrumental using the Odyssey record, as well as his own additional instrumentation.

Beat Tape E.P.

KLIM beats – The Dream​.​EP [E.P.] [2015]

KLIM beats – The Dream​.​EP [E.P.]
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01. I Want You To Know
02. Evening
03. Revenge
04. Keep It On The Hush
05. Summer Breeze
06. Village

KLIM beats – The Dream​.​EP

Album Beat Tape

J​.​Rocc x Flaunt Edwards: The Edits Vol. 1[Album] [2015]

J​.​Rocc x Flaunt Edwards: The Edits Vol. 1[Album]
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01. Stretching (Cool Like Dat)
02. Street Player (Flaunt Edwards tribute to Mr. Krivit)
03. Wheel Me Out (Flaunt Edwards Edit)
04. Dirty Old Bossa Nova (J.Rocc Edit)
05. Tenderness (Flaunt Edwards Edit)
06. Awake O’ Zion (J.Rocc x Flaunt Edit)
07. Disconet Hair Spray (Flaunt Edwards Edit)
08. Stevie Batucada (Flaunt Edwards Edit)
09. Sing About It (Flaunt Edwards Edit)
10. Mr. Bump Man (Flaunt Edwards Edit)
11. Drums of Asiko (J.Rocc Edit)
12. I Can’t Turn Around (Flaunt Edwards Edit)
13. 40 Days (J.Rocc Edit)
14. Runnin (J.Rocc P.O. Edit)
15. Wicky Wacky (Flaunt Edwards Edit)
16. Agua (J.Rocc Edit)
17. Body Heat (Flaunt x. J.Rocc Go To Church Edit)

J​.​Rocc x Flaunt Edwards: The Edits Vol. 1

Beat Tape

(DJ) NOBOD¥ – Puzzles [Beat Tape] [1996/2015]

(DJ) NOBOD¥ – Puzzles [Beat Tape] [1996/2015]
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01. 9th Inning Now
02. Crushing Dust
03. Sioux’s Reign
04. Melancholy Madness
05. Lumberjacks
06. Process of Elimination
07. Kataba
08. A Lot On It (feat. Ellay Khule)
09. Untitled #1
10. Unititled #2
11. Untitled #3
12. Untitled #4
13. Telecommunications (feat. Ellay Khule)
14. Sioux’s Reign Pt. II

(DJ) NOBOD¥ – Puzzles

Also Available On: “Puzzles” Limited Edition Cassette Reissue (300 copies)

This is a limited edition reissue of the first beat tape I ever released myself, way back in 1996, which was limited to 100 copies. I tracked the beats from my Roland DJ-70 straight to DAT at DJ Hive’s Treetop studios in San Pedro. I then made a CD of the DAT and ran the copies myself. This edition is straight from the master CD. The Untitled tracks are from a beat tape I gave to RAW aka 6Blocc way back in the summer of 1995. All done on a sequencer without quantizing. Both Ellay Khule songs are from 1996 and are my first vocal collaborations. Sioux’s Reign Pt. 2 is from 1997 and comes from the DAT for the original follow up to Puzzles, which eventually became Soulmates.

Remixes Single

NaS – If I Ruled The World (Red-I rmx) [Single] [2015]

NaS – If I Ruled The World (Red-I rmx) [Single]
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01. If I Ruled The World (Red-I rmx)

NaS – If I Ruled The World (Red-I rmx)

Beat Tape

Vapor Eyes – Verano Tempura [Beat Tape] [2015]

Vapor Eyes – Verano Tempura [Beat Tape]
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01. God’s Eye View
02. Move
03. Bathing Vape
04. Mind Milk
05. Doubling the Cube
06. Lightning Round
07. Humidity Rising
08. Shade of the Evening
09. In Between Everything
10. Charcoal
11. Scorchin’
12. Faded Pictures

Vapor Eyes – Verano Tempura

Summer in Chicago seems to move faster every year. It feels like we get 3 to 4 good months to really live it up then have to get ready to hide again for another long & frigid winter. After completing my last album ‘Whispers’ I felt compelled to create another project with the intention of celebrating the short warm weather period we get here in the Midwest. This is my homage to summer. Fun, free-spirited, carefree. So throw your windows down, crank your system up and make your neighbors nuts with these certified Vapor Eyes summer bumpers. Peace.

Beat Tape

Keenan Cunnin – 60 Minutes of “F​@​*​k​!​” The BeatTape [Beat Tape] [2015]

Keenan Cunnin – 60 Minutes of “F​@​*​k​!​” The BeatTape [Beat Tape]
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01. Daytwa Blues
02. Don’t Stop
03. You Can Find…
04. Sounds like Ray West
05. Chester
06. Effervescent
07. Angels
08. Where’ve You Been?
09. Everybody Told Me
10. Disco (Dance it Off)
11. Infinite
12. Infinity
13. Lately
14. Haunted Club
15. Horn Heavy
16. Dub Schlep
17. My Poor Heart
18. Mysterioso
19. Le Hate
20. Nightsweats
21. Riff Raphie
22. Said and Done
23. Acoustic Koopa
24. Boom Snap
25. 60 Minutes of F@*k Theme
26. Sprinkle Me
27. Hey
28. Peoples
29. Voices
30. Neva Murda
31. If You Don’t…
32. Shadows
33. Fluffy
34. Crazy Lady
35. Judo Chop (Hah)
36. That’s It
37. Loverman
38. Bloodletting
39. Nobody But You
40. Le Mor
41. I Love You (Baby)
42. Geekers
43. Piano (Outro)

Keenan Cunnin – 60 Minutes of “F​@​*​k​!​” The BeatTape

Beat Tape

Quantizer Kyoto – Quantizer Sampler [Beat Tape] [2015]

Quantizer Kyoto – Quantizer Sampler [Beat Tape]
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01. TOYOMU – Diffuse
02. Dyelo think – saltation
03. Dyelo think – skate
04. Youtaro – she like
05. Ally Mobbs – mayday
06. TOYOMU – Photosphere Surface
07. Youtaro – moon light cat
08. Ally Mobbs – Hina
09. Youtaro – Aqua DRiP feat. GRiMM Doza
10. Dyelo think – technica
11. TOYOMU – nanimonai kuukan
12. Ally Mobbs – OPCHILL

Quantizer Kyoto – Quantizer Sampler

Beat Tape

RONIN BEATS – 無明 (instrumental) [Beat Tape] [2015]

RONIN BEATS – 無明 (instrumental) [Beat Tape]
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01. 一
02. 二
03. 三
04. 四
05. 五
06. 六
07. 七
08. 八
09. 九
10. 十
11. 十一
12. 十二
13. 十三
14. 十四
15. 十五
16. 十六
17. 十七

RONIN BEATS – 無明 (instrumental)


Bluestaeb – B​.​L​.​U​.​E. Friday [E.P.] [2015]

Bluestaeb – B​.​L​.​U​.​E. Friday [E.P.]
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01. Just A Staeb Ahead feat. Anthony Drawn
02. Come On
03. The Real feat. Galv
04. 21 Questions
05. No Stars feat. Knowsum
06. Where You Goin’ feat. Berlin Zoo and JuJu Rogers

Bluestaeb – B​.​L​.​U​.​E. Friday

Also Available On: [10″ Vinyl] B.L.U.E. Friday *PRE-ORDER*

Back in January 2015, Radio Juicy started a new series called “BLUE Friday” in collaboration with Berlin based beatmaker Bluestaeb. For a certain period Bluestaeb released a new track every second Friday through SoundCloud. The idea behind the series is to make every track stand out on it’s own and to show the full versatility of production which might not fit together on one normal EP. Now here’s the vinyl version to the tracks that were released during this time and hey… They do fit very well together. Features Knowsum (Luk & Fil / Sichtexot) , Galv, Juju Rogers and Anthony Drawn (Sichtexot).

Beat Tape

HOT16 – Spacesuit [Beat Tape] [2015]

HOT16 – Spacesuit [Beat Tape]
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01. Rå
02. Merkuri
03. Aphrodite
04. Terra
05. Moonrocks
06. Ares
07. Jupiter
08. Saturnus
09. U
10. Poseidon
11. Beaches of Europa pt. 1
12. Beaches of Europa pt. 2
13. Heaven
14. V4641 SGR – Blackhole

HOT16 – Spacesuit

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Matt Nelkin, and I will be your your co-pilot for this flight. On behalf of HOT16 and the entire Liquid Beat crew, welcome aboard. A year and change after the release of producer/DJ HOT16’s 1983EP, Liquid Beat Records is proud to announce the new instrumental album entitled Spacesuit.

In this episode, HOT16 takes us through an audio tour of the galaxy, structured as a journey outwards from the center of our solar system. Similar to NASA missions, Spacesuit’s tracks take their names and influences from celestial bodies, phenomenon, and/or Greco/Roman Gods. Crafted from the ground up with the intent to conjure the heavens, Spacesuit’s melodies invoke our ethereal imagination, while keeping us grounded atop earthly rhythms. This is the soundtrack to your late night voyage deep into space.

Spacesuit is carefully crafted, composed, and sequenced to provide a complete listening experience with maximum replay value from start to finish. Instrumental Hip-Hop, Modern Funk, R&B, and even House all find a home within HOT16’s sonic vision of our cosmos, and Liquid Beat couldn’t be happier to present it to you.

Please ensure that your seatbelts are unfastened, and that your seatbacks and tray tables are in their full reclining positions, because Spacesuit is now up for pre-order and will be available digitally, and on limited edition cassette.

Flight time is approximately 40 mins.”

Beat Tape

Katrah-Quey – k a t r a h w a v e: プラスチックコートハンガーアンテナ [Beat Tape] [2015]

Katrah-Quey – k a t r a h w a v e: プラスチックコートハンガーアンテナ [Beat Tape]
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01. a lifetime behind ☜
02. α кη☺☂ ḯη ω☺ᾔḓℯґ
03. ᖙᙓﬡᓮᔕᙓ
04. ❤ ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓜⓐⓣⓣⓔⓡⓢ ❤
05. blueSkY₴pёcїalї$т
06. ℕurses
07. ғʀᴀᴍᴇ ᴅᴀᴛᴀ ʀᴇᴄᴏᴠᴇʀʏ ᴄᴇɴᴛᴇʀ
08. t̲h̲e̲h̲i̲t̲c̲h̲h̲i̲k̲e̲r̲
09. ⅤᗩᒪᒪᙓᎩ
10. KTCA
11. velocity hold
12. ᔕᖺᓰﬡᓮﬡᘐ ᗯᓰᔕᗪ〇ᗰ
13. L A N D S C A P E

Katrah-Quey – k a t r a h w a v e: プラスチックコートハンガーアンテナ

“Katrah-Quey gets very experimental in k a t r a h w a v e: プラスチックコートハンガーアンテナ by sampling music & sounds from different sources, while at the same time not sampling in a few of the tracks creating a snythwave or chillwave style as a template to create a very laid-back but strange hazy vibe in this release. forgotten, fragmented, nostalgic but unclear memories will pop up inside of your head while you listen to this stylistically experimental record that deviates slightly away from katrah-quey’s hip-hop sound to a more electronic retro-wave territory that borrows aesthetic from the experimental sampled based art & music genre ‘vaporwave’.

Rhythmically this album uses percussion inspired from experimental electronic hip-hop beats (think shafiq husayn, comfort fit, flying lotus, dabrye) and synthpop/chillwave 80s to 1990s drums to create a upbeat but very hypnotic feeling, while some tracks a bit more ambient, and are soundscapes with very short interludes that sound like they are taken from old commercials & tv shows. Melodies and harmonies seem to trigger memories of using early computer internet websites, menus, call waiting music, the weather channel, anime and half asleep watching late night infomercials.

In japanese プラスチックコートハンガーアンテナ translates roughly as “the plastic coat hanger antennae” in which Quey describes its meaning as a “imaginary transmission of broken and melodic memories that are stored somewhere in the back of your head but are activated when you listen to the album, sort of like remembering old songs that you don’t know the titles of but still lingering in your subconscious”. This is definitely an impressive release by a producer who likes to try different approaches with every release he shares with his listeners.”

– James Howard