DonD – Flu Rawls (EP) [E.P.] [2014]

DonD – Flu Rawls (EP) [E.P.]
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01. Blurry
02. Paranormal Witness(Alicia Keyes/Maxwell Fl!p)
03. HotPants
04. PureLife
05. GrapeJuice
06. SaveThis
07. Apologies

DonD – Flu Rawls (EP)


ClarkWork – No Name Yet Instrumentals : Clarkwork [Instrumentals] [2014]

ClarkWork – No Name Yet Instrumentals : Clarkwork [Instrumentals]
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01. Intro & Flex Instrumental
02. Welcome To Rhode Island Instrumental
03. The World Is Mine Pt. II
04. Blessed Instrumental
05. BLU DaDay lnstrumental
06. But If Instrumental
07. How It Feel Instrumental
08. Scripperz Instrumental
09. Believe Me Instrumental
10. oMega Instrumental
11. Cold Nights Instrumental
12. Willie Hutchin’ Instrumental
13. Enzo Instrumental
14. High..For Now Instrumental
15. Riker Bars Instrumental
16. Life Of The Party Instrumental
17. Catch- A-Wave Instrumental
18. King Shit (ClarkWork Remix)

ClarkWork – No Name Yet Instrumentals : Clarkwork

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Two Blue Apes – Ugly Beautiful (Instrumentals) [Instrumentals] [2014]

Two Blue Apes – Ugly Beautiful (Instrumentals) [Instrumentals]
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01. Liars
02. The King is Dead, Long Live the King
03. Illy Illy
04. Day By Day
05. Car Wreck, Crash
06. Scurvy
07. All Kinds of Books
08. Star Dust Fuck
09. Good Riddance
10. Human Sciences – No Trust
11. Time Bends

Two Blue Apes – Ugly Beautiful (Instrumentals)

Beat Tape Instrumentals

A-Plus – Think Tank [Instrumentals] [2014]

A-Plus – Think Tank [Instrumentals]
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01. Happy New Year
02. It Will Pay Off
03. Always Be The Same
04. What We Are Striving For
05. I Don’t Forget
06. Nothing At All
07. Overcoming Jealousy Theme
08. Hear Me Out
09. Call It What It Is
10. Pull Away The Mask
11. You Owe It To Yourself
12. It’s Happening In You
13. You Ain’t Crazy

A-Plus – Think Tank

For nearly two decades, A-Plus has been honing his skills as producer, artist, and businessman as a founding member of Hieroglyphics and Souls Of Mischief. He and AAGEE joined forces as production team Compound 7 to earn production credits on albums such as A-Plus’ My Last Good Deed and Casual‘s Smash Rockwell LP. Their concept album, Pepper Spray, which features fellow Hiero member, Del The Funky Homosapien, reimagined some of the Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ most epic tracks.

Think Tank is a carefully curated body of work, serving as a return to familiar form after A-Plus ventured into the experimental world of electronic music with the release of Molly’s Dirty Water just last month.


Black-Tokyo Musik – Agent Zero Ep. [E.P.] [2014]

Black-Tokyo Musik – Agent Zero Ep. [E.P.]
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01. Bleeding Drums Murphy
02. 20 Below
03. Water Walker
04. Da Horror
05. Half Wake
06. Pixel
07. Dem Man
08. Agent Zero

Black-Tokyo Musik – Agent Zero Ep.


ZeroCabrera – Beat’s Revenge [E.P.] [2014]

ZeroCabrera – Beat’s Revenge [E.P.]
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01. Beat’s Revenge
02. I Know My Enemies
03. Shut Up ‘N Let The Sample Speak

ZeroCabrera – Beat’s Revenge


The Patents​ – ​Night’s Breath​ (Promo Mix) [Mix] [2013]


The Patents​ – ​Night’s Breath​ (Promo Mix) [Mix]
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01. Night’s Breath​ (Promo Mix)

The Patents​ – ​Night’s Breath​ (Promo Mix)

Beat Tape Instrumentals Mix

AudioTreats – Extra Extra Instrumental Joints [Mix] [2014]

AudioTreats – Extra Extra Instrumental Joints [Mix]
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01. Extra Extra Instrumental Joints

AudioTreats – Extra Extra Instrumental Joints


Various Artists – The Dutch [Compilation] [2014]

Various Artists – The Dutch [Compilation]
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01. Wantigga – Like That
02. L33 – Cosmic Glide
03. Vinyl Frontiers – Freak
04. Koen – 1125
05. Nangdo – Talk 2 Me
06. Trian Kayhatu – Boy-band
07. Boeboe – Drift
08. Henning – Gettin’ Back Into Shape
09. Jeftuz – My Love
10. Vincent Paolo – An Act of Class
11. Duke Hugh – Rhodes 2 Day
12. Ramiks – Troutman Brown
13. Moods – Rain Showers
14. Louis Bordeaux – W.A.L.H.Y.

Various Artists – The Dutch

In a small country, where traveling from north to south won’t take you more than four hours, connections between musicians in different cities are easily made. Koen and Wantigga decided to utilize their connections and form a team, which would symbolize the creativity of their ”colleagues”. People abroad have always shown great recognition for the many unique musicians The Netherlands have brought forth, so the name ”The Dutch” was quickly conceived. The concept behind The Dutch is to offer the listener an album that they can listen to while traveling; ”headphones music”.

Instrumentals Mix

Sample Kubrick a.k.a. Dj Izzy – Spaceship Music [Mix] [2014]

Sample Kubrick a.k.a. Dj Izzy – Spaceship Music [Mix]
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01. Spaceship Music

Sample Kubrick a.k.a. Dj Izzy – Spaceship Music


DJ KISSY a.k.a. KISIMODE – Entry Mix 30m [Mix] [2013]

DJ KISSY a.k.a KISIMODE – Entry Mix 30m [Mix]
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01. Guiro – Identity
02. Jeriko Jackson – Only Just
03. Tall Black Guy Productions – Sweet Europe
04. Tall Black Guy – Drift Away
05. Kan Sano – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
06. DJ Mitsu the Beats – A Little Piano
07. Common – Communism (inst)
08. ILL SUGI – Zhuhai is remembered
09. jazz liberatorz – Ease My Mind (inst)
10. Kankick – Kanstrumental no.9
11. Gagle – 聞えない (inst)
12. Mabanua – Talkin’ to you

KISIMODE – Entry Mix 30m


Shafiq Husayn – The Alignment: Beats Tru Mentals Vol. 2 (A Prelude to the L∞P) [Mix] [2013]

Shafiq Husayn – The Alignment: Beats Tru Mentals Vol. 2 (A Prelude to the L∞P) [Mix]
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01. Alignment Intro (Feat – Pharaoh Monche & Bin Grim & Lovesphere AlBaqir El)
02. Ra Shad
03. Khalil Test
04. Hope
05. Break One
06. Lil Fantasy (Feat – Ancient Scientist) – BlakFace -Sean Wyze
07. Home ft Jimetta Rose
08. Candyland (Feat – Bobby Earth)
09. Trilla
10. Beautiful Things (Feat – Taz Arnold) (Sa-Ra Demo)
11. 1st Part Of A Dream
12. Lo Fly
13. Agent Orange Instrumental
14. Heron
15. Expressions
16. Living Reason
17. Kitchen Freestyle (Feat – Taz Arnold)
18. Roll Call
19. Picking Flowers (Feat – El Sadiq)
20. The Negus
21. Drum Line (Feat – 006) | Akil The Mc & All City Brown
22. The Holidays (Feat – David Sha) (prod by Mirawge)
23. Misdemeanor Freestyle (Feat – Born Allah)
24. Playin
25. Take A Ride (12 demo)

Shafiq Husayn – The Alignment: Beats Tru Mentals Vol. 2 (A Prelude to the L∞P)