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8reg – EQETER. [Beat Tape] [2016]

8reg – EQETER. [Beat Tape]
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01. Musee.
02. strktws.
03. wn’tgonnado.
04. teeerlin-.
05. btterfowg.
06. Keepew.
07. uknwsme.
08. nghtwn’tnd.

8reg – EQETER.

Beat Tape

Lyle Horowitz – The Final Deletion [Beat Tape] [2016]

Lyle Horowitz – The Final Deletion [Beat Tape]
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01. Welcome Center For Wayward Travelers
02. Broken Brilliance
03. Señor Benjamin
04. Zombie Flesh Eaters
05. Mountain View
06. Brother Nero
07. Prince Maxell’s Birthday Cone
08. Obsolete Mule
09. Funky Contract Signing
10. Scallobs
11. Dilapidated Boat Shit
12. Lounge Lizard
13. Delete
14. Peace Be With You
15. I Am More

Lyle Horowitz – The Final Deletion


Mr. Backside – Vogelfrei [Video] [2016]

Mr. Backside – Vogelfrei [Video]

Track B1 of “Backsides III” by Mr. Backside
Limited Edition Cassette available here:

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Ben Boogz – I Moreno [Beat Tape] [2016]

Ben Boogz – I Moreno [Beat Tape]
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01. Pop’s Broke Radio
02. Fresh Out The Box
03. Soleil
04. Freestyle 101
05. Pop’s Guitar
06. Evaristo
07. Horn Dog
08. Pickin’
09. Cosby Sweater
10. Interboro Connection
11. Sonic Boom
12. Downtown Rhythm
13. Moreno Man Theme
14. Funkin’ Intro 2
15. Beauty of Blackness
16. Eugenio Flow
17. Only When I Dream
18. For Ramona Y Luisa
19. Like That
20. I Moreno
21. Electric Movement 0
22. Living Rm Sound Trk Pt. 1
23. Living Rm Sound Trk Pt. 2
24. Succession
25. Hudson Bass
26. Message
27. Moreno Man’s Revenge
28. Tomahawk Floorwork

Ben Boogz – I Moreno

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

OUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING US. While this sounds like a warning, it is merely a preface to “I Moreno”. Young Boogz always studied his father, the Vietnam Veteran, play guitar and sing on the couch while a Charles Bronson movie would play on the television. Ben wondered why his Hero never got around to compiling such talent onto an album. While life catches up to some, the inspired Ben Boogz honors his Hero with the instrumental album I Moreno. The title resonates with Adventurous Science Fiction and Emphasizes Afro-Latino Pride and African Identity while also paying homage to his dad’s name Israel Moreno.

Ben Boogz of the 2 Hungry Bros can be described as the Soul of the Duo and Deep is the Spirit. What does that mean? Deep is known for being driven and possessed while Ben is laid back and calm. It also pertains to their sound. Fans of Comics, Adventure, and Sci Fi, Ben follows up with his first action packed installment after Deep’s Instrumental Trilogy with his own to establish his soulful sound and also leave a legacy. The two worked independently yet their concepts connect, rooted in Fatherhood. Deep being a Father celebrated his son, now Ben Boogz (Also a Dad) celebrates his Father with jazzy horns, funky breaks, vibrant strings, strange sounds, wild cuts and more with I Moreno. This amazing Hip Hop album was mastered by Willie Green. It also features live electric guitar by Scott Greenberg ,Sax by Bryan Beninghove, Keys by David Stolarz and cuts by Dj M Tri, as well as I. Moreno on commentary.

Beat Tape Compilation

Collective Resonance – Resonance Vol. 3 [Compilation] [2016]

Collective Resonance – Resonance Vol. 3 [Compilation]
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01. Prozak Morris – Noise Box
02. Cor Stidak & John Looke – Mood Ring
03. Warren Xclnce & Tiger Tsunami – Nite Vibrations
04. BläpDëli – Hunku
05. C Y G N – Fairytale
06. Kaelin Ellis – Sound
07. Auxx – She’s Glitching Out
08. Man Of The Downtrodden – Travel Expenses & Ruminants
09. ZeMauno – Squaresaw Love
10. Broken Keys – A Little Cooler
11. Ben Jamin – I Came Up
12. Phillipe Edison – Love Is Real
13. Prof.Logik – Stay Above The Clouds
14. Alexander Aultman – Time Lapse Bloom
15. Handbook – Not Here
16. Peter Beardsworth – Dreamtime
17. Kensho – The Interstellar Jazz Connection
18. Scott Xylo – Afrodelic
19. Dreamtree – Moon Reflecting – Sweet Clouds (Dreamtree Remix)

Collective Resonance – Resonance Vol. 3

Resonance Vol. 3 features various members and affiliates of Collective Resonance. This compilation will be available to stream/download in full as of August 26th, 2016. It will be available here on our Bandcamp, as well as from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Juno and most major online stores. We will be releasing a new track off of it every week, right up until that official release date of August 26th. We hope you enjoy the sounds.

P.S. – If any radio people, DJ’s, bloggers etc want a download code for an exclusive/advance digital copy of the compilation, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!

Beat Tape

ShunGu – Solar Groove Vol. 1 [Beat Tape] [2016]

ShunGu – Solar Groove Vol. 1 [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Physical
03. Funkoppsition
04. Black Mass
05. Just Imagine
06. There Were Some Things
07. The Power
08. Never Tried
09. Chemicalisation
10. Weedinit
11. The Wild Experience
12. Slow Down
13. Beautyofthisplanet
14. This Planet
15. Go Go !
16. Science Poetry
17. Chute Libre
18. Opposing Forces
19. Things Change
20. Sun Child
21. Sun Energy

ShunGu – Solar Groove Vol. 1

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Beat Tape

Kenny Segal – Kenstrumentals Vol. 2: Summer Rarities [Beat Tape] [2016]

Kenny Segal – Kenstrumentals Vol. 2: Summer Rarities [Beat Tape]
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01. Worlds To Run [VIP dub]
02. Back From The Flu
03. Summer Thots [dub]
04. Protect Yo Chain [dub]
05. Slojamy feat. Mike Parvizi
06. In The Club Like… [dub]
07. Afternoon Hangs with Carmack, Elos and Driver
08. Goodbye feat. Goodnight Cody
09. Volume 45 ext
10. Datenight
11. Stood Up
12. Afternoon Hangs 2 with Harris, Ian and Carmack
13. Escape to Green feat. Mike Parvizi and Dot
14. Spring (Onions)
15. Hours Without U [dub] feat. H-Y and Carmack

Kenny Segal – Kenstrumentals Vol. 2: Summer Rarities

Special thanks to all my homies, collaborators, and session musicians that continuously inspire me and help make the magic happen. Mike Parvizi, Aaron Carmack, Busdriver, Elos, Harris Cole, Ian Ewing, Dot, H-Y, Team Supreme, Ruby Yacht, Wylie Cable and Dome of Doom, Sam Herring, Peter Jacobson, Ryan Crosby, Low End Theory, Alpha Pup, Save Money, On Point, Milo, Jupiter, Abstract Rude, My Family, and of course Jaka!

Beat Tape E.P.

Joseph Anthony X – Sessions EP [E.P.] [2016]

Joseph Anthony X – Sessions EP [E.P.]
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01. Beats & Picses
02. Jazz Affair
03. The Lecture
04. Mixtape Interlude #1
05. X.1
06. X.2
07. SixDecadesSomeChanges
08. Mixtape Interlude #2

Joseph Anthony X – Sessions EP

Beat Tape

Natural Swing – lo​-​finders [Beat Tape] [2016]

Natural Swing – lo-finders [Beat Tape]
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01. Lo-Finders (intro)
02. Trane
03. Amatista
04. The Snare Should Be Crispy
05. Lo Fly
06. LFO
07. Promise Land (Interludio)
08. Berlin
09. Wedding Station
10. Amnesia
11. Crepusculo
12. Resilence
13. Fat Cap
14. El Camino Del Guerrero
15. Baja Calidad (Interludio)
16. Goodie
17. Secred Formula
18. Tief
19. Spirale
20. Diseños

Natural Swing – lo-finders

Also Available On: limited 12″ Vinyl or limited cassette Tape

Beat Tape

Spacetunes – Rapmosphere [Beat Tape] [2016]

Spacetunes – Rapmosphere [Beat Tape]
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01. Chrome Holders
02. Rapmosphere
03. The Antagonist
04. The Corner
05. Rhyme Book
06. Life in the hood
07. Crime City
08. Drugspots
09. Animosity
10. Heartless
11. Coke Deals
12. The Realness

Spacetunes – Rapmosphere


Pawcut & Exodus – All Drinks On Mi [E.P.] [2016]

Pawcut & Exodus – All Drinks On Mi [E.P.]
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01. Drinks On Mi (feat. Chantty Natural)
02. Vulture’s Picnic (feat. Billy Woods)
03. Rebels Gun (feat. Nomadic)
04. Gutter Tales Rmx (feat. Katharsis)
05. Do For You
06. All She Wanted Was A Drink

Pawcut & Exodus – All Drinks On Mi

Exodus is an MC from Botswana currently based in Germany and Pawcut is one of Germany’s most prolific Hip Hop producers. Together they bring you this incredible project on Urban Waves Records. First as an introduction with this EP “All Drinks On Mi” and later next month with a full length album “Persona Non Grata” that will appear on an limited vinyl edition with home made screen printed covers that will surprise the collector in you! Artwork once again created by the very talented Hr. Pixel!
Combine Pawcut’s trademark style with Exodus’ one of a kind flow and you’ll obtain a mixture that is raw and smooth at the same time. Prepare to dive into a cosmos of sound and wordplay rarely heard before.

Beat Tape

Brock Berrigan – Way of Life [Beat Tape] [2016]

Brock Berrigan – Way of Life [Beat Tape]
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01. Here We Go Again
02. Postcard From Budapest
03. Friday Night (feat. Jeff Kaale and Panthurr)
04. Zion
05. Just
06. Cabin Fever
07. The Golden Ticket
08. Found Footage
09. A Night in Vegas
10. Way of Life
11. Shower Beer
12. Champagne Funk
13. Dedicated
14. Taming Tigers
15. Godspeed

Brock Berrigan – Way of Life

Beat Tape

Zone – Duality [Beat Tape] [2016]

Zone – Duality [Beat Tape]
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01. Stealing The Sun
02. Balloon
03. Hot Summer
04. Under Control
05. Just Be
06. Sniper
07. Good Vibrations
08. Try Again
09. Stay True
10. Incognito
11. Bounce
12. July ’94
13. First Butterflies

Zone – Duality

Also Available On: Zone ‘Duality’ White Tape Edition


Kid Yumi – From the Summits [E.P.] [2016]

Kid Yumi – From the Summits [E.P.]
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01. buddha’s summit
02. third eye shaolin
03. temple in the sky
04. morning mist
05. 8 gates of zen

Kid Yumi – From the Summits


BOILER ROOM / J Dilla – Back To The Crib Mixtape [Mixtape] [2016]

BOILER ROOM / J Dilla – Back To The Crib Mixtape [Mixtape]
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01. J Dilla – Back To The Crib Mixtape

BOILER ROOM / J Dilla – Back To The Crib Mixtape

It’s already been a decade since J Dilla — the mercurial producer and rapper from Detroit — passed away and his posthumously completed album, The Shining, saw the light of day on BBE Records.

As they prepare to release the project on 7″ for the first time, we’re extremely honoured to get our hands on a never-before-heard mixtape by the master himself. Made some time between mid-1999 and early 2000, it’s a fly-on-the-wall showing of what Jay Dee had blaring out of his speakers while on the sofa or by the MPC.