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ML7102 – Enhanced Movements Out East [Beat Tape] [2016]

ML7102 – Enhanced Movements Out East [Beat Tape]
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01. 189TH HARM
04. Lower NorthSide Dont Really
07. Wild 3000 ends

ML7102 – Enhanced Movements Out East

A Very raw creative blend / mix Instrumental album created during Marcellous Lovelace travels to the East Coast mainly LES, Queens and The Bronx New York in April 2016.

This is a real Artistic piece for Marcellous Lovelace with most of the arrangements being created from his lap top with Logic, Garage band, LMMS a MPX8 and Korg Controllers. The actual vocal sound effects are live recording from the NY SUBWAY system and noises picked up from a Android phones voice recorder.

Beat Tape E.P.

illfigure – 8YearsLeft [E.P.] [2016]

illfigure – 8YearsLeft [E.P.]
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01. ⏦ years⌊eft.
02. i look up at the moon and don’t feel so alone.

illfigure – 8YearsLeft

E.P. Instrumentals

The Mixtapers – We So Good EP (Feat – Yancey Boys, Distantstarr and More) [E.P.] [2016]

The Mixtapers – We So Good EP (Feat – Yancey Boys, Distantstarr and More) [E.P.]
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01. Glorious Days
02. Peaces
03. Don’t You Let It Go
04. We So Good
05. Glorious Days (The Ivory Boy Remix)
06. We So Good (Instrumental)
07. Peaces (Instrumental)
08. We So Good (Scott Xylo! Remix)

The Mixtapers – We So Good EP (Feat – Yancey Boys, Distantstarr and More)

It shouldn’t really matter where The Mixtapers hail from. But on the other hand, their music in the midst of Future Funk (à la The Internet, Dam-Funk oder James Pants) and classic hiphop reminds of the sound from LA and Toronto which is conquering the world right now. Martino Bisson and Michele Manzo come from Bologna, Italy though. And that’s exactly where they assembled a forceful squad to record 100% organically (no samples, no loops or any other Ableton gimmicks) with vintage synths (with Fender Rhodes leading the way), old drum machines and proper instruments a harmonious mini album.
Having yet attracted minor attention only with two cassette tapes (via Expansions Collective) within the blogosphere, now thanks to the signing by Sonar Kollektiv The Mixtapers will be introduced to a wider audience. “We So Good”, the title track of this collection, masterfully treads a tightrope between Golden Era Hiphop and the current funky friskiness of, let’s say Kendrick Lamar or Chance The Rapper. No wonder, since we have the pleasure of a guest performance by the reincarnation of the legendary Yancey Boys here: Illa J and Frank Nitt celebrate the good ol’ days. For “Peaces” the Italians managed to get one of the hottest and “one to watch” MCs in their studio: DistantStarr from New York. The combination of his delivery with the voice of singer ALO and an extra bold production results in actually the perfect springtime hit of this still juvenile year. “Fresh for 2016”, can be said as well about “Don’t You Let It Go”, with Nico Menci at the keys and Danilo Mineo on percussions (both are present on all of the four tracks by the way).

On the flipside, “Glorious Days” gets treated with a bonus, a club remix by fellow Bolognese but now in Berlin residing The Ivory Boy. With his rework Scott Xylo! from Leicester shoves “We So Good” into Kaytranada waters while gaining head’s approval. The two instrumentals finishing this release off also make perfect sense when you have extraordinary musicians like the foursome The Mixtapers conjuring magic throughout “We So Good” and making us not getting enough of it at all. That’s how we will crave for more.

Beat Tape Remixes

P.U.D.G.E – RE​:​INTERPRETATIONS vol​.​2 [Beat Tape] [2016]

P.U.D.G.E – RE​:​INTERPRETATIONS vol​.​2 [Beat Tape]
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01. saude now
02. rather marry
03. hotstein spring
04. ye’s ye’s shawl
05. never did no
06. dont test crash
07. isotope teleport(2myKnowledgeSeekrs)
08. Flutter Buys
09. senorita mafipanema
10. can O’ bananas


Beat Tape

CoryaYo – 2000 [Beat Tape] [2015]

CoryaYo – 2000 [Beat Tape]
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01. intro
02. sun rises in the east
03. feel good
04. def squad
05. 2000
06. boombox
07. yeayea
08. teleport
09. go w/ wun two
10. lifted w/ cowode
11. track 11 (jay dee cover)
12. flighty
13. 97
14. rocketship
15. string along
16. endonesia
17. circles
18. low
19. Gather Round (instrumental)
20. soulintact (2000 mix)
21. around the sun (interlude)
22. in the clouds

CoryaYo – 2000

Beat Tape

P.U.D.G.E. – DIRTYsWORDS [Beat Tape] [2015]

P.U.D.G.E. – DIRTYsWORDS [Beat Tape]
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01. bastone
02. sadbreakers
03. bettaknowhat…
04. cashMelo
05. ..should’ve didn’t
06. a strange Err
07. thnx 4 bringing Me (Travel Err)
08. moonwebbs
09. world needs
10. valley Of whoa


Beat Tape

Switchin Lanez – Drugs [Beat Tape] [2015]

Switchin Lanez – Drugs [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Ecstasy
03. Sunday Matinee
04. Finding You
05. Be Alone
06. The 70s
07. Relapse

Switchin Lanez – Drugs

Beat Tape

STB. – EX3 [Beat Tape] [2014]

STB. – EX3 [Beat Tape]
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01. ChooseWun(Intro)
02. RisingDragoon
03. SpinningBirdKicks
04. Guile’sJazz
05. YogaFi-yure 02:05
06. All I Do (2k14 Remix)
07. TakeMe2TheBullfight(Interlude)
08. Boomclap
09. Bo-jutsu
10. I Wish You Would
11. EfftheEmpire
12. Skull&Stinkmeaner(What’sHappenin)
13. WhyYouPlayin
14. IronBreaks
15. SwitchUp(Interlude)
16. Garuda&theWu
17. TigerUppercut
18. FinalBattle
19. NeverUsedThisMofo(Outro)

STB. – EX3

Beat Tape

Sol – Samurai Soul [Beat Tape] [2014]

Sol – Samurai Soul [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro (Never Leave Home)
02. Mmmmemories
03. Oxford ft. Kemastry, Ill Soul, Fio & Bong
04. Love Theme Pt. 1
05. Yoriko’s Nightmare
06. Caesar
07. You ft. Fio & Ill Soul
08. Your Heart Is Mine
09. Alyosha
10. Birthday Cake
11. Om
12. Raincloud
13. Flute Colours
14. Outro ft. Ill Soul

Sol – Samurai Soul

Also Available On: Limited Edition CD, run of 50, hand numbered Compact Disc (CD)

Beat Tape

STB. – Bump2this Vol​.​2 [Beat Tape] [2014]

STB. – Bump2this Vol​.​2 [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. SinceIvebeenGone
03. Rollcall
04. RushHour
05. Sambaflip
06. Krumpbox360
07. NegaMan
08. DontDoIt
09. Divine
10. Turnmeon
11. If.The.$.Goes
12. Westsiiiide(Nah)
13. DLYW (Donut4Ryuko)
14. H(×_Ø)ked
15. TheRain
16. Solitude
17. One4Azula
18. FirestarterII(theWhooJoint)
19. a_BumptoBreakup2
20. GoWithTheFlow,Baby (Outro)
21. Slum Village – Get Dis Money (STB. Remix)
22. Yup. (feat. oriJanus)

STB. – Bump2this Vol​.​2