SWARVY – Blend Special | Ep. 4 [Remixes] [2020]

SWARVY – Blend Special | Ep. 4 [Remixes]
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01. bozo[Blend]100
02. THRVD.partpatience[Blend]75
03. JoyPostell.Back&Forth[Blend]124
04. NipFreestyle[Blend]87
05. KayFranklin.Drippin[Blend]73
06. nights[Blends]84/90
07. scarredlungs[Blends]93
08. GibbsFreestyle[Blend]110
09. waze[Blend]120 (free)
10. drewbarrymore[Blend]77

SWARVY – Blend Special | Ep. 4


dela – Loveries Crari [Remixes] [2020]

dela – Loveries Crari [Remixes]
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01. Hello
02. Sumthin’ Sumthin’
03. Lady
04. Rock The Boat
05. Feels Good
06. Being With You
07. For Your Love
08. Explique-Moi, Dis-Moi
09. Sweet Love
10. Could’ve Been
11. Can You Stand The Rain

dela – Loveries Crari


Beat Tape E.P.

Z. – Beats II Bae [Beat Tape] [2020]

Z. – Beats II Bae [Beat Tape]
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01. Dedicated
02. Somebody Loves You
03. More Than You Know
04. Love Me Back
05. Prologue/Don’t Be Afraid
06. Blessed (Interlude)
07. My Heart

Z. – Beats II Bae


Q-Rush – QLECT [E.P.] [2019]

Q-Rush – QLECT [E.P.]
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01. No One.
02. Slow Jamz.
03. I Wanna Be Down.
04. The Boy Is Mine.
05. I Know What You Want.
06. Dip It Low.
07. One Thing.

Q-Rush – QLECT

The Remixes.

This EP is dedicated to my people.
From picking the songs to the mixing process, everything took place under the pursue to give my personal touch to these classics. I thank everybody who was involved in this.
We used to listen to these songs when we grew up, thats, why we are heavily influenced by those.
My approach was to show my style applied to the songs i picked – a QLECTion.


Knxwledge. – HX​.​PRT_13​.​8 [Remixes] [2019]

Knxwledge. – HX​.​PRT_13​.​8 [Remixes]
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01. rn[TRO]
02. playingames_
03. blunts_[TAPE]
04. itsalovething
05. datbooti.
06. hereiam[allnght]
07. bbygrl[W.D]
08. latenight
09. feelofurlip[TAPE]
10. nice&slow
11. higher
12. evryweaknd[4her]
13. konfessions
14. bbydntkry
15. anythingelse
16. grlsneedlove
17. sosik[ofyallaskingforths]
18. itsu_

Knxwledge. – HX​.​PRT_13​.​8

Beat Tape

Ray Catena – LEGEND OF LUXURY [Beat Tape] [2019]

Ray Catena – LEGEND OF LUXURY [Beat Tape]
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02. Bouquet
03. Luxury Sport Crossover
04. Negative Reports
05. 4 Car Garage
06. Pushy Salesman
07. 95 North
08. Wood Grain Console
09. Test Drive
10. Lex LS
11. Self Control
12. Stars



dela x OutKast – Électrique [Remixes] [2019]

dela x OutKast – Électrique [Remixes]
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01. Introduction (tu pourrais die)
02. L’Art de Raconter des Stories
03. Yosky, Wosky, Pisky, Wisky
04. Pop !
05. Désolé Ms Jackson
06. Billy Ocean Corps Flottants
07. Ta Maman et ta Cousine Aussi
08. Dimanche Matin
09. Gretchen Von Ivan Volkoff
10. Amour Stank / Cergy
11. Les Spaghetti
12. 13ème Etage (grandir)
13. Tisha
14. Comment tu Bouges
15. Bombes Au-Dessus de Bagdad

dela x OutKast – Électrique

This project is a tribute
to the art of
André 3000 Benjamin &
Antwan Big Boi Patton,
known together as


Tokyo Dawn Records – The Nature Volume 1 [Compilation] [2019]

Tokyo Dawn Records – The Nature Volume 1 [Compilation]
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01. DRMNGNOW – Australia Does Not Exist feat. Adrian Eagle, Philly & CultureEvolves
02. Natalie Slade – Humidity
03. Eliza Dickson – Gold feat. Braxton Cook & Lauren Desberg
04. Ruru – Ether
05. Inkswel & Man Made Mountain – The Master Plan (Jungle Mix)
06. Spikey Tee – Sweet Nothings
07. Planetself – You Plus Me
08. il Combo – Throw Me A Line
09. Belove – Slippin’
10. Lander – Zurs feat. Allysha Joy
11. Cool Out Sun – Plabba
12. Decades – Road To Nowhere feat. Brian Ruiz
13. Resin Dogs – Ride feat. Kel on Earth
14. Charli Umami & Jus – Where The Water Used 2 Run
15. Dreamkatchers – Oh Dear feat. Kev Brown
16. Silent Titan – Out of Sight feat. Jace XL
17. Paul Gorrie – Infinite / Limitless

Tokyo Dawn Records – The Nature Volume 1

‘The Nature’ represents an antipodean landscape of Australian voices. A melting pot of sultry depictions, deep embraces from beyond and reflections locked in the groove. The landscape vast, the influences many, but the common ground being a unity exemplified by the soul.

DRMNGNOW opens things up with some food for thought in the form of ‘Australia Does Not Exist’ featuring Adrian Eagle. Natalie Slade follows with haunting ‘Humidity’ produced by Simon Mavin from Hiatus Kaiyote. Representing Adelaide, Eliza Dickson touches on the topic of ‘Gold’, outlining her artistic journey and the struggles of expression every artist faces. Ruru then effortlessly glides over Lord Finesse style production from Funkwig on ‘Ether’, an introspective outer space journey looking deep into the soul, followed by Inkswel’s tropical mix of ‘The Master Plan’ from Melbourne Hip Hop duo Man Made Mountain.

Australian-residing Jamaican Soul legend Spikey Tee steps forth with the Jim Dunloop produced ‘Sweet Nothings’, offering a teaser for his forthcoming TDR album. Tokyo Dawn regulars Planetself then provide their hit ‘You Plus Me’, one part Bossanova soul groover, two parts love song.

Sydney boys il Combo step up next with their blues-tingled pearler ‘Throw Me A Line’, think Shuggie Otis meets D’Angelo. Melbourne up and comers Belove round things in the middle with their song ‘Slippin’, a smooth spacey tune reminiscent of Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei, but equally unique and original. Up and coming free jazz/soul band Lander follow with their encapsulating track ‘Zurs’ featuring 30/70 leader Allysha Joy on vocals, truly reflecting the bubbling Melbourne soul scene.


The Midnight Hour (Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge) – The Midnight Hour [Album] [2018]

The Midnight Hour (Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge) – The Midnight Hour [Album]
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01. Black Beacon
02. Mare feat Ladybug Mecca
03. It’s You feat Raphael Saadiq
04. Questions feat CeeLo Green
05. So Amazing feat Luther Vandross
06. Gate 54
07. Do It Together feat Bilal
08. Redenph In B-Minor
09. Better Endeavor
10. Smiling For Me feat Karolina
11. Don’t Keep Me Waiting feat Marsha Ambrosius
12. Bitches Do Voodoo feat Angela Muñoz
13. Possibilities feat Eryn Allen Kane
14. Mission
15. Dans Un Moment D’errance feat Laetitia Sadier, Questlove and Keyon Harrold
16. Love Is Free feat Eryn Allen Kane
17. Together Again feat NO I.D. and James Poyser
18. Feel Alive feat Karolina and Loren Oden
19. There Is No Greater Love feat Loren Oden and Saudia Yasmein
20. Ravens

The Midnight Hour (Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge) – The Midnight Hour

Also Available On: The Midnight Hour 2XLP VINYL

The Midnight Hour is Black excellence: an ode to the cultural sophistication that the Harlem Renaissance established for its people. The Midnight Hour is comprised of Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge, alongside a tight rhythm section and a full orchestra. The album has features from CeeLo Green, Raphael Saadiq, Marsha Ambrosius, Bilal, Eryn Allen Kane, Karolina and more.

Beat Tape

Lionmilk – Depths Of Madness [Beat Tape] [2018]

Lionmilk – Depths Of Madness [Beat Tape]
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01. Dreams Of Nostalgia
02. Interludío
03. Dead Inside
04. Into Forever
05. Dontletmeeatu
06. Weekends For Gathering
07. You Really
08. Into The Beyond
09. Tend To Madness
10. Into Blue
11. Morning Insense

Lionmilk – Depths Of Madness

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Lionmilk is Moki Kawaguchi:
24-year-old jazz pianist, singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist.

A native of Hollyweird, he takes after
all its decaying glamour and peeling paints,
contending with an aesthetic of deterioration.

With his 3rd project DEPTHS OF MADNESS, he performs cathexis of his own crumbling mind, arranging sonic hallucinations, eviscerating time
and dreaming through nimble keys, gleefully detached from waking life.


NAMELESS – The​.​Unappreciated EP [E.P.] [2018]

NAMELESS – The​.​Unappreciated EP [E.P.]
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02. Jelly
03. Lose 2 Find
04. Joe Loops
05. ForeignBLAPS
06. Game+Ova
07. BeautyLOOPS

NAMELESS – The​.​Unappreciated EP

Beat Tape

Oka Miles – Soul Summer [Beat Tape] [2018]

Oka Miles – Soul Summer [Beat Tape]
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01. A.01. – Soul Summer
02. A.02. – You’re everything
03. A.03. – Dope
04. A.04. – Keep on
05. A.05. – Proud of you
06. A.06. – The game don’t change
07. A.07. – Money ain’t got no owners
08. A.08 – Just you
09. A.09. – It was your love
10. A.10. – I belong to someone else
11. B.11. – Just dream with me
12. B.12. – We miss you
13. B.13. – Never fall in love
14. B.14. – Street is calling
15. B.15. – Sunday mood
16. B.16. – Every word I say is true
17. B.17. – I’m just a Gangsta
18. B.18. – Everytime I see you
19. B.19. – Hey gurl
20. B.20. – I must be falling in love
21. B.21. – If I could decide

Oka Miles – Soul Summer

Also Available On: Cassette + Digital Album

A collection of soulful beats all sampled with the SP-404-SX.

Oka Miles straight from Barcelona is bringing back summer vibes in the middle of winter with The Get Down Records! Play it loud through your speakers and this soulful beat tape will warm you up with a smooth bass from cassette tape. Let them good memories flow!


NAMELESS – Semi EP [E.P.] [2017]

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01. Hmm
02. Come Get Me
03. Hey / Ho
04. Looking Around
05. Whoa
06. Medicine
08. JOOKeth
09. Ya Dun Know [Mans Not Hot RMX]


This EP is actually a B Side to the recently released “BE[ats]ORIGINAL Vol. 4” project. It became such a success with grabbing a bunch of ears that I’ve decided to release some tracks that didn’t make it, also tracks that I meant to add onto BOV.4 but forgot about it. Hope you enjoy!!


DJ Epik – Pull Up​!​!​! [Mix] [2017]

DJ Epik – Pull Up​!​!​! [Mix]
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01. Pull Up:#1
02. Pull Up:#2
03. Pull Up:#3
04. Pull up:#4

DJ Epik – Pull Up​!​!​!

Beat Tape

OTXOA – Just For You [Beat Tape] [2017]

OTXOA – Just For You [Beat Tape]
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01. They Dont Know
02. U Got It Bad
03. Just Once
04. I Wanna Know
05. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love
06. Shame
07. Differences
08. Irons In The Fire
09. The Greatest Love of All
10. Im Dreaming

OTXOA – Just For You