varios artistas – True (Compilation) [Compilation] [2016]

varios artistas – True (Compilation) [Compilation]
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01. vassh – but how
02. Alvy – My Love
03. Feki – So Much ft ALEXA
04. AIRWAV – Waiting For Tonight
05. Nehzuil – I Wanna Love You
06. tbyalx – Adored
07. Timba X Chrisjo – Slow Motion (Cabu Edit)
08. Kryone – Alguém
09. Fade – Sorry
10. Genshin – What I’d do to you

varios artistas – True (Compilation)

We ‘re back again and here we bring a new compiled from excellent tracks with great harmony and feeling, taken from the very room, music you listen to while you’re with your partner spending pleasant moments, memorable encounters under the moonlight.
The work created in this album contains several mergers ranging from Hip Hop, the Trap through the r & b wrapped harmonically with beats of the future we have selected exquisitely thinking of you and the good times will spend with him. I hope enjoy it as much as I do and can do the better use of it!

Beat Tape

Ross McHenry – Child Of Somebody [Beat Tape] [2016]

Ross McHenry – Child Of Somebody [Beat Tape]
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01. Opening / Despair
02. Stateless
03. Sketch
04. Interlude 1
05. 3 Month Vortex
06. Child Of Somebody Intro
07. Child Of Somebody
08. Interlude 2
09. Circles In A Circle
10. Interlude 3
11. Clean Break (for Ornette)
12. Little One

Ross McHenry – Child Of Somebody

Also Available On: Limited Edition Vinyl Version

Child of Somebody is the new album from multi-award winning composer, producer and bass player Ross McHenry. Known for his work as bandleader of The Shaolin Afronauts as well as his 2013 First Word release ‘Distant Oceans’, Ross has been described as “The Future of Australian Jazz” (PBS FM)

The album was recorded at Red Bull Studios in New York in mid-2015 alongside regular collaborators Mark de Clive Lowe, Myele Manzanza and Dylan Marshall as well as seasoned NYC players Marcus Strickland, Corey King, Tivon Pennicott and Duane Eubanks. The resulting album represents the arrival of a unique antipodean voice in modern jazz; one that sits comfortably alongside artists like Kamasi Washington and The Robert Glasper Experiment at the vanguard of contemporary improvised music.


Ta​-​ku & Wafia – (m​)​edian EP [E.P.] [2016]

Ta-ku & Wafia – (m)edian EP [E.P.]
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01. Treading Water
02. (1.5)
03. Meet In The Middle
04. (2.5)
05. Love Somebody

Ta-ku & Wafia – (m)edian EP

Beat Tape

Cheeky Forty – Milk & Honey [Beat Tape] [2016]

Cheeky Forty – Milk & Honey [Beat Tape]
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01. Desayuno
02. Diamond Fam
03. Words Can’t Express This
04. Freee
05. In Yee Yoncé Nyeee (Tender)
06. Like Whoa
07. Puff Puff Give
08. Quash Dolour
09. £60 Laundry
10. Heatwave
11. Skip 2 My Lou
12. Snoozin’
13. Hattori Hanzō
14. Soother
15. Jolene
16. 3015 Anthem

Cheeky Forty – Milk & Honey

Also Available On: Bumper Bundle [20 Pieces] or 50 x Limited Edition C60 Cassette Tape

Beat Tape E.P. Instrumentals

koebbel x Bngs – White Dog EP [E.P.] [2016]

koebbel x Bngs – White Dog EP [E.P.]
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01. Matured
02. Love Potion
03. Never Ending Flow
04. The Only Thing
05. Even Though
06. Explanation
07. Resolution

koebbel x Bngs – White Dog EP

Just like White Dog Whiskey the tracks put together on this EP matured within a short period of time. The White Dog EP combines vinyl samples of several genres as well as the two distinct approaches to beatmaking by koebbel and Bngs.

Beat Tape

Dan∆logOne – neoteric 2 [Beat Tape] [2016]

Dan∆logOne – neoteric 2 [Beat Tape]
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01. espace cerveau
02. lay down
03. The Weekend – Earned it (Dan∆logOne rmx)
04. befor//afta
05. wintrwarmth
06. moongroovin
07. Desiigner – Panda (Dan∆logOne rmx)
08. ∆nalog ∆stronaut
09. inevitable
10. Danny Brown- Lie4 (Dan∆logOne rmx)
11. cosmosis jones
12. Crepes
13. slippery
14. m_boogs -OKAY! ft. TheWerd (Dan∆logOne rmx)
15. SEG∆
16. mellow

Dan∆logOne – neoteric 2


Alphabets Heaven – Wander [E.P.] [2016]

Alphabets Heaven – Wander
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01. Some Movement
02. Mogwai
03. Say What You Mean ft. Charo
04. Wander
05. Party
06. Atomic ft. Segilola
07. Some Movement (MONO/POLY Remix)

Alphabets Heaven – Wander

WotNot deliver the latest in a string of releases from artists who balance the highest craft and skill with infectious, dancefloor grooves, including Glenn Astro, K15 and Deft.

Having built his reputation on warm, introspective organic releases (covered in The Wire, Fact, XLR8R, BBC Radio 3 and BBC 6Music), but also an energetic beat-based live show (which has led to shows across US and Europe), this EP is Alphabets Heaven’s most balanced exploration of these two worlds to date.

Feeling constrained by the finely-crafted organic sound design of Siamese Burn EP and Everything Stays the Same EP, Alphabets decided that the methods were less important than the sense of play and exploring the possibilities of sound. This serves as inspiration for the EP title.


NeuVibes – Just So You Know [Compilation] [2016]

NeuVibes – Just So You Know [Compilation]
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01. Axxxxgxxx – Mustique
02. Jase. – Get Down
03. Casio McCombs – All on Me
04. Jatce – Apologize
05. Kempeh – Do Better
06. Mr. Alexis – Epoxy Floors
07. Jay James – Nothing Left

NeuVibes – Just So You Know

This is Neuvibes’ second compilation tape featuring original tracks and production from Jase, Casio McCombs, Jatce & Mr. Alexis as well as three additional tracks from guest producers such as, Axxxxgxxx, Kempeh & Jay James.


Handbook – Days [E.P.] [2016]

Handbook – Days [E.P.]
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01. Days
02. Here We Go
03. Breathe In

Handbook – Days

Here are three tracks I’ve made recently that all seemed to work together and tell some sort of story. It has that new beginnings sort of vibe. Something you can walk to, work to and live to. It’s relaxed, easy going and positive and sometimes, life needs to be that way.

Beat Tape Compilation E.P.

NeuVibes – While We’re Here [Compilation] [2015]

NeuVibes – While We’re Here [Compilation]
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01. Casio McCombs – Nobody Else
02. Jatce – Last Journey
03. Mr. Alexis – FR FR
04. Villette – Noah

NeuVibes – While We’re Here

This is Neuvibes’ first compilation tape featuring original tracks and production from Casio McCombs, Jatce, Mr. Alexis & Villette.

The inspiration to name this compilation “While We’re Here” was to highlight our creative role in life. As creatives, its important to understand why we are here as well as what we should be doing while we are here.

What is our contribution to life? How will we impact the world that we live in? While these are questions that we believe are important for us to answer. We ask you today, What will you do while you’re here?

Beat Tape

BEN BADA BOOM – oneMINUTEplus [Beat Tape] [2016]

BEN BADA BOOM – oneMINUTEplus [Beat Tape]
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01. Puma w/ Neguim Beats
02. Introlude
03. Blocka Blocka
04. This is JURA
05. Aus der Seele
06. Chop Suex
07. Clouds
08. Drugtales
09. Fxxx With It
10. Last Drink
11. Lazy Evans
12. 4 The Nasty Twist
13. Night Dreamares
14. No Disco
15. Revenant
16. Ronald Trap
17. Space Gum


This Beattape is a collection of various pieces i mainly created back in 2015.

Beat Tape E.P.

Toonorth – Anemoia [E.P.] [2016]

Toonorth – Anemoia [E.P.]
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01. Hol’on
02. Sunbeams
03. Reminiscing
04. Anemoia
05. Daydreams

Toonorth – Anemoia

My first ep with the BLVNT RECORDS team. This is what i was working on before my computer crashed on me. The only reason this is $1 is im tryin to scrape together whatever i can to get a new computer so i can continue making beats. Thanks to everyone who downloads and supports this EP. You are helping more then you know.

Beat Tape

Bonbooze – Butterfly [Beat Tape] [2015]

Bonbooze – Butterfly [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Pulses
03. Butterf.unk
04. Astral Sines
05. Shape Shifta
06. Blow Up
07. Left n Right
08. Exsisting
09. Money Bling
10. Whatchasay
11. Come With Y Best
12. Whos Knocking
13. Don’t Stop
14. Moon Phases
15. Raise Y Hands
16. Stimulate Minds
17. Miles
18. Gravity
19. Overnight
20. Scare Ya feat. SkoobyD
21. Vuoi Di Più [t(h)ree] feat. Avatar
22. Spread Love
23. Her Lips
24. Charmy
25. Stì Cos’ Sconosciut
26. Swimming In JD feat. Retrospective For Love
27. Never Too Far
28. Sunset
29. All I Want feat. LNDFK
30. Voxes
31. Time
32. Worldwide
33. How We Rock
34. Path
35. Swingo Fino All’Alba
36. Luv Yr Life
37. Well, Well, Well…
38. Tell Me
39. Togheter
40. Outro

Bonbooze – Butterfly

Also Available On: “Limited Edition Cassette Tape”

Beat Tape

AKIRA GAUTAMA – Season Of the Witch [Beat Tape] [2015]

AKIRA GAUTAMA – Season Of the Witch [Beat Tape]
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01. -Intro-
02. Halloween
03. Season .3
04. Santa Mira
05. RobotSuits
06. Misfire
07. Conal Cochran
08. Malfuntion
09. Dr.Challis
10. Silver Shamrock

AKIRA GAUTAMA – Season Of the Witch

Also Available On: Season Of The Witch “Clear” Cassette

I had the idea to make a entire beat tape from all the sounds from this movie a couple years ago.i felt like it was time ,plenty more ideas to come.


JAckie – Plastic [E.P.] [2015]

JAckie – Plastic [E.P.]
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01. Try’na Win
02. Who’s Next
03. W.E.I.T

JAckie – Plastic