Beat Tape

Es-K – 05​.​17​.​17 [Beat Tape] [2017]

Es-K – 05​.​17​.​17 [Beat Tape]
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01. 05​.​17​.​17

Es-K – 05​.​17​.​17

Beat Tape

Es-K – Passages [Beat Tape] [2016]

Es-K – Passages [Beat Tape]
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01. IEV
02. Monastic
03. Orbit
04. Second Reunion
05. Elevation
06. Take Me There
07. Mistakes Made
08. Kilo
09. Ritualistic
10. Ella
11. Vina
12. ADTN

Es-K – Passages

Also Available On: Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl or Limited Edition Cassette (CSD 2016) or Limited Edition Compact Disc

Es-K (Essential Knowledge) was born in Holland, raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. He starting seriously making beats as a teenager, with his first release coming out on the Cold Busted label in 2011. Es-K is also known for his monthly Spontaneous Grooves releases, where a set of instrumental tracks are created in one sitting, the result being truly ‘spontaneous’ and diverse. This exemplifies Es-K’s prolific and workman-like ethos of beat-making, with creative and top notch hip hop soundscapes constantly pouring out of his Vermont studio.

Beat Tape

Es-K x Loupo – Sanctuary [Beat Tape] [2016]

Es-K x Loupo – Sanctuary [Beat Tape]
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01. Perception
02. Milo
03. Oxygenn
04. Four
05. FirstBorn
06. Empty
07. Eulogy
08. YaDa
09. Ozuma
10. Sun Rose

Es-K x Loupo – Sanctuary

Beat Tape

Es-K – One Continuous Moment [Beat Tape] [2016]

Es-K – One Continuous Moment [Beat Tape]
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01. FstLn
02. Eros
03. Elective
04. Advantage
05. Discloz
06. InwardandUpward
07. CereberaLL
08. REM
09. SNCA
10. Darumuhd
11. LvL
12. Utensil
13. InDee
14. HeaveyMedal
15. Inquiry
16. Prodo
17. NK
18. Onimu
19. OPG
20. CLG
21. QNA

Es-K – One Continuous Moment

Pragmatic Theory proudly presents ‘One Continuous Moment’ by Es-K.
Es-K is best known for his 24 part series “Spontaneous Grooves” and his LP “Serenity” featuring A.G. of DITC, General Steele, C-Rayz Walz, and more. His latest offering “One Continuous Moment” is a collection of instrumentals made during May and June of 2015, performed live using the SP404. As a resident and acknowledged in the beat scene in Vermont, Es-K is also recognizable from his presence on record label Cold Busted. Productivity, output, and work ethic online and off is bar none from this artist and we are honoured to have his latest work part of the Pragmatic Theory catalogue. Please enjoy!


Sinoptic International – Charlize Optic [E.P.] [2015]

Sinoptic International – Charlize Optic [E.P.]
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01. Es-K (Burlington, Vermont, USA) – Fire Werk
02. Dj Hellblazer x Goomar (Paris, France) – Charlize_Honey
03. Dr. Dundiff (Louisville, Kentucky, USA) – Seeing You
04. Dj Hellblazer x Goomar x Slivanoë (Paris, France) – Charlize_Honey (Take 2)

Sinoptic International – Charlize Optic

This short release is a small but deep instrumental tribute to Charlize Theron’s emblematic and unique aura as an actress.
“Charlize Optic” features works by carefully chosen beat-makers from the United States to France, bringing you an unusual EP inspired by Theron’s character in Jason Reitman ‘s “Young Adult”.

Beat Tape

Es-K – Mantras In Motion [Beat Tape] [2015]

Es-K – Mantras In Motion [Beat Tape]
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01. Doze
02. Es-K & Loupo – Krewe
03. KOS
04. Off Cee Mo
05. At Most
06. Es-K & Loupo – Colt45
07. RKS
08. Overstand
09. Es-K & Loupo – Loome
10. Es-K & Loupo – Seen
11. MJ12
12. MBX
13. SBX
14. AWOL

Es-K – Mantras In Motion

Seemingly destined for a career in synth music (his dad helped him sequence songs on a keyboard as a young kid), the Vermont based ES-K signed to Cold Busted four years ago. Here the prodigious producer who moonlights as a tobacconist steps aside from his regular Spontaneous Grooves series for the more meditative long player, Mantras In Motion. Highlights include the deft hotel lobby grooves of “Doze”, the xylophone-led dicky bow and velvet jacket lounge-hop of “Off Cee Mo” and the almost atonal warped head-nodder “Overstand”. – Juno Download

He grew up in a creative environment surrounded by music and art. As a young child his father would help him “sequence” songs on the keyboard, and by the age of five he had picked up his first instrument. At 15 he had his first copy of beat making software and by 16 he had his first MPC. When he was 17 he moved to Vermont where his passion for making beats continued to grow. In November of 2011 he signed his first track with Cold Busted and the rest, as they say, is history. His innate creativity and salient worth ethic is exemplified through his monthly Spontaneous Grooves series, where each instrumental is created in one sitting – the result being truly “spontaneous” and diverse tracks. Es-K currently manages a tobacco shop, continues to release music through Cold Busted, and works with various artists around the world.


Beat Tape Co-Op & Various Producers – Long Live Dilla [Compilation] [2014]

Beat Tape Co-Op & Various Producers – Long Live Dilla [Compilation]
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01. 1 From Shag
02. 1 From Jazz Spastiks
03. 1 From Love Anwar
04. 1 From Tito Fiasco
05. 1 From Tek Nalo G
06. 1 From Qryssen
07. 1 From V E S A
08. 1 From ——-
09. 1 From DJ Bless
10. 1 From Ikabod Bum & Coco Kaknuckles
11. 1 From Es-K
12. 1 From Kuartz
13. 1 From Tarik Sabar
14. 1 From Dr. Dundiff
15. 1 From DJ Proof
16. 1 From Tallen
17. 1 From Jewel’God
18. 1 From King Capitol Steady
19. 1 From Al Dali
20. 1 From Howie Wonder
21. 1 From JuSoul

Beat Tape Co-Op & Various Producers – Long Live Dilla

This one is dedicated to the one and only James “J Dilla” Yancey. We love you and we will never forget what you have done for all of us and the Hip-Hop community. JayDee changed our lives forever, so forever his name shall live. Long Live Dilla !

Big ups to Qryssen for this idea and for organizing /designing this whole project. We’re honored to be presenting this tape to the public and can’t wait to release more good music. Also, a major shout out to all the artists who contributed tracks. Make sure you go check out their pages below and show them support! God bless.

Beat Tape Compilation

#1 Gram Beats – Dear James [Compilation] [2014]

#1 Gram Beats – Dear James [Compilation]
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01. Dear James – Dr. Dundiff
02. Paradise – Bläp Dëli
03. Beyond The Sky – BLACK QWEST
04. He’s Always On My Mind – Beautiful Disco
05. Outta There – Dr. Dundiff
06. Still King – Jzilla(Hedknodic)
07. Du.Yu – Karavelo
08. We All Die Twice – Es-K
09. Late Nights – Sensr7six
10. Don’t Forget – Beautiful Disco
11. DillaBoT Lives – BLACK QWEST
12. Distant Shore – Dr. Dundiff
13. Games. – Karavelo
14. Dewitt – Jzilla(Hedknodic)
15. Misty Koste – Bläp Dëli
16. Lover – Sensr7six
17.Daruma – Es-K
18.Sincerely – Dr. Dundiff

#1 Gram Beats – Dear James

This album is a tribute compilation in honor of James “J Dilla” Dewitt Yancey. 8 producers from all over the world coming together to pay homage to our biggest influence musically. RIP