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Elusive – Headspace [Beat Tape] [2016]

Elusive – Headspace [Beat Tape]
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01. Swing Motion
02. Doomsday Error
03. Infinite Journey
04. Pullin On His Push (feat. Flavia)
05. Paper Parachutes (feat. Emile Pore’e)
06. Light Sleeper
07. Tech Support
08. Eyes Elite (feat. Flavia)
09. Morning Rise (feat. Josh Koslow)
10. Inertia (feat. Josh Koslow)
11. Light Beams
12. Levels
13. Innerstellar
14. Window Reflections (feat. Emile Pore’e)
15. Eventual Meeting
16. Safety Pin

Elusive – Headspace

Pushing the boundaries of the music that has shaped his career over the last twenty years, Elusive is turning towards more jazzy and instrumentally rich compositions. His forthcoming LP, Headspace, is another leap forward in this context, featuring Los Angeles based jazz guitarist Emile Pore’e, Angels Dust vocalist Flavia and trumpet player and brother, Josh Koslow. It’s his second release for Alpha Pup Records in 2016, quickly following up on the highly celebrated vinyl and digital album Textures. Hitting digital outlets on August 5th, Headspace marks Elusive’s fourth release for Alpha Pup Records.

Exotic vocals, lush harmonies and organic rhythms dominate the energy of Headspace in a way unseen in his past works. A blend into the colorful and vibrant tapestry of otherworldly tones that has stemmed out of the modern electronic scene. It’s a sound he has helped birth himself, staying true to the journey that began with his signing to Alpha Pup a few years back. “The main theme of this album was the expansion of my box as a musician, not just a beatmaker,” explains Elusive. “I wanted to expand on musical ideas as well as rhythms.” His harmonies are becoming more lyrical, advanced and surreal. The rhythms more lush, organic and infectious. The feature additions serving as the final piece, placing more dynamic and colorful voicing to the equation. Headspace is an illuminated sound, designed to explore the depths of sonic perception from listeners worldwide.

The experimental blends between jazz and electronica have a very deep past together. Now decades in motion, new life is abundant in this sphere and Headspace sits right in motion with the best of releases in this lane. With the addition of mixing and mastering from Alpha Pup label head Daddy Kev, Headspace continues the rich legacy Elusive has created with the label and his city of Los Angeles.

Beat Tape

Elusive – French Toasted [Beat Tape] [2016]

Elusive – French Toasted [Beat Tape]
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01. Toasted Intro
02. Lost In Translation
03. Cafe Pimpin
04. Latte On Ice
05. Capris and Polos
06. Frosted Mary
07. Hotbox
08. Bodega Bay
09. A Birdy Told Me
10. 2 Step
11. Super Jack
12. Up The Coast
13. It’s Yourz
14. Late Excursion
15. Lucky In Luv
16. Overstand
17. XJ-13
18. Cheese Croissant
19. Private Reserve
20. Northern Lites
21. Master Cookies
22. Golden Haze
23. Cheebah
24. Weepin Willows
25. Off Balance
26. Slow Motion
27. Couch Bender
28. Sunday Session
29. Bluberrysour

Elusive – French Toasted

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Special thanks to Wylie for the opportunity to release this limited edition cassette, Dome of Doom, Daddy Kev, Alpha Pup, Jake, Erik, Kwasi for artwork, Low End Theory, DJ Nobody, Elos, Rootnote crew, Resonate crew, Smart Bomb crew, Hit and Run, Brandy, Jupiter, Beat Theatre, Beat Cinema, Melissa for vinyl, my parents for the vinyl collection and samples, all the people who support my music, and all the stores that have sold my music…


Elusive – Eventual Lite [Single] [2016]

Elusive – Eventual Lite [Single]
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01. Eventual Lite


elusive – platinumcookiesmix [Mix] [2016]

elusive – platinumcookiesmix [Mix]
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01. platinumcookiesmix

elusive – platinumcookiesmix

8 track mix of jazz beats..

Beat Tape

Elusive – Textures [Beat Tape] [2016]

Elusive – Textures [Beat Tape]
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01. Moonbeams
02. Love is Enough
03. Signal of Light
04. Whirlwind
05. Chants to the Stars
06. Sand Dunes on Mars
07. Simple Joys
08. Live Without U
09. Jungle Mirage
10. Morning After
11. In the Dark of Night
12. Rollin Stoned
13. Jungle Gym
14. Astral Living
15. Minor 11
16. Ice Patternz

Elusive – Textures

Brimming with offbeat beauty, Elusive’s new album Textures features a unique electronic warmth that is created with an infinity of unusual sounds. Dissected vocals and the crackle of lo-fi static permeate the release with layers of soul, a showcase for Elusive’s artful, abundant and multi-layered approach to production. With over 20 releases in his collection since the ‘90s, Elusive has personified instrumental music culture in California for two decades now. Textures comes at a creative spurt in his career and has a breakthrough sound from beginning to end.

Few producers in the beat movement can tap into complex rhythm structures and Elusive’s Textures LP goes deep into this territory over the course of the 16 tracks. Nod your head to the looping rhythm of the LP’s opening cut “Moonbeamz,” a hazy, shuffled track with a loose collection of sounds at the bottom of the beat. “Love Is Enough” skates under open skies, an elegant dream of simplicity.

“Chants to the Stars” captures the moment an ancient earth tribe meets an alien visitor, and “Live Without U” demands attention with fast-paced drumming and a swarm of whispers. Every song has its own sub-world, connected through the diversity of his past works and the futuristic voyage he continues to embark on.

Dreamy and dense, with plenty of juice and vigor – Textures is a thoughtfully intelligent venture into the far-out realm of the modern beat music movement.


Elusive – Harmony In Free Form – EP [E.P.] [2015]

Elusive – Harmony In Free Form – EP [E.P.]
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01. Outer Orbit
02. Floating Ritual
03. Harmonic Fusion
04. Panoramic Rhythms
05. Star Child
06. Speak To Me
07. Bent Circuit
08. Melodic Pixels
09. Mixed Signals

Elusive – Harmony In Free Form – EP

“Harmony in Free Form” is the newest EP from Elusive, nine captivating tracks that explore the freedom of beat music and abstract beauty. Warm, wandering melodies carouse over a writhing underbelly of beats, creating a gripping sonic experience.

Click-ridden soundscapes permeate the EP, from the brain-scattering delight of “Outer Orbit” to the lighthearted pulse of “Mixed Signals”. “Star Child” is a funky dream, a showcase for Elusive’s uncanny ability to combine glowing melodies with a near-delirium of beats. Starry and deliberate, “Bent Circuit” climbs towards a dream.

With an abundance of sounds and energetic juxtapositions, “Harmony in Free Form” is an engaging encounter with pure pleasure.


Elusive – Niteflower [Single] [2014]

Elusive – Niteflower [Single]
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01. Niteflower

Elusive – Niteflower

Beat Tape

Elusive – Blue Blanc [Beat Tape] [2014]

Elusive – Blue Blanc [Beat Tape]
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01. Fly Me to the Moon
02. Too Far Gone
03. Forbidden Fruit
04. Free Luv
05. Chameleon
06. Lovin’ U Again
07. In Vein
08. Together
09. No Pity
10. Cinnamon Buns
11. Hot and Sour
12. The Only
13. Leave Me
14. Sleepless Nyte
15. Serene

Merging the energy of funk and the innovation of jazz into a lush and heady brew, Elusive presents his new album: Blue Blanc. A colorful fusion of simple chaos and loopy hooks, Blue Blanc ignites the brain with a stimulating dose of classic beat music. Elusive mixes several decades of samples with finesse, from warm, soulful vocals to icy 8-bits. Loose clicks and hesitant crashes gather together with flinty slivers of beats. Off-kilter cadences gel with rich synthetics dipped in sonic honey, creating an abundant audio landscape with a distinct Los Angeles personality. ”Fly Me to the Moon” launches the album with a funky, shuffled spacewalk surrounded by starburst synths. Loose and electric, lead single “Forbidden Fruit” relaxes on an uneven ballast with vintage snaps and science fiction sounds. “The Only” lurches its way through a dungeon, dragging its knuckles into a dark illusion of chattering teeth – then “Serene” delivers a lullaby of collapsing beats to close the album with heartfelt steps and hushing samples. Potent and pure, Blue Blanc is unbalanced art for an unhinged existence: beat music at its most beautiful.

Beat Tape

Elusive – Dragon Ball E [Beat Tape] [2014]

Elusive – Dragon Ball E [Beat Tape]
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01. Dragon Ball Intro
02. Nite Ride
03. Free Flight
04. Hitz
05. Mellow Daze
06. Quasar
07. Looking Back
08. French Beaches
09. Bad Habits
10. Solar Panel
11. Spur of the moment
12. Whispers
13. Didnt have to be
14. Phunk em
15. I miss
16. Off balance
17. Want u
18. Searching
19. Yellow Meadow
20. Emphasize
21. All the luv
22. Dragon Outro

Elusive – Dragon Ball E

Elusive brings us an amazing tape of beat glory–Elusive’s legendary style is on full display with his release of the 22 track cassette “Dragon Ball E”. classic boom bap elements are wrapped in smooth electronic progressions and served on a golden palate of heavy hip hop slump.

Also Available On: “Dragon Ball E” Cassette Tape


Elusive – Quasar [Single] [2014]

Elusive – Quasar [Single]
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01. Quasar

Elusive – Quasar

Newest single of off Elusive’s upcoming beat tape “Dragonball E” available worldwide on 03.19.14.


Elusive – “Purple” Jazzy Beat Tape Mix [Mix] [2014]

Elusive – “Purple” Jazzy Beat Tape Mix [Mix]
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01. “Purple” Jazzy Beat Tape Mix

Elusive – “Purple” Jazzy Beat Tape Mix