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AKTR – suburbanfunkessentials [Beat Tape] [2017]

AKTR – suburbanfunkessentials [Beat Tape]
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01. ihavenothing
02. devonrex
03. positive afterimage
04. dowhatyoulike
05. youmakemelove
06. nextmovement
07. realclose
08. anotherplace
09. allnightlamp
10. illbethere
11. dustindust
12. giveitto(pray)

AKTR – suburbanfunkessentials

Also Available On: AKTR – suburbanfunkessentials 10inch Vinyl

ΔKTR (pronounced actor), is a beat maker from Yokohama, sampling primarily 80s funk. With his familiar yet subtly unique approach, AKTR is loved by both, more R&B leaning loop heads, and connoisseurs of Vaporwave alike. He somehow manages to consistently bring a high level of bliss to this sample/collage culture in a quiet yet powerful way. We are very excited to be one of the stops in his creative journey and hope you hear what we’re hearing.

Beat Tape

VIKK – FRVR GONE [Beat Tape] [2017]

VIKK – FRVR GONE [Beat Tape]
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01. UnoMas
02. Yadiig
03. HSTLE [PayMeRespekkt]
04. Look / NoFeeelings
05. Juggernaut
06. Keep Movin’ [Dnt Stop]
08. Finesse The WRLD [Little by Little]
09. IFicouldMEETU
10. HOPE
11. PreciousTIME
12. HurtsSoGood
14. TryMe Babyy



shungu – All Stars Vol. IV [E.P.] [2017]

shungu – All Stars Vol. IV [E.P.]
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01. Arabic Coffee
02. Dooble Dooble
03. Make A Move
04. Smooth Landin’
05. The Key

shungu – All Stars Vol. IV

Beat Tape

TVPES x KNABLINZ – Connections Series – C003 [Beat Tape] [2017]

TVPES x KNABLINZ – Connections Series – C003 [Beat Tape]
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01. Side A – TVPES
02. Side B – Knablinz

TVPES x KNABLINZ – Connections Series – C003

Also Available On: Limited Cassette of 50

Beat Tape Co-Op and 77 Rise Recordings have teamed up to bring you a series of split tapes from beat makers / producers from all across the globe.

The third in the series showcases TVPES from Goon Garden Records out of Atlanta, GA and KNABLINZ who runs the label G.O.A.T Beetz out of Astoria, OR.

Beat Tape

Vital – Pieces Of Time [Beat Tape] [2017]

Vital – Pieces Of Time [Beat Tape]
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01. Pieces of Time (Intro)
02. Hip Hop Is Everywhere
03. Don’t Fake Jax
04. It’s a Product
05. Da Masta
06. Music & Power
07. NY Beauty
08. Start Shooting
09. Nowadays
10. On Da Mic
11. Once Again
12. A Voice

Vital – Pieces Of Time

Also Available On: Cassette & Vinyl

Instrumental debut on KingUnderground from Vital. LP & cassette with download card available.

“One day I decided to make a Soundcloud page to put up a few bits of my music, I then realised how much I have. There were folders, half-finished projects and many full-up floppy disks. I wondered how much time I had spent on making music. I saw a strong correlation between the quality of music and the quality of life in each time period that was represented. I decided an appropriate name for my debut album would be Pieces of Time!” – Vital.

Vitaly was raised in Potsdam as a child in a family of a Soviet military officer, who temporarily served in the GDR in 1981. His family then moved away to Lithuania in 91’, to Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. At this time there was an armed revolution. Its aim was to breakaway from the USSR; it led to the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The TV in those days ceased to broadcast in Moscow and began to relay satellite channels such as SАТ1, MTV and others. There was a river of new information from advertising, movies, and music in Russia. The first FM radio station where they broadcast foreign music in the new regime was in Lithuania. It was then when Vital first heard Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince “Boom Shake The Room” and Criss Cross “Jump” . After that came all the east coast, west coast hip hop that influenced his music. Vital says, “my young mind had exploded! I’d never heard anything like this!” Watching those early MTV rap videos and the early radio show’s set it all off!

Vital is very good friends with one of the recent KingUnderground members, DJ Boora. Boora sent us a Vital demo but it was actually Vital that first showed Boora how to make beats. Vital put Boora on, then Boora put Vital on.

Beat Tape

Tesk – Spotless Minds [Beat Tape] [2017]

Tesk – Spotless Minds [Beat Tape]
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01. Tell Me
02. Sometimesoon
03. Waves
04. Floating Vibes feat. Philanthrope
05. Twrk
06. Green Stamps
07. Snapback
08. Doin it
09. Moods
10. Lament
11. Thoughts
12. Orbit
13. Lego
14. With You

Tesk – Spotless Minds

Spotless Minds is the first full length Release by Germany based Producer Tesk. This album contains 14 Super smooth jazzy tracks with catchy melodies to accompany a chill mood.

Beat Tape

salami rose joe louis – Zlaty Sauce Nephew [Beat Tape] [2017]

salami rose joe louis – Zlaty Sauce Nephew [Beat Tape]
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01. Mobius strip
02. Cyanotype of blue
03. Wingsofsteel
04. Cassionova flipp of Cheflee
05. Dorkiest jam since the dawn of time
06. Shiny! w/ Cheflee
07. Not that lovely
08. Lost in orbit/cows and moon
09. 17,4220,200 w/ mejiwahn
10. Juno starboard
11. Morning
12. Spaaace jam
13. Catching zzzz’s
14. Wanderer…..
15. Everything is just fine
16. Everything is not quite fine
17. Same way
18. Endicott
19. Too caught up
20. Very bizarre waffles
21. Just peanuts interlude
22. Lost in orbit part two
23. Keynoodles
24. Keanu clause, (outro flip of Cheflee)
25. Cloudy
26. Lil idea: sun and the moon
27. Overture (going ham)
28. Are you a glacier?
29. Centriflugel w/ Daoud on drums
30. Think I lost my hearing
31. Lil jam, stripey socks
32. Pillows…prelude to science album

salami rose joe louis – Zlaty Sauce Nephew

Beat Tape

RECOR – ROCK TAPE [Beat Tape] [2017]

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01. 01
02. 02
03. 03
04. 04
05. 05
06. 06
07. 07
08. 08
09. 09
10. 10
11. 11
12. 12
13. 13
14. 14
15. 15
16. 16
17. 17
18. 18
19. 19
20. 20
21. 21
22. 22
23. 23
24. 24
25. 25
26. 26
27. 27
28. 28
29. 29
30. 30
31. 31
32. 32
33. 33
34. 34


Beat Tape E.P.

Scab Beatz – CookN [E.P.] [2017]

Scab Beatz – CookN [E.P.]
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01. Afterdark
02. Mace
03. Tokyo Weed
04. Red Eyes
05. G-Ma’s CookN Feat. Joe Sig

Scab Beatz – CookN

Beat Tape

Sefi Zisling – Beyond The Things I Know [Beat Tape] [2017]

Sefi Zisling – Beyond The Things I Know [Beat Tape]
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01. Open The Door
02. Very Light Blue feat. Elran Dekel
03. DreamWalk
04. Nomok’s Fiesta
05. My Magic Moose feat. Uzi Ramirez
06. More Space feat. Layla Moallem
07. Avocado Dance feat. Nomok
08. Beginnings
09. Archie Surprise feat. BrassLove
10. Endz

Sefi Zisling – Beyond The Things I Know

“A dialogue between bright and dark colours, solid grooves and abstract melodies – this album is the fruit of a sincere and open talk, unfolding the paths that lead beyond the things I know.
I feel Grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with Rejoicer and some of my closest friends.” Sefi Zisling

“Our search for the astral notes to make cosmic songs and sun-light rhythms was a deep experience for me. Meditating with Sefi, on the months before recording the album, included long talks (about anything from childhood memories to lucid dreams), back-to-back DJ sets and massive vinyl listening sessions.
We wrote and recorded the album in 3 magical and euphoric days that were a humbling yet mind-blowing adventure. Sefi and i first met in high-school and 12 years later, making this music together, i feel like we walked a full circle.” Rejoicer (The Dove)

Beat Tape

Bridini – A Panel of Nine [Beat Tape] [2017]

Bridini – A Panel of Nine [Beat Tape]
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01. Burned Ends
02. Intergalactic Dissonance
03. Plastic Sides
04. Virgin Happy Hour
05. Everything Happens For a Reason
06. Flowers (Tell Her That I Love Her)
07. Figuring Things Out
08. Part-Time Ventures
09. Forever Just You and Me

Bridini – A Panel of Nine


Stason doc beats – Beats (2016) [E.P.] [2016]

Stason doc beats – Beats (2016) [E.P.]
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01. beat#1 (76bpm)
02. beat#2 (90bpm)
03. beat#3 (70bpm)
04. beat#4 (92bpm)

Stason doc beats – Beats (2016)


DOPE90 – Lo​-​Head [Compilation] [2017]

DOPE90 – Lo​-​Head [Compilation]
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01. Kovsh – On a Mission
02. Flux the Cynic – Lineswitboo
03. APO – 0000006
04. fr ost – One
05. Walterwarm – Dr2
06. ДЁТИ3 х А4 – Tankograd Smoke
07. Mujo – Blue Heaven
08. David Chief – Wun for Purpan
09. Veslo – Gheto Blues
10. 3DMG – Havana Beach
11. Kent_Williams – Palm Trees
12. Smuff tha Quiz – Chip
13. Boora – Esche Odin Den’
14. Snares – Colorful
15. Eaz – Blueflowers
16. jinsang – sparks
17. Kosm14 – Harlem
18. 90sFlav- Daymare
19. Foner – unknwn.
20. drwn. – blu
21. Dday One – Morning Drive

DOPE90 – Lo​-​Head


Sovereign Nation – Brief Reflection [Single] [2017]

Sovereign Nation – Brief Reflection [Single]
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01. Brief Reflection

Sovereign Nation – Brief Reflection

Also Available On: Bespoke Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl or Trap Door EP 12″ & Brief Reflection 7″ Bundle

On the 21st of the month, came 21 records. Once again, these were individually lathe cut in Germany, with exclusive ‘B Side Beats’ on the flip side (only available on those very few records, so extremely rare).

Each is hand stamped and numbered by ourselves, complete with a hand drawn illustration by G.Lux. 2 x Sovereign Nation stickers are included with each record.

Includes unlimited streaming of Brief Reflection via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Beat Tape

Knablinz – Flight [Beat Tape] [2017]

Knablinz – Flight [Beat Tape]
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01. Flight
02. Landed

Knablinz – Flight

Also Available On: Limited First Edition Flight Cassette