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The Jazz Jousters – Fourth Base – Anniversary LP [Beat Tape] [2016]

The Jazz Jousters – Fourth Base – Anniversary LP [Beat Tape]
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01. Gadget – Intro
02. Stay Classy – Butter Theory
03. Es-K – No Definition
04. Bones The Beat Head – Bloom
05. Erik Jackson – Starry Night
06. Skinnista – Ambiguous
07. Pawcut – Hare & Hegdehog
08. Says Who? – Echoes
09. Slone – Ruby & Pearl
10. SmokedBeat – Baker Street
11. Oldy Clap Recordz – Laziness Around Midnight
12. Vinkate – Turn On
13. B3NBi – Spoils

The Jazz Jousters – Fourth Base – Anniversary LP

Also Available On: Pre-order Limited Cassette or Anniversary 4-Pack: Tape, Vinyl + 2 x Downloads

Another year goes by swiftly and we find ourselves at the Jazz Jousters fourth anniversary, and in usual tradition we have put together a project to mark this occasion.

The ‘Fourth Base’ LP was originally planned as a vinyl album but it’s a little too soon after our recently released Endurance 12″ which was the first part of this anniversary’s goal. Instead we’ll record Fourth Base to cassette tape for next week, and here are three options on getting the album…

– ‘Old Skool’ option: For the moment we’ve made this project a free download dedicated to all those that have been supporting the Jousters since 2012 up to now, and of course all the new supporters and super-fans out there. You’re welcome!

– ‘Limited Cassette’ option: Of course some of you want hard copies as much as we do. We want this album in our hands to remember four creative years within the group, so we’re doing the tapes to give copies to all involved. The rest of the tapes will be available to all who want them before they’re gone re-issues on this one. They will be shipping out from next week.

– ‘The Anniversary 4-Pack’ option: You can be sent the Fourth Base tape & the Endurance record and only pay for shipping for the record on one record ..even if you order two. You’ll also get digital downloads of both albums as they complete the Anniversary 4-Pack.

Lastly, check out James Greenway’s breakdown of the artwork in the PDF document that comes with the download. It’s really something!

Next up for the Jazz Jousters will be the beginning of our 5th season with another Locations series as many of you have requested.

For now, enjoy Fourth Base and take care!


Beat Tape

Bix – Violet [Beat Tape] [2016]

Bix – Violet [Beat Tape]
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01. purple
02. you
03. bench
04. pacific
05. blue
06. lights
07. red
08. black
09. deep
10. green
11. aqua
12. smile

Bix – Violet

Beat Tape E.P.

BLJR – PS2, Art, and Beats [E.P.] [2016]

BLJR – PS2, Art, and Beats [E.P.]
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01. Ying & Yang
02. Freedom of Choice
03. up, down, up, down, left, right, right, left, square, circle, left, up, triangle, left, square, select
04. Karma

BLJR – PS2, Art, and Beats


Skunk’n’Funk – Melodrum EP [E.P.] [2016]

Skunk’n’Funk – Melodrum EP [E.P.]
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01. Int[r]O’Scur’
02. L’amore ai tempi della depressione
03. When I meet the cops
04. Paz!

Skunk’n’Funk – Melodrum EP

Beat Tape

florigen – holographic time loop [Beat Tape] [2008]

florigen – holographic time loop [Beat Tape]
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01. tuktuk thai
02. cracks form
03. positive light
04. -v+
05. ibiza98
06. dee3
07. thru walls
08. exosphere
09. dream traveller
10. high rise
11. 2nd chances
12. dark space
13. 7 mirrors
14. treehouse k.c

florigen – holographic time loop


±±DING±± – Nine A​.​M : Good Morning Mother​.​.​.​. ONE [Mix] [2016]

±±DING±± – Nine A.M : Good Morning Mother…. ONE [Mix]
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01. Chris Turner & The DropOuts – My Girl
02. Jordan Rakei – Selfish
03. PPP feat. SA – Ra – Deep Inside (Belle Isle Remix)
04. Saint Pepsi – Cherry Pepsi
05. Stage Kids – 321
06. Homeshake – Slow
07. Sammus – 1080p
08. Aaron Taylor – Lesson Learnt
09. Vector Graphics – Destine
10. Flamingosis & Birocratic – Passing By
11. Vector Graphics – Power
12. RC – Can’t Bridge my defence
13. Ikaya – Reggae Love
14. Kutiman feat. Adam Scheflan and Karolina – Shine Again
15. Corpus – Mythical Dream

±±DING±± – Nine A.M : Good Morning Mother…. ONE

Nine A.M : Good Morning Mother…… mixed by ±±DING±±

This is the first mix in the new mix series ‘Nine A.M’, which are to be released at least once a week and this will be the perfect start to any day!!!!!

The mixes will be compiled of a random selection of music from around the globe. The tracks tracks included in the mixes will be from any genres and any time period. If its hot it will get played.

The main aim for this series is to deliver a wide selection of amazing music to anyone who wants to explore the depths of music.

If you like this mix please share it about with your friends & family. If you enjoyed the mix please send us some feedback. If you disliked the mix also send us some polite feedback!.


vingthorthehurler – Thor vs Wu​-​Tang Vol​.​3 [Remixes] [2016]

vingthorthehurler – Thor vs Wu-Tang Vol.3 [Remixes]
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01. Killarmy – The Shootout (Remix)
02. IAM feat. Timbo King, Dreddy Krueger & Prodigal Sunn – La Saga (Remix)
03. Heltah Skeltah feat. Method Man – Gunz N Onez (Iz U Wit Me) (Remix)
04. Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon & Notorious BIG – Three Bricks (Remix)
05. Bronze Nazareth – Sinuhe’s Impasse (Remix)
06. Method Man & Redman – Double Deuces (Remix)
07. 7L & Esoteric feat. Inspectah Deck – Speaking Real Words (Street Fighter 2 Remix)
08. Outlines feat. RZA – Now That I am Free (Remix)
09. Capleton feat. Method Man – Wings of the Morning (Remix)
10. Notorious BIG feat. Method Man – The What (Remix)
11. Bronze Nazareth – Blowgun (Remix)
12. Cilvaringz – Target Training (Remix)
13. Cocoa Brovaz feat. Raekwon – Black Trump (Remix)
14. Mary J Blidge feat. Method Man – Love at First Sigth (Remix)
15. Mos Def feat. Ghostface Killah – Ms. Fat Booty 2
16. Limp Bizkit feat. Method Man – N 2 Gether Now (Mortal Kombat Remix)
17. Bronze Nazareth – Delilah (Remix)
18. Cilvaringz – Fuck AmeriKKKa (Remix)

vingthorthehurler – Thor vs Wu-Tang Vol.3

Also Available On: Limited Edition CLEAR Cassette or Limited Edition RED Cassette


jmk – In Evening Hour [E.P.] [2016]

jmk – In Evening Hour [E.P.]
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01. Don’t Leave Me (Side 1)
02. Golden Dreams (Side 2)

jmk – In Evening Hour

Beat Tape Instrumentals

Four Tet – Randoms [Beat Tape] [2016]

Four Tet – Randoms [Beat Tape]
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01. Moma
02. For These Times
03. Pockets (minimal version)
04. Gillie Amma I Love You
05. The Reservoir
06. Nothing To See
07. Field
08. Both When I Am Alone And When We Both Are
09. Castles Made Of Sand

Four Tet – Randoms

Over the years there have been some pieces of music that I have made specially for compilation projects or have ended being released only as part of a compilation album. As time passes I look back at this music and find the context it was originally put in often feels a bit random now. So I have put together this new album called Randoms that brings together this music in a different way. The oldest track here is Field from 1996, the first Four Tet track ever released on Leaf Records Invisible Soundtracks compilation. The most recent is Gillie Amma I Love You which was made for a charity project called BOATS in 2013. All the tracks here have been released before and I am sure some internet searching will give you the full details if you are interested. Thank you to everyone who originally commissioned and released this music. The artwork for this was made by Jason Evans.

Beat Tape

Sunny Cheema AKA Sleep One – The Spiritual Lonewolf & The White Butterfly [Beat Tape] [2016]

Sunny Cheema AKA Sleep One – The Spiritual Lonewolf & The White Butterfly [Beat Tape]
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Sunny Cheema AKA Sleep One – The Spiritual Lonewolf & The White Butterfly

Rock mixed with some sounds from the original original Roland TR-808, The Electric Guitar brings in a nice jazzy flow, with Added Recipes And Spices From A Casio Keyboard. The Lonewolf heads out in search for a White Butterfly to show him the path to Spirituality in a world full of No Hope.
The Second Track comes in with Him Finding The Butterfly, The Fully crazy Instrumentation of slowed mellow Music is in this track.
But Since The Life Span Of a Butterfly is so short The Track ends quickly.
Then he decides to put together the Third Track Reminiscing A time they spent at a beach trying to regain spirituality by connecting their souls together. Eventually the wolf regains consciousness after a a couple tabs of LSD, few beers and some fat ass blunts on the beach starts putting together Track Four which gives the result of The Current Presence and brings it out with the title The Boombap Hustla, conducting the musical piece on a Dead Genre giving it the full effect with spirituality and passion. The Fifth Track is a full performance he has with his Nu Jazz Band Crew (His Multiple Consciences, playing every instrument in a Extraordinary Manner). The Last Track represents how Empty The Wolf is even after the whole trip through the album. (Good Things dont Last very Long)
Keep Smiling/Blazing/ Cutting Up The Vinyl/Sampling/Spitting/Grindin/Hustlin/Workin/Pushin/Burnin/Rockin/Rollin/Sippin/Never Ass Kissin!!!!


Darko the Super & All These Fingers – Carve A Happy Face on My Tombstone [Album] [2016]

Darko the Super & All These Fingers – Carve A Happy Face on My Tombstone
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01. Amateur Hour
02. Bitter
03. Shut In
04. 50 Cups of Coffee
05. I Wanna Know
06. Your Best Porno Mag
07. Peanut Butter and a Spoon
08. Space Monkey and the Ladder to Heaven
09. Groceries
10. Do I Look as Dead as I Feel
11. To All the Women at My Funeral
12. Casually Pathetic (Tryin’ Hard Not to Think)

Darko the Super & All These Fingers – Carve A Happy Face on My Tombstone

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

“On any given night somewhere in the suburbs of Philadelphia Darko the Super sits in his bedroom and pours himself into a song. He takes no time off; but it’s also not work for him. It’s much more than that. It’s a necessity for Darko, an Already Dead Tapes veteran who is dropping his 4th release (3rd solo) for the label. The end result of his unreal drive is always an album’s worth of uncontrollable, unedited, thought provoking, hilarious and gut wrenching songs that force you on a roller coaster ride through the 22 year old Philly rapper’s world. On his new tape ‘Carve a Happy Face on My Tombstone’, Darko brings us along with him while he experiences love, heartache and the aftermath of a broken relationship. The 13 songs on this tape glow with the beats of Detroit producer All These Fingers, who perfectly compliments Darko’s grim pre, during, and post relationship rants. What the two have created is something truly remarkable; an album that is as weird and horror stricken as it is accessible and relatable. Darko’s sense of vulnerability shines through in every track and eventually starts to sound like your own conscience. Of course there are the elements that we’ve come to expect from him: shout outs to Nirvana, porn references, violent daydreams, distrust for the government and nods to his hero Bill Hicks. Darko, however, goes beyond that on this release and allows us to view his love story from the infancy of his relationship, through the breakup, to dealing with the heartache, back into another relationship, through that breakup, back into heartache, through despair and into death. As morose as that sounds it is also a reminder of how we all go through Hell to find the love that we are looking for. If it’s too dark, that’s because it hurts. If it sounds harsh, that’s because it’s infuriating. And if it comes across silly, that’s because it’s the greatest comedy of them all.”
– Wesley Nowlin, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Beat Tape

dolphinbrain – RADIO​-​TELESCOPE [Beat Tape] [2015]

dolphinbrain – RADIO-TELESCOPE [Beat Tape]
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01. radio telescope
02. aperture synthesis
03. focal point
04. gravatational lensing
05. oort cloud
06. astropulse
07. scrambled signal
08. interferometer
09. tuned transponder
10. waitless

dolphinbrain – RADIO-TELESCOPE

Also Available On: Radio Telescope Compact Disc (CD)

Beat Tape

冬K_lo⋀f冬 – Ginkgo Trees [Beat Tape] [2016]

冬K_lo⋀f冬 – Ginkgo Trees [Beat Tape]
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01. Growing
02. The Forest
03. Farther Than This
04. Green Lakes
05. Moutiantops
06. Other
07. Ice Storm
08. Dive
09. Ginkgo
10. Fog At Night
11. Tropical Storms

冬K_lo⋀f冬 – Ginkgo Trees

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Beat Tape

i.yugen / 冬K_Lo⋀f冬 – the 13th hour [Beat Tape] [2016]

i.yugen / 冬K_Lo⋀f冬 – the 13th hour [Beat Tape]
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01. i.yugen – illumination

iyugen – illumination side.a
冬K_Lo⋀f冬 – side.b
-So Far Away
-For Ever Final
-I Never Knew

i.yugen / 冬K_Lo⋀f冬 – the 13th hour

Also Available On: the 13th hour Limited Edition Cassette


Moods – A Beautiful Mind [E.P.] [2016]

Moods – A Beautiful Mind [E.P.]
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01. A Beautiful Mind
02. How I Feel (feat. Sam Wills)
03. Evolve
04. The Hero

Moods – A Beautiful Mind

Moods is back with his latest EP – ‘A Beautiful Mind’ out on Boogie Angst this June supplying his unique blend of warm Electronica, Nu-Disco and Indie Dance with Hip Hop sensibilities.