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eahwee. – FUUD. [Beat Tape] [2016]

eahwee. – FUUD. [Beat Tape]
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01. Eva.lastin
02. △H!WEE
03. Flash.Point
04. Dai.
05. FUUD.
06. [i.]
07. △H!WEE.pt2
08. Lurkin.
09. Spirit.Bomb
10. yu’

eahwee. – FUUD.

Beat Tape

Moka Only – I’m Delighted [Beat Tape] [2016]

Moka Only – I’m Delighted [Beat Tape]
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01. Delightro
02. Filterbox
03. Hup Hup
04. Beez
05. Go
06. Are You Present
07. For the Payyy
08. Everybody Knows
09. Should We Write
10. Penticton
11. Anja
12. Creamy Jam
13. Definitely On Some
14. Aurora
15. Going In
16. True Googz
17. Gotta Automate
18. Boggles
19. Mopin
20. What Da Fuck
21. Sliding
22. Peenanno
23. Right…
24. Chiming
25. Fanta
26. Sunny Bap
27. … I Can See
28. Rat Race
29. Bellhowse

Moka Only – I’m Delighted

Well here it is, I’m delighted to present you with this work of art. It’s been a minute since I’ve made an instrumental album. I feel it was overdue, and I would like to continue with similar genres in the future.

This project feels special, the aim was to have an eclectic mix of sounds and styles rather than focus on the future. The majority of the tracks are brand spanking new, yet I still pulled from the unheard archives with tracks like: “Everybody Knows” and “Sunny Bap”. Even a track such as: “True Googz” has a backstory, it is an unfinished piece from a project I’ve been working on slowly over the years with Bootie Brown of the Pharcyde.

If there is a major theme to be gleaned from this project, I would say that I tried to use a similar template as the Magickal Weirdness album, in that the tracks are short, multilayered and overall intended to take the listener through a bit of a journey. The album starts upbeat and gradually fades into a melancholic territory before the sunshine appears toward the end to round out the album.

Much respect to Noah Becker who played sax on both “Bellhowse” and “Going In” (where he also played Fender Rhodes piano and I played synths and xylophone). Big shouts to everybody who made it onto the intro track. Interestingly, all of the folks on it are people I’ve worked with, both old and new since Jump… even URBNET is vocally represented! I hope this album helps set up the summer season for you and stay tuned for the next installment in the #12albumsFor2016series.

Much love to all of YOU!


Calvin Valentine – Go Lo [Video] [2016]

Calvin Valentine – Go Lo [Video]

Avocado Hi beat tape coming soon..

Beat Tape

Mazinga Z – Shogun Warrior [Beat Tape] [2016]

Mazinga Z – Shogun Warrior [Beat Tape]
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01. Audio Preview

This album will be available in cassette format ONLY, digital will NOT be released, make sure you understand this when placing your order, thanks for your support.

Mazinga Z – Shogun Warrior

Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

After the great success with the first official physical release by legendary Lord Beatjitzu in collaboration with Asgard Records (Bruce Li – Sunz of Wu-Tang) we proudly presents to you another future classic… this time under his alias Mazinga Z and like previous release you will ONLY find this beats in cassette format, so don’t sleep!!!

C-60 min cassette tapes, Limited run… only 100 made!
80 green cassettes shells with black imprint
20 black cassette shells with gold imprint
Full color 3 panel J-card printed on both sides with REVERSIBLE artwork and clear Norelco boxes.
Every order includes 2 free stickers!

This album will be available in cassette format ONLY, digital will NOT be released, make sure you understand this when placing your order, thanks for your support.

Beat Tape

Jeepz – Lookinwords [Beat Tape] [2016]

Jeepz – Lookinwords [Beat Tape]
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01. Look.In.Words
02. Courage
03. On.The.Radio
04. Don’t.Lose.Your.Heart
05. Do.I.Really.Want.To
06. Dream.On
07. Merci
08. Can’t.Sit.Back
09. Love.Is
10. South.Side.Mourning
11. Push
12. Baby.Slow.Down

Jeepz – Lookinwords

Beat Tape

Elusive – French Toasted [Beat Tape] [2016]

Elusive – French Toasted [Beat Tape]
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01. Toasted Intro
02. Lost In Translation
03. Cafe Pimpin
04. Latte On Ice
05. Capris and Polos
06. Frosted Mary
07. Hotbox
08. Bodega Bay
09. A Birdy Told Me
10. 2 Step
11. Super Jack
12. Up The Coast
13. It’s Yourz
14. Late Excursion
15. Lucky In Luv
16. Overstand
17. XJ-13
18. Cheese Croissant
19. Private Reserve
20. Northern Lites
21. Master Cookies
22. Golden Haze
23. Cheebah
24. Weepin Willows
25. Off Balance
26. Slow Motion
27. Couch Bender
28. Sunday Session
29. Bluberrysour

Elusive – French Toasted

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Special thanks to Wylie for the opportunity to release this limited edition cassette, Dome of Doom, Daddy Kev, Alpha Pup, Jake, Erik, Kwasi for artwork, Low End Theory, DJ Nobody, Elos, Rootnote crew, Resonate crew, Smart Bomb crew, Hit and Run, Brandy, Jupiter, Beat Theatre, Beat Cinema, Melissa for vinyl, my parents for the vinyl collection and samples, all the people who support my music, and all the stores that have sold my music…

Beat Tape

Hg Beats – Chomsky Chops [Beat Tape] [2016]

Hg Beats – Chomsky Chops [Beat Tape]
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01. so much 2 talk about
02. dramatic entrance
03. professor chomsky
04. the world is frightened
05. sent me a tape
06. the ghost ofmadison pt.1
07. the terror
08. just cause
09. what is evil
10. remembering reagan
11. the scam goes on
12. rational peasants
13. hella copters
14. bernies intro
15. scary
16. the real power
17. learn from others
18. the language of music
19. a rhetorical question
20. cogs
21. corporate propaganda
22. weed break
23. BCW
24. the ghost of madison pt.2
25. survival
26. change

Hg Beats – Chomsky Chops

Also Available On: Limited Cassette of 20 with Buttons


Shag – The Remix Suite [Remixes] [2016]

Shag – The Remix Suite [Remixes]
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01. Glass
02. Vibraphonez
03. Hovatones
04. Rats
05. Gemstone
06. Caution Flag
07. Geek’d Up
08. Bad Mood
09. Danjaruss
10. Relax And Get The $$$
11. Razabax
12. Hearmedoe
13. Waterfall Beef

Shag – The Remix Suite

Listen to this after dark in a hazy and dimly-lit room all by yourself. Save it for a time when your mind is stress-free and aware of that fact – right after work on a Friday night, or sometime similar. You can stray from that suggestion if time isn’t a luxury, but don’t ignore this one: listen at high volumes. Make the music the most prominent thing in the room while you’re listening. Mimic a live setting and I think you will get the best and most personal experience possible out of these tracks.

These tracks are from a universe where dusty jazz lounges can be found on every street corner, pop music is made up of more than three major chords, and a Fender Rhodes sits heavily used in a corner of every home. Rap music is still around (there’s no way it wouldn’t manifest), but has evolved with different influences being more prominent. I imagined myself being the one lucky enough to be asked to create some of the tapestries for these wordsmiths (and Gucci Mane) to rap over, and applied the vibes appropriately.


Lipp der Funkverteiler – tretboot flava ep [E.P.] [2016]

Lipp der Funkverteiler – tretboot flava ep [E.P.]
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01. rarara
02. la promenade
03. please chill
04. earfrisch
05. communicate
06. tanzbein

Lipp der Funkverteiler – tretboot flava ep

Album Beat Tape Compilation Instrumentals

Frietboer – Monstertrack 2016 Beat

Frietboer – Monstertrack 2016 Beat
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Making a time-document in audio with Hip Hop (culture) influences. Giving everyone a chance to participate.

Limits, borders or boundaries and how you experience this in your own environment (or in any other abstract way): i.e. emotional borders / boundaries, geographical borders, physical borders / limits, limits in growth, environmental limits, personal boundaries etc.

-A maximum of 16 bars (4/4) per person / (on 82 bpm or 8 bars on 164 bpm).
-Any language as long as it is in audio (this time no video-contributions).
-Do not (re)upload any of our or your material before 1 september.
-Be creative, no violence, no fronting, only good vibes please.

Contributions: 1 august
Release of final video and audio: 1 september

Music: Monstertrack 2016 Beat (82bpm)
Listen via:

Download track + information:!M8RVEaaR!5VcwzseGhtUIWsscS0_xJRxIyBDaX5pHLtQQxKWflps

Download stems + information:!Isx1wRyD!029cKZ7cjJHeVyehAixqhxv4Z4pdvBFSW_VVvC-fuP4

How to send:
Compose a mail containing:
1: Your name + Artist name + City and country.
2: Put the lyrics in a textfile.
3: A download of your audiotracks via or
wav / aiff (if lyrics or cuts, without the beat + a reference-track)
If you miss one of these things we will contact you ONCE!

All contributions / questions / remarks / anything else:
subject: Monstertrack 2016 + Your name

If you want to contribute, let us know and if you don’t understand this description? Don’t hesitate to mail us.

Previous Monstertrack (2015) can be found via:


NeuVibes – Just So You Know [Compilation] [2016]

NeuVibes – Just So You Know [Compilation]
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01. Axxxxgxxx – Mustique
02. Jase. – Get Down
03. Casio McCombs – All on Me
04. Jatce – Apologize
05. Kempeh – Do Better
06. Mr. Alexis – Epoxy Floors
07. Jay James – Nothing Left

NeuVibes – Just So You Know

This is Neuvibes’ second compilation tape featuring original tracks and production from Jase, Casio McCombs, Jatce & Mr. Alexis as well as three additional tracks from guest producers such as, Axxxxgxxx, Kempeh & Jay James.

Beat Tape Instrumentals

Tone Benjaminz – hadamoment [Beat Tape] [2016]

Tone Benjaminz – hadamoment [Beat Tape]
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01. Alone With Myself
02. Basically
03. Boom Bapimus
04. Feel The Bern
05. Focked Up
06. Going Back
07. Hard
08. Laying Back
09. No Cheer
10. No Way
11. Take It Easy
12. The Consequences

Tone Benjaminz – hadamoment

Beat Tape

Savages – Five Finger Discount LP [Beat Tape] [2016]

Savages – Five Finger Discount LP [Beat Tape]
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01. Pitch-In
02. Lookin’ For You
03. Happy Gallopers (Jazz Remix feat. Mr Bird)
04. You’re My Chocolate
05. The Blow
06. Get Back To Me
07. Rollin’ (feat. DJ Globe)
08. Long Distances
09. Strictly Smooth Sunday
10. Getting Crazy Sometimes
11. Forgive me (Bonus Digital)

Savages – Five Finger Discount LP

Also Available On: Limited Edition 12” Vinyl LP

Melting Records is pleased to snag and reissue the rare album Five Finger Discount from Budapest-based producer Nándor Kürtössy, known here as Savages. Originally released in 2008 in a limited fashion and only on compact disc, the album has been sought after by hip hop and trip hop heads alike. Melting Records has now issued this classic album for the first time on vinyl and is ready to give these tracks the wide audience they deserve.

Nándor Kürtössy is a prolific producer, behind many projects like Kovacs, Savages y Suefo, and Vega Ass, and is also the founder of his own Hungarian electronic music label, Mana Mana Records. Five Finger Discount was Nándor’s first release, born from the previous few years of sessions creating tracks for himself and his friends. Encouraged to collect these cuts onto an album, Savages was created and this remarkable album revealed. Its legend has grown since the initial release with some considering Five Finger Discount a classic of eastern European hip hop culture. The album track “You’re My Chocolate” has since become quite popular among the Greek downtempo DJ scene.

The melancholic guitars and tranquil atmosphere of “You’re My Chocolate” are indeed special, and its languid beats lead the listener through an evocative journey told through sound. This cut is indicative of Savages’ vibe and is only one of the highlights on this jam-packed album. Cuts like “Lookin’ For You”, “Long Distances”, and “The Blow” also captivate by combining hip hop, vintage lounge, and dance floor appeal into a heady, sample-rich stew. Nándor’s sense of humor is also evident throughout as spoken snippets and spy-crafted rhythms intermingle within the playful arrangements. Savages is on point … and this Five Finger Discount is a hefty bargain.

Beat Tape

cru the dynamic – Year of the Monkey [Beat Tape] [2016]

cru the dynamic – Year of the Monkey [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro/Mashout
02. sevenmacelevens
03. We 80’s People
04. You’s
05. Auto (YOTM)
06. L&R Remix
07. Schlitt (how the f**k)
09. PC Rewind
10. Slow Love
11. Trane ’87

cru the dynamic – Year of the Monkey

Beat Tape

V N C F – I N T E R N E T G O L D [Beat Tape] [2016]

V N C F – I N T E R N E T G O L D [Beat Tape]
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01. I N T R O
02. N I G H T S E S S I O N
03. T H R I L L Z
04. A M B I E N T C O M M U N I T I E S
05. T H X X X
06. C L U B M E T R O R E U N I O N
07. M A S E R A T I M E M O R I E S
08. F L O W S
09. O U T R O

V N C F – I N T E R N E T G O L D