Beat Tape

±±Ding±± – Sweet&Sour [Beat Tape] [2016]

±±Ding±± – Sweet&Sour [Beat Tape]
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01. inspired
02. walk
03. step
04. blam
05. hurry
06. drop
07. relax
08. thing
09. yuh

±±Ding±± – Sweet&Sour

Beat Tape

Zraja – Return Of OJizō [Beat Tape] [2016]

Zraja – Return Of OJizō [Beat Tape]
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01. Return of OJizō
02. Return of OJizō

Zraja – Return Of OJizō

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Beat Tape

Eddie Logix – Ohana [Beat Tape] [2016]

Eddie Logix – Ohana [Beat Tape]
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01. Leave Me Alone
02. World Cup XVI
03. Crickets
04. Numbers on the Front
05. Six Flights
06. Pulparindo
07. Gary Player (feat. Doc Waffles)
08. 200 Books
09. Sculpture Table
10. Sequoia
11. Volcano Water
12. Dumpster Man
13. Everyone Says
14. Only Making Plans
15. Landline
16. 40 Bucks

Eddie Logix – Ohana

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Beat Tape E.P. Instrumentals

SterilOne – MandelBrotMenge Instrumental EP [E.P.] [2015]

SterilOne – MandelBrotMenge Instrumental EP [E.P.]
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01. Intro
02. MandelBrotMenge
03. Dreikommazwei
04. Ribusom Fieber
05. Trisomnie 69
06. Casa d`arhytmical
07. Ritalin B12
08. Outro

SterilOne – MandelBrotMenge Instrumental EP

Beat Tape Compilation

Various Artist – FUTURABLE . 002 [Compilation] [2016]

Various Artist – FUTURABLE . 002 [Compilation]
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01. Cosmic Deal – Soul Secrets (ft. Tru Religion)
02. 葉 葉 葉 – 心臓薬 (Shinzo Kusuri)
03. Sir Talamak – Craft & Cakes
04. Tau. – Essa Minha
05. 1O M Λ R S – 5.55
06. Gxlvz – Ivory
07. D E A A L E R – Metadata
08. Cool Beans – LOL TECH HOU$$$$$E
09. Oly & Conejx – Kurgi Tamashii
10. Δkane – Purple Sunset
11. Chico Bomboclat – Chano & Chon
12. TRAMA – Derrumbe (ft. N.iV)
13. Did Calm – The Modern Life
14. Universus – Mr. Kante West
15. Beastie C – Dani Syrup (ft. Daniel Maldita Sea)

Various Artist – FUTURABLE . 002

Travel to the future. Futurable climbs cloud compiled by mexas producers who are creating the era of neo beat, sound spectra emitting envelopes, melodic ambients on low frequencies spanning across the mirror, soft waves endless funk, future soul, footwork and club music that make you lose sanity to the rhythm of the dance, besides pure bass fine.
this second compilation is loaded metadata is encrypted in extended notes instrumentals that make you reprogram thoughts, also traveling to nu hip-hop lyrics glitcheo structured on a dark sequences. Review by: Las Brujas

Beat Tape

Jomac – MeansMoreifYouLetIt [Beat Tape] [2016]

Jomac – MeansMoreifYouLetIt [Beat Tape]
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01. NoGreaterThanTheGreatest
02. OnesGoodWillLastAlways
03. SomeIdeasIntoSounds
04. OnlyWhatsNeeded
05. MeansMoreIfYouLetIt

Jomac – MeansMoreifYouLetIt

Beat Tape

Blacklib – SPC MTTR IV [Beat Tape] [2016]

Blacklib – SPC MTTR IV [Beat Tape]
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01. ClownsInTown/Deelay/Doughnut/Slaves&Spaceships
02. CodeBlue/NighttimeKocker/Vader
03. Essential/Eye&Eye/Fuzz
04. Forever23/Obedience/Resolutions
05. Mentorship/Moon/MttrOfTime
06. SundayKebab/Adversity/BlameItOnMe
07. Yams/Insistance/StraightGshit

Blacklib – SPC MTTR IV


zelus. – A r o m a n c e ( billy paul tribute ) [Single] [2016]

zelus. – A r o m a n c e ( billy paul tribute ) [Single]
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01. A r o m a n c e ( billy paul tribute )

zelus. – A r o m a n c e ( billy paul tribute )

Beat Tape

K-Murdock – Soundscapes Vol. 2 [Beat Tape] [2016]

K-Murdock – Soundscapes Vol. 2 [Beat Tape]
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01. Cap-commed
02. Nemo’s Nightmare
03. Groundman Pt.2
04. New Religion
05. Mega-Ranabalt
06. Fear The Mana
07. Get The Love
08. The Promise
09. Stone(d)man
10. It’s Electric
11. Holy Blitz
12. You Were Right
13. Final Frontier
14. Wreck-It-Ran

K-Murdock – Soundscapes Vol. 2

This project is the second installment of K-Murdock’s instrumental series called ‘Soundscapes’ and features instrumentals from songs, as well as unreleased beats, that sample a wide array of video games. K puts his “neosonic” touch on tracks that borrow sounds from games as niche as the consoles they appear on (Lunar for Sega CD and Saga Frontier on PS1) while also flipping more popular game melodies like Halo 4 & Animal Crossing) and even making a beat out of Capcom’s famous audio logo! If you liked the music K produced on albums like ‘Forever Famicom’ or ‘Hero Muzik Vol. 1’… Soundscapes Vol. 2 should be right in your library!

Beat Tape

2AM – To See Her Dance [Beat Tape] [2016]

2AM – To See Her Dance [Beat Tape]
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01. You & Your Friends
02. Emotions
03. Her Ways
04. Under Her Breath
05. The Silent Type
06. She Sits In The Weirdest Places
07. Phantoms
08. The Distance Between Us
09. Bloo Flao Ehrs
10. Indigo #8
11. Pine Cones
12. Layehm Phlatt
13. The Dance

2AM – To See Her Dance

Dedicated to that perfect soul – the girl that has yet to exist.


I had An Accident – how i spent my summer [Compilation] [2016]

I had An Accident – how i spent my summer [Compilation]
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01. Heat Puddles by Dredi
02. Revenge of the Boom Bap by Scatter Brain
03. Embers by Son Of a Bricklayer
04. Underground lights Deadbeats feat. Sumkid and Stonehenge
05. Follow Her by Loop Minded
06. Pulse of Regret by babelfishh
07. det har ar bara tankar by damien/ 82
08. mental suicide 08 by tenshun
09. Kanu by Uncommon Nasa
10. False Memories by Walter Gross
11. Bet Your Life by maticulous ft Masta Ace & Blu
12. LB Cruiser by Namo
13. Brain Wreck by Moon Balloon
14. The Kraken’s Lament by John Pain
15. Forever 33 by Ceschi
16. Prototype side A by Amputee
17. Face First Part One by Sinking Swimmer

I had An Accident – how i spent my summer

This is a compilation of previous released songs, and two songs from upcoming artist.

Beat Tape

Tobias – Tobias [Beat Tape] [2016]

Tobias – Tobias [Beat Tape]
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Side A
01. Fog Chamber
02. Real
03. Blackberry

Side B
01. Giant’s Intro
02. An Abjection
03. Til It’s Over ft. Caleb Giles and MEDHANE
04. Passing On

Tobias – Tobias

Tobias is a New York producer we’re proud to combine two of his beautiful compositions known as “Side A” and “Side B” into a self-titled release. Full of emotion-soaked synthesizers and beds of different instrument tones, welcome to Tobias’ world of euphoria, nostalgia and suffering.

Album Beat Tape

Ded Tebiase – Seventy Five [Beat Tape] [2016]

Ded Tebiase – Seventy Five [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Plan Connection
03. Interlude
04. Plush Ft. Iron Braydz
05. Begin War
06. Seventy Five
07. The Corner
08. Intro B
09. Worldwide Ft. MNSR Frites
10. Good As Gone
11. Interlude
12. Mystery
13. I Know Ft. Dee Green, Hozay & Patl
14. The Water Ft. Risskant
15. Worldwide – (Instrumental)

Ded Tebiase – Seventy Five

‘Seventy Five’ is Bristol Based producer, Ded Tebiase’s debut solo album.

The album provides a nice balance of instrumental and vocal tracks, collaborating with a very select group of MC’s, such as Iron Braydz, Mnsr Frites, Risskant, Hozay & Dee Green.

Beat Tape

Dialog – Dreaming In Hamilton [Beat Tape] [2016]

Dialog – Dreaming In Hamilton [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Marie
03. Amazonian Cubensis
04. Underpasses
05. Bored In Canada
06. The Testament
07. Early Years
08. Morning Haze
09. Castles
10. Wanderer
11. No More Open Caskets
12. The Last Passage
13. Heaven Is Bleeding
14. Redemption
15. Outro
16. Bonus Beat
17. Bonus Beat 2

Dialog – Dreaming In Hamilton

Psychedelic boom bap instrumental music from the soul.

Beat Tape Compilation

Amajin Records – AR Beat Compilation Vol​.​7 [Compilation] [2016]

Amajin Records – AR Beat Compilation Vol.7 [Compilation]
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01. Snakes (AK420)
02. FYIDWAR (₭ ₡ V $ V ∅ ¥)
03. Mountains (LKSDRHSTLR)
04. Montenegro (Mr. Backside)
05. Mary Star Drive (Odysseus Button)

Amajin Records – AR Beat Compilation Vol.7

It’s been a while since we dropped the last Beat Compilation in June 2014, now resurectin our Series wit 5 Tracks of our ARtists all exclusive and free for ya listening Pleasure.
Thank You all for your continious Support <3