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Necedah – Finding Peace [Beat Tape] [2015]

Necedah – Finding Peace [Beat Tape]
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01. Understanding
02. Acceptance
03. Allowance
04. Self Love
05. Ashtanga
06. Qauntum Theory ; Healing

Necedah – Finding Peace

Necedah – Debut Instrumental LP….Enjoy.

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Fatir – 20 Spot [Beat Tape] [2015]

Fatir – 20 Spot [Beat Tape]
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01. The One (May 1st)
02. Drunk With My Friends
03. Another Corona + Mr. Modello
04. U Don’t Have To Call
05. I Kinda Like You
06. Should’ve Talked To Her Friend
07. Rounds Tonight
08. Party At My Apartment
09. Netflix + Chill
10. Way Past Gone
11. City James Speaks + The Finer Things
12. BONUS! Axl Foley

Fatir – 20 Spot

As i release this project I wanted to express some of the ideas and experiences i’ve had that made me into the 20 year old that i am now. While all ideas and skits could not be included in the process i want to thank everyone who has contributed and influenced the making of 20 Spot. Special thanks to City James, my family, and all my closest friends. Thank you for listening.

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brainorchestra. – orchestra.2 [Beat Tape ] [2016]

brainorchestra. – orchestra.2 [Beat Tape ]
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01. orchestra.2

brainorchestra. – orchestra.2

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MCV – Kowloon Mini Tape [Beat Tape] [2016]

MCV – Kowloon Mini Tape [Beat Tape]
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01. Kowloon Mini Tape

MCV – Kowloon Mini Tape

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Teck-Zilla – Joe Jackson Kids [Beat Tape] [2016]

Teck-Zilla – Joe Jackson Kids [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro View
02. J.J Kids Theme
03. Human Nature (Jackson Jones Flip)
04. By My Side
05. Today Is Not Enough
06. Find Me A Girl
07. Letter To Michael
08. Apple Pie Chocolate
09. Outro View
10. Good Bye (Last Call)

Teck-Zilla – Joe Jackson Kids

Teck-Zilla – Joe Jackson Kids (Beat Tape):
Nigerian-born, Montreal-based producer Teck-Zilla jumps back on the scene with Joe Jackson Kids, a new instrumental tribute project full of slappers, head-nodders, and ridiculous Jackson 5 sample flips.

Of course, the voice and spirit of Michael Jackson runs through the veins of this ten track effort, whether that’s on the bass-rich “Letter to Michael,” or the absolutely bananas, but short-lived “Outro View.” It also features snippets of interviews with the late musical legend, whose words build a narrative amidst the chopped-up samples.

And then there’s instant highlight “Human Nature,” which goes beyond simply turning Jackson’s track of the same name on its head. Teck-Zilla weaved in bits from select Illmatic jams to flesh it out into what sounds like a fully realized song. And for those unfamiliar, Illmatic standout “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” features a “Human Nature” flip by Large Professor, so it’s only right Teck-Zilla paid homage.