Beat Tape

Mecca:83 – Ain’t Done Too Bad [Beat Tape] [2015]

Mecca:83 – Ain’t Done Too Bad [Beat Tape]
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01. Mecca:83 – Midnight Kids (feat Kan Sano x Buscrates)
02. Rise – Messages Pt.1
03. Mecca:83 – Around Midnight
04. Mecca:83 – Golden
05. Alexis Davis – The Lift
06. Booda French x Von Pea – Full Time (Mecca:83 Remix)
07. Mecca:83 – 28 04 (feat Question)
08. Mecca:83 – Viberialude (feat Jneiro Jarel x Doc Mastermind)
09. Doc Mastermind x Mecca:83 – Aneeta
10. Jesse Futerman x Rise – One For Irvine
11. Mecca:83 – Amber Glow (feat Kan Sano x Maximoe)
12. Jazz Chronicles – Bologna (Rise Spiritual Edit)
13. Mecca:83 – All Mine
14. Mecca:83 – 2am Samba
15. Solar C – Good Foot (Mecca:83 Remix)
16. Mecca:83 – Fantastic Interlude (feat Tom Misch)
17. Mecca:83 – Head West
18. Deborah Jordan – The Light
19. Mecca:83 – Love Story
20. Redefinition – Bahia Affair (feat Nardo Says)
21. Mecca:83 – Detroit Twilight (feat Emanative x Buscrates)
22. Rise – Psalm 64
23. Mecca:83 – Shine Through (feat Byron The Aquarius)
24. Alexis Davis – Closer To Ubiquity (feat Cecelia Stalin)

Mecca:83 – Ain’t Done Too Bad

Join us for a 24-track excursion celebrating 10 years of Mecca:83 aka Rise. Featuring exclusive new tracks with Jneiro Jarel, Tom Misch and Byron The Aquarius as well as the ‘best bits’ from his numerous solo releases, group projects and production/remix work over the years. Some old, some new and a few previously vinyl-only joints…all distinctively soulful in construction.

“If there’s a running theme through all the music i’ve done, it’s positivity: i’ve always tried to make music that makes people feel good. I’ve never really been about dark music. If people remember anything about my music I hope it’s that” – Mecca:83, December 2014