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Ninety Nine – Blue Ink Stain [Beat Tape] [2019]

Ninety Nine – Blue Ink Stain [Beat Tape]
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01.Proud Of Me
02.Oak Dash
03.80 Proof
04.Ice Cream
05.Au Revoir feat. Ddand & Maiya Blaney
06.U Changed My Life
07.Planes Leavin’
08.Aunties On Sunday
09.Just Some Everyday Feat. MoShadee & Volition
10.Astro Fat Social Club
11.Podium Walk
12.Gone For The Night Feat. Party Hat & Haz
13.Lavender Apple
14.DIgital Smoke
15.Blue Ink Stain

Ninety Nine – Blue Ink Stain

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Beat Tape

OJ Son – Day Dream [Beat Tape] [2019]

OJ Son – Day Dream [Beat Tape]
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01. That moment
02. Say little thank you
03. Dedicate to the life
04. Someday in the beach
05. Don’t you worry about me
06. OJ Son ft w h o o s a h – Mimosa
07. Knowledge
08. Sugarbaby
09. No more game
10. School kid
11. Day dream
12. Walking in the forest
13. Sweet small talk (Tatyana)
14. OJ Son, Densky9, Milky Fella – Time move slow
15. Morning
16. Outro

OJ Son – Day Dream

Beat Tape

Kuddie Fresh – Focus [Beat Tape] [2019]

Kuddie Fresh – Focus [Beat Tape]
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01. Power Of Focus
02. Everything Fallen Down Around Me
03. Breathe Freely
04. Drunkin Style
05. Conflicted
06. Precious Time
07. Alpha State
08. Funky Mc’Funkin
09. Alone Together
10. Second Chances

Kuddie Fresh – Focus