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Velvetian Sky – You and the Sunset [Beat Tape] [2016]

Velvetian Sky – You and the Sunset [Beat Tape]
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01. yellowvitaminwater
02. facts
03. +++
04. respire
05. luvvv
06. every aspect
07. dead bird
08. fuckkyyou
09. intermission (on some shore)
10. jay dee love
11. the wood
12. lazy eye
13. commoshun
14. polynesian sauce
15. whoyew
16. u knowww

Velvetian Sky – You and the Sunset

Beat Tape E.P.

no.pulp – DELI TAPE [Beat Tape] [2016]

no.pulp – DELI TAPE [Beat Tape]
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no.pulp – DELI TAPE

Beat Tape

Maloon TheBoom – PINK [Beat Tape] [2016]

Maloon TheBoom – PINK [Beat Tape]
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01. Feelin Me feat Miles Singleton
02. Unborn Babybell Geboten feat Wodoo Wolcan
03. Boom8
04. Come Around feat Robot Orchestra & Unda
05. Blazendaze
06. Sichere Gebichere Geboten feat Wodoo Wolcan
07. Boom2
08. Paläo feat Beat Sampras
09. Always
10. Boom4
11. Far Away
12. Pow Eish
13. Sore Throat feat Unda
14. Boom1
15. Walking To Someone
16. Boris Becker Geboten feat Wodoo Wolcan
17. Boom5
18. Keep Vibin feat Miles Singleton
19. Cape Of Good Hope
20. Boom6
21. Begollen Bebollen feat Wodoo Wolcan
22. Boom9
23. Grey Day
24. Globally Wired
25. Boom7
26. Changing Now
27. Gebötlet feat Wodoo Wolcan
28. Humble
29. Long Time Road
30. Melon feat @j1thegod
31. Volume Control feat Miles Singleton
32. GNGNGNGN feat Wodoo Wolcan
33. PolyFeels
34. The Game feat Wodoo Wolcan
35. Benassi Mein Bruda feat Wodoo Wolcan

Maloon TheBoom – PINK

“Pink” is a 35 track beat tape that was made during the period of living in a pink chamber. A window into a world full of weirdness, chaos, growth, surprises and stagnation. It was a room where friendships where born and old ones revived and the base camp for many journeys but also a place to crash and a place of reflection and depression, joy and bliss. A place where a lot of adventures took place, real and fictional, a place of love stories and breakups, tears and laughter, pride and humiliation. A place where the student wanted to become the master and realized that the path is never ending, and the real achievement is seeing the beauty in the process. A place where decisions where made, where trust and faith where gained. A place of hustles and tenderness. “Pink” is a window into exactly that room of never ending stories with its countless protagonists. Whatever you might think to know about that place, whatever you’ve heard, the only thing we know, is that it will never be forgotten. It’ll be remembered forever. In „Pink“.

Spread Love.
With Music.

Beat Tape

Kadaj Da Kid – SOULblade4 [Beat Tape] [2016]

Kadaj Da Kid – SOULblade4 [Beat Tape]
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01. Still Shine
02. The Right Time
03. Night Caller
04. Cookin
05. Reds
06. Rated Sick
07. Wandering Star
08. Emerald Eye
09. Birch Grove
10. Autumn’s Requiem
11. Katana
12. She Work
13. Come Back 2 U

Kadaj Da Kid – SOULblade4

Beat Tape

Jomac – ToHearMoveFwd&Relax [Beat Tape] [2016]

Jomac – ToHearMoveFwd&Relax [Beat Tape]
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01. HaveAGoodOne
02. ToHear&RelaxTo
03. OneForTheMidWeek
04. ForWhatItsWorth
05. Lost Interlude
06. ToAOffStart
07. UhhNope
08. ArbitraryTo..
09. YupAtIT

Jomac – ToHearMoveFwd&Relax

Beat Tape

Oh, Mega! – Maschine Beats [Beat Tape] [2016]

Oh, Mega! – Maschine Beats [Beat Tape]
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01. 1st beat – 86
02. Smokey Sunday – 93
03. saulflip02 – 96
04. 4luv – 92.48
05. smooth – 92
06. raw – 98.40
07. untitled #2 – 93
08. rascalz – 98
09. spacey – 90 0
10. ambiance – 92
11. untitled #3 – 110
12. gamefreak – 97
13. doomzday – 86
14. untitled #4 – 85
15. latenites – 95
16. dusk – 97
17. …another one (down) – 98

Oh, Mega! – Maschine Beats

…So my MPC 1000 finally became (virtually) unusable. It was going slowly, pad by pad, and now the data wheel has been acting up, making it hard for me to make beats on the MPC (data wheel is needed to edit start & end points of a sample).

I had this Macschine controller for almost 3 years now collecting dust, and I decided to find a copy of the software and download it just to try it out. I ended up really liking it, and for the time being I’m messing around with the Maschine,

This is an… I guess you can say album of beats made in Maschine 2.4.0 software with an MK1 controller.

Beat Tape

Millennium Jazz Music – Project Canada: OTR Vol​.​1 [Compilation] [2016]

Millennium Jazz Music – Project Canada: OTR Vol.1 [Compilation]
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01. Téhu – Brazze Sequence
02. Rami.B(izzle) – Claer
03. Fresh Kils ft. Maya Killtron – Never Say
04. Radj – Homunculus
05. GrandHuit & Ours Samplus – Multiface
06. Lou Piensa ft Modibo Keita – Malian Sandals
07. Toast Dawg – Don’t Do Dat
08. Skribe Beatz – Jaxx
09. Butta Beats – Soap in my eye
10. Johnny Illdigger – Just Jazzin’ Around
11. Dr. MaD – When The Rain Falls
12. Stram – IKYC (Sweet Paradise)
13. Howie Wonder – Dead Wrong
14. SmokedBeat – Winter is Coming

Millennium Jazz Music – Project Canada: OTR Vol.1

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

On The Radar is a new production series where MJM showcases entire albums to focused on features from producers that reside or represent a certain country. For this session we have some of our Canadian friends on the radar as we are happy to present, Project Canada – On The Radar vol.1.


Sunny Cheema AKA Sleep One – L4YBVK (Original) [Single] [2016]

Sunny Cheema AKA Sleep One – L4YBVK (Original) [Single]
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01. L4YBVK (Original)

Sunny Cheema AKA Sleep One – L4YBVK (Original)