Ekundayo – Style (Maxi Single) [Single] [2016]

Ekundayo – Style (Maxi Single) [Single]
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01. Style (Sycamore Riddim)
02. Style (Edgewod Riddim)
03. Style (Original Riddim)
04. Style (Sycamore Riddim) Instrumental
05. Style (Edgewood Riddim) Instrumental
06. Style (Original Riddim) Instrumental

Ekundayo – Style (Maxi Single)

Beat Tape

Bridini – Masculine Interludes [Beat Tape] [2016]

Bridini – Masculine Interludes [Beat Tape]
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01. A Blue Light At the End of the Maze
02. Bandana 2
03. Metallic Coffee Pots
04. The Collapse of a Rainbow
05. Rebellion Against the Puppet Master
06. Get Me My Brian Eno
07. Amicable Morrissey
08. Diabeto
09. Someone Is Always Watching the Clock
10. That Time I Got Stuck In an Elevator
11. It Be Like John Carpenter
12. 90210 End Credits
13. Kawasaki
14. A Tribute to a Late Actress
15. Food Fight Casualties
16. A Feeling of Vertigo (Part I)
17. A Feeling of Vertigo (Part II)
18. Union Meeting On the Mothership
19. Ishmal
20. Toshiro Mifune

Bridini – Masculine Interludes

Beat Tape

saikei collective – crystalline [Beat Tape] [2016]

saikei collective – crystalline [Beat Tape]
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01. blue aquamarine – jasperino
02. green pargasyte – c.r.i.s.t.e.n
03. green tourmaline – trn 99
04. blue tourmaline – Knablinz
05. yellow calcite – A’daleis
06. blue chrysocolla – ~sohee
07. clear hiddenite – Pantalaim0n
08. green praisolite – smoke trees
09. orange topaz – wuudlum
10. purple amethyst – berressi
11. pink tourmaline – stln|drms
12. clear muscovite – sayk_

saikei collective – crystalline

Also Available On: “Limited Edition Cassette.”

Beat Tape E.P.

Birocratic – Replaced [E.P.] [2016]

Birocratic – Replaced [E.P.]
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01. Passage
02. Don’t Leave
03. Slipout
04. Layback (feat. Paul Sottile, Jr.)
05. Dead Cat in the Parking Lot

Birocratic – Replaced

To thank all my fans for your history of support, the EP is available with a bunch of extra stuff—two bonus tracks, the original version of Passage, a digital photo booklet, etc. that show the experiences and range of emotions that went into making this EP.

Beat Tape

Maple Syrup – Vacation [Beat Tape] [2016]

Maple Syrup – Vacation [Beat Tape]
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01. Jakarta
02. Malaga
03. San Jose
04. Rio
05. Denpasar
06. In Between
07. Homesick
08. Havana
09. Tokyo
10. St. Petersburg
11. Baikal
12. Moscow
13. Paris
14. Vienna
15. Nuremberg
16. Last Night

Maple Syrup – Vacation

Also Available On: Vacation on Limited Cassette

Introducing the Vacation LP. An album of 16 relaxed lo-fi instrumentals, each of which serves as a part of a little trip with Maple Syrup. Go for a walk down the streets of Malaga. Get a cup of coffee in a Paris cafe. Lay on a beach in San Jose. Get some rest on a plane before keeping the journey going in rainy St. Petersburg, and then find yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of the misty Baikal shore. Just sit back and enjoy the ride on this ‘vacation’.

Thanks to everybody who supported and were involved in the process of making this album. Special thanks to Gadget and Bones The Beat Head, you guys made this LP possible!

Much love to all the homies who have listened to my previous tracks and encouraged me to make more, and props to the whole MJM family.

– Maple Syrup

Beat Tape

tajima hal x ΔKTR – Hermit City Dwellers [Beat Tape] [2016]

tajima hal x ΔKTR – Hermit City Dwellers [Beat Tape]
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01. A1 Intro (RKBS gate)
02. A2 That Was My Doom
03. A3 KNMM
04. A4 Drunk Animals
05. A5 Bayside Hotel 303
06. A6 Bugsy’s Dream
07. A7 Guide+Ance
08. A8 Staggering
09. A9 The Seagulls
10. A10 Bus Tour
11. A11 Movin’ On
12. A12 LUX
13. B1 dosmoke
14. B2 CΔLI feat. Kyoh3i
15. B3 anywaybuthere
16. B4 The District of Queen
17. B5 loveforyousteadilygrows
18. B6 Shoppers Printemps
19. B7 Nanimo Iranai
20. B8 Deovoted Husband
21. B9 nuklearvisions
22. B10 Hermit’s Theme

tajima hal x ΔKTR – Hermit City Dwellers

Also Available On: Hermit City Dwellers Limited Edition Cassette Tape (Incl. 10inch Poster and DL Code)

Beat Tape

Lord Beatjitzu – KWANTUNG CONNECTION [Beat Tape] [2016]

Lord Beatjitzu – KWANTUNG CONNECTION [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro – Mr.Blackbelt
02. Corner Block Scientists
03. Love and Karate
04. Ninja Operative
05. Black Belt Cipha
06. Street Rumble
07. Chinatown Lover
08. Karate Checkmate
09. Hong Kong Ginseng
10. Ice Godz (3rd Degree Black Belt)
11. Purple Chemical Papez
12. Wisdom Chamber
13. Bonus Fight Scene (Hong Kong Boss)
14. Outro – Checkmate Ninjitzu
15. Intro – Miyagi Dojo (Larusso)
16. Kid Fresh (Super Karateca)
17. Cobra Jab Punch
18. Secret Eagle Claw Manual
19. Karate Dojo (Lo-Fi Spirit)
20. Ninjarate
21. Foolz Karate
22. First Strike
23. Cobra Octagon Ninja
24. Ninja Empire (Cobra Kai Dojo)
25. Negative Classic
26. Beatjitzu Manual (Ninja Starz)
27. Shaolin Smoke
28. Ninjas Glory (Outro)


Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette


Ben Boogz – Downtown Rhythm [Video] [2016]

Ben Boogz – Downtown Rhythm [Video]

Beat Tape

C.R.I.S.T.E.N – Intelligence [Beat Tape] [2016]

C.R.I.S.T.E.N – Intelligence [Beat Tape]
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01. Committed
02. Deep Into Miracles
03. Heyyyy
04. I Made Cereal for Breakfast
05. I’m Getting Rusty
06. I’m Still Here
07. Lock Away The Sadness
08. No Doubt
09. Pizza Palace
10. qwerty
12. Soup With Potatoes
13. Take Out The Trash and Clean Your Room
14. That Feel
15. That’s the Reason Why
16. The Answer That I Know
17. The Truth Is In Itself
18. Tinted Windows
19. What In The Scoop
20. When You’re Around

C.R.I.S.T.E.N – Intelligence

Also Available On: “Limited Edition Cassette.”