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Corey Hague – Archaeology [Beat Tape] [2015]

Corey Hague – Archaeology [Beat Tape]
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01. Are you ready?
02. Akro
03. Before I go
04. Black Blood
05. Vernon
06. Broken Jimmy
07. Crusading
08. Deeoh
09. Wildwest
10. Go Through
11. Horny Bridget
12. How High?
13. Keep Smiling
14. Midnight Cream
15. Moms and Pops
16. Pappas Salt
17. Praise Be
18. Happy
19. UFO’s over Rio
20. The Dove
21. There will be a time
22. Cat tracks

Corey Hague – Archaeology

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Furozh – Through The Storm [Beat Tape] [2015]

Furozh – Through The Storm [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro (Quiet)
02. Storm
03. Just Me (Just Her)
04. Poetry
05. Heaven
06. For The Soul
07. All That Time
08. Star Gazin
09. Floating Highways
10. Balace
11. Jungle Life
12. Raising Vibrations
13. Under The Sun
14. Classic
15. Dj Play A Love – Song
16. Table For Two

Furozh – Through The Storm

Also Available On: Through The Storm (Cassette)


Marvillous Beats – mARvCHITECT [E.P.] [2015]

Marvillous Beats – mARvCHITECT [E.P.]
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01. Summer On Smash
02. Ankh Life in The Concrete Jungle
03. Lava
04. Enter September

Marvillous Beats – mARvCHITECT

“These are the vibrations and summertime tones of a nostalgic optimist. In a remarkable display of sound texture and rhythm American music producer Marvillous Beats teases Hip-Hop fans with 4 neoclassical slaps for the car, the crib, and the party. In anticipation of a summer well-lived unto the fall semester, ‘mARvCHITECT’ is a jump starter to say the least.”

Beat Tape

Žiga Murko – Interspace [Beat Tape] [2015]

Žiga Murko – Interspace [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Alibi
03. Names
04. Joys of Movement f. Jalal Salaam
05. Demure
06. Haughty
07. Aliens having their 1st party on Earth, after the 1982 drug strategy agreement
08. Driving my Espada in 2025
09. Arrival
10. Ol school skit
11. 1 1- 1
12. Never let you down
13. Erroneous Endeavor

Žiga Murko – Interspace

Also Available On: Interspace ~ tape

“If a shadow is a two-dimensional projection of the three-dimensional world, then the three-dimensional world as we know it is the projection of the four-dimensional Universe. ”
― Duchamp

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Equalibrum – Twenty Two [Beat Tape] [2012]

Equalibrum – Twenty Two [Beat Tape]
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01. Various Portals
02. Solarplexus
03. C.E.S. Cru – The Block Remix (Instrumental)
04. Clever – Going All In (Instrumental)
05. One At A Time
06. Hammerhead
07. Free The World
08. The Dawn is Near (Interlude)
09. Big Scen – Hangover Sunrise (Instrumental)
10. Aesop Rock x Andrew Bird Mashup (Instrumental)
11. Brother Ali – Truth Is Remix (Instrumental)
12. Illmaculate – Live Or Die (Instrumental)
13. Intuition – Exclusive (Instrumental)
14. Luster (Interlude)
15. Rufio
16. Intuition – Foundations (Instrumental)
17. Just Because (Dilla Sample Reflip)
18. Intuition – Why Would You (Instrumental)
19. The Ring (Interlude)
20. MF DOOM – My Favorite Ladies Remix (Instrumental)
21. Panic (Instrumental)
22. This Love I Have

Equalibrum – Twenty Two

Video Producing with Ray West [Video] [2015] Producing with Ray West [Video]


The Jazz Jousters – Locations: France [Compilation] [2015]

The Jazz Jousters – Locations: France [Compilation]
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01. SmokedBeat – French Kiss
02. Stay Classy – Balançoire
03. Pawcut – Search Warrant
04. Vinkate – L’écran Noir
05. Mr. Moods – French Toast
06. Slone – Une Action D’éclat (feat. DJ Ducky Touch)
07. Gadget – Midnight In Paris
08. Bones The Beat Head – Cévennes
09. Stay Classy – La Chute
10. SmokedBeat – NougaWork

The Jazz Jousters – Locations: France

Also Available On: Super limited Cassette with Download – Batch #2


MJMJ RECORDS – Back in Business Vol. 3 [Mix] [2015]

MJMJ RECORDS – Back in Business Vol. 3 [Mix]
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01. Choral Reefr (prod. Slyy) – Come Over
03. Discoverer – Teen Cola
04. Loud Sun – Blos
05. Gel Set – Ace of Spades
06. Bary Center – Another Rung
07. HAXXXORS – Firewire
08. Rawmean – Sea Sister
09. 555 – Al Sur de Vallarta
10. Ben Varian – Cop Car Parking Lot

MJMJ RECORDS – Back in Business Vol. 3

Back in Business Vol. 3 is a free mixtape made up of new, unreleased singles from every artist we’re working with in 2015. Downloading this mixtape signs you up for the MJ MJ emailing list so you can stay up to date on our releases. Don’t worry, we only send out one email a month, no spammin.

Beat Tape

DRTYDRDZ – Metamorphosis [Beat Tape] [2015]

DRTYDRDZ – Metamorphosis [Beat Tape]
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01. Floating Souls
02. Soaring High
03. Shadows & SunShine
04. Girlfriend’s Sweater
05. Meaningful
06. AquaLung
07. DancingStars
08. Frozen Moments
09. Classic Feeling
10. Melting Wax
11. LoveGrows
12. HeartClouds
13. Lilth’s Theme
14. Yesterdays New Tomorrow
15. Untouchable
17. In My Soul
18. FreeMind
19. Stoned Hedges
20. Fooled
21. CantBeAlone
22. Everything She Was
23. Karmela
24. Daemons & Aeons
25. Pavane
26. Bursting Hearts
27. Clap Your Hands
28. Apache’s Tears
29. Something About You
30. All Be Over
31. Kew Gardens
32. Monday Morning Blues
33. Hide My Tears
34. La Vendetta
35. Smokey Image
36. Not My Style
37. Soulfoul
38. Cali Buds
39. Never Lost
40. CaliDreams
41. MorningLight
42. ChaosChaosChaosChaos
43. God of Lamb
44. Soundless Love
45. Static Textures
46. Strange Addiction
47. Atavachron
48. Galactic War
49. Unknown Mysteries
50. Pulsating Patterns
51. Magnetik Force
52. Blades For Belinda
53. Sage & Jasmine
54. Tunnel Visions
55. Smokey Paradise
56. Celestalline
57. Mermaids
58. NubianSoul
59. Elevating
60. FrenchPapers
61. Chaos Theory
62. Howling Shadows
63. LoveDrops
64. Queen of the Canyon
65. Revitalizing Zeal
66. Zozo
67. Just Keep Trusting
68. Shadow Aspect
69. Spiral Dance
70. Silver Kiss

DRTYDRDZ – Metamorphosis

“Metamorphosis” contains a heavy collection of 70 rare and unreleased Hiphop instrumentals produced by DRTYDRDZ. Numerous were made/performed for live music sets and never publicly released.

This project was made to give back to the Hiphop community that is striving to keep its humility and love intact. Many are losing hope that Hiphop will denature into a corporate entity, but musicians such as DRTYDRDZ believe the people still have an impact on Hiphop’s future.

Thank you to everyone who supports this project, and infinite love to those who listen to the complete album; however long that takes.

Namaste and (One) Love!

Beat Tape

KONE – Yellowstone [Beat Tape] [2015]

KONE – Yellowstone [Beat Tape]
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01. The Return
02. Dig Two Graves
03. Wandering
04. The March
05. Repeater
06. The Battle
07. The Ride
08. Grizzly
09. The Break
10. The End

KONE – Yellowstone

Also Available On: Limited Edition Vinyl

We are proud to present our next record, Yellowstone, coming from one of the founding fathers of the label. KONE emerged on the international scene in 2011 with his critically-acclaimed debut LP The Tractatus (Alpha Pup) and quickly followed that with the Legend Days EP and The White Tape cassette album. He is a Low End Theory veteran and has been turning out memorable remixes, working with some of the city’s finest MCs, and maintaining an original sound no matter what the current flavor of the month is. He is also one half of the band Gangs that has been burning up airwaves lately, from KCRW to the BBC. Yellowstone is a psychedelic odyssey through swirling organics and electronica, riding a heavy bassline that winds its way through the whole record.

Beat Tape E.P.

Wildflower – Water EP [E.P.] [2015]

Wildflower – Water EP [E.P.]
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01. Atlantis Mantis
02. bubbles
03. Nereo
04. Drops

Wildflower – Water EP

Beat Tape Compilation

Turbo Tape Recordings – All You Can Beat Vol. 3 [Compilation] [2015]

Turbo Tape Recordings – All You Can Beat Vol. 3 [Compilation]
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01. repeat pattern – uncle
02. eets. – latenightboogie
03. Dusty – nailsok
04. sabata. – Cube 93′
05. miraa. – style
06. al. – 94 filth 2
07. smuv – i go nowhere today
08. floridomi x hm surf – hungover
09. GRINDALF – owls
10. pigeondust – Kurouzu
11. Khryo – themthighs.
12. deadxbeat – dreamin’ 2
13. rxn – waves
14. Aru-2 – 2g
15. blueberry – baby
16. bilo 503 x sixpress – salem
17. DøøF – shuffle (Prod. YojiraTheTerrible)
18. selfish. – weednap.
19. grillo – LA Betrayal
21. vertiqua – garden
22. C Y G N – Be My Baby
23. CrДm – Moevius Dedicated
24. beatboxbandit – warehousebirth
25. Juan RIOS – tea
26. mgkrp – champagne
27. ΔKTR – Ohsho Grand Menu
28. eevee – somedays
29. SPELLWRKS – Blackout
30. RSNZ – noweed
31. odeeno – Romncgme
32. euIV – x5
33. 不明 FUMEI – Ode
34. compro. – shinin’
35. BZ. KT – dazed
36. Rudy nme – nau3
37. Freud x HM surf – weird space shit
38. Toonorth – [4u]
39. Made in M – lemon juice
40. 18sense – braised for days
41. gabonano – cool lamp shade dood
42. KLNSMN – shweep kick

Turbo Tape Recordings – All You Can Beat Vol. 3

Also Available On: All You Can Beat Vol.3 (Double Cassette) or T-Shirt (Bundle)

1st Turbo Tape Anniversary.

We’ve worked a lot this year, along side sme of the greatest artists into
the scene, cultivating a strong bond of friendship with most of them.

After one year of cooperation, we’re proud to announce a new compilation, third instalment of the ” All You Can Beat ” series.

We had the honor to built up a strong tracklist with a lot of talented producers, hoping to work with all of them again in the future.

Beat Tape

Jus One – The B​.​B. King Files [Beat Tape] [2015]

Jus One – The B​.​B. King Files [Beat Tape]
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01. Ghetto Woman
02. Lucile
03. Chains And Things
04. Help The Poor
05. Sweet Little Girl

Jus One – The B​.​B. King Files


BeatGeeks pres.: MNDSGN [Video] [2015]

BeatGeeks pres.: MNDSGN [Video]

Beat Tape

Hubert Daviz – Proceduri De Rutina (5th Anniversary Edition) [Beat Tape] [2015]

Hubert Daviz – Proceduri De Rutina (5th Anniversary Edition) [Beat Tape]
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01. Cuvant Introductiv
02. Intr-o Lume Plina De Caine
03. O Alta Idee
04. Primul Fragment
05. Pe Vale (Prima parte)
06. Al Doilea Fragment
07. Joi
08. Pe Vale (A doua Parte)
09. Intr-o Lume Plina De Caine (Max Graef RMX)
10. O Alta Idea (TBRCK RMX)
11. Joi (Dexter Remix)
12. Al Treilea Fragment (produced by Wun Two)
13. Joi (HulkHodn’s Treppenhaus RMX)
14. Al Patrulea Fragment (produced by Wun Two)
15. O Altea Idea (Hubert Daviz RMX)
16. Pe Vale (A Doua Parte) (FloFilz RMX)

Hubert Daviz – Proceduri De Rutina (5th Anniversary Edition)

Also Available On: Double Vinyl

May 28th sees the 5th anniversary of Hubert Daviz’ 2010 masterpiece „Proceduri De Rutina“. The album was the first longform release by the Cologne-based producer.

“Proceduri De Rutina” was heavyly inspired by the Romanian jazz scene. The record started as a just-for-fun-beattape, after Hubert got hooked on the vintage jazz of his home country in late 2009. Call it magic, but the sample sources and Hubert’s trademark sound fitted so well that the new music cried for a release. “Proceduri De Rutina” is a deep but chilled trip into Hubert Daviz’s sound cosmos, inspired by some of the most obscure Eastern-European jazz you have never heard of. We only pressed 500 copies back in 2010.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary, Hubert has asked some of his producer friends to revisit the album together. Dexter, FloFilz, Wun Two, TBRCK, Max Graef and Hulk Hodn all delivered great interpretations.