Beat Tape

grillo – Every Day Vol​.​6 [Beat Tape] [2015]

grillo – Every Day Vol​.​6 [Beat Tape]
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01. Dentistry
02. HelpME
03. Def Lowkey
04. Zen Pill
05. HB The Whip
06. Splash Sense
07. Organ Donor
08. Facebook
09. Tbone
10. Zenit
11. Ceeleron

grillo – Every Day Vol​.​6

Volume 6 has been a long time coming I know. It feels like I’ve hit a creative wall and all the things I do start sounding the same, at least to me. Finding time to complete a beat every day has indeed been a real struggle lately but I’m still going, even if this takes my tracks into weirder territory. This collection features some more abstract work, weird wobbly grooves like ‘def lowkey’ and more synth heavy works like ‘Zen Pill’