Beat Tape

「l o k a」- Blue Tape [Beat Tape] [2015]

「l o k a」- Blue Tape [Beat Tape]
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01. when tomorrow comes
02. drip
03. conflate
04. 「l o k a」x Side C – ⌘
05. dead wrong
06. 「l o k a」x brtrnd.
07. sml
08. today
09. crush
10. r.i.p
11. spiritual vibes
12. hot.boy
13. cant we
14. 「l o k a」x [trash.goon]
15. blend’
16. wraps
17. summer night
18. money
19. as it goes

「l o k a」- Blue Tape

Also Available On: Limited Edition Blue Tape Cassette

This is an assortment of beats that i’ve put together on the sp202/sp404, some released and some unreleased. This tape touches on a few different styles to blend into one release. All art and tape duplication done by me. Special thanks to Side C, brtrnd, and [trash.goon] for being on this tape it really means a lot to me.