Beat Tape

grillo – Every Day Vol​.​4 [Beat Tape] [2015]

grillo – Every Day Vol​.​4 [Beat Tape]
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01. 311
02. Tropicale
03. Lo-Fi Bells Rock
04. Galactic Swamp
05. Solitary Ascent
06. Rural Minefield
07. Duetastic
08. Galactic Sunrise Chill Pill

grillo – Every Day Vol​.​4

Tryina make a beat every day for a month now, this is volume 4 of the collection.

I feel weird about it. Done so much stuff in a single month. Not all of that is great of course, and otherwise i’d probably bin some of these tracks, but I got to experiment with a lot of different styles and hone some techniques I had never bothered exploring.

Basically I feared after a while every beat would start to sound the same but instead in order to avoid that I forced myself to go towards weirder places.