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Saga Asad – Everything Is a Game + Interview [Beat Tape/Interview] [2014]

Saga Asad – Everything Is a Game [Beat Tape]
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01. In Flatlands
02. Mr Softee
03. Circle of Willis
04. Creation
05. Emperial
06. Astral Projection
07. Mejor
08. Dolores

Saga Asad – Everything Is a Game

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01. Whats Your Name?

Saga Asad

02. Where you from?

Brooklyn, NY

03. How long have you been a producer?

For about 7 years now

04. What equipment do you use to make beats?

Currently I use the sp 404, MPC 200xl, or Maschine

05. Which famous musicians/producers do you admire?

Wow tough question I grew up in a very musical house-hold so I was exposed to a lot of music that I listen to till this day but to name a few in no particular order.

Lord Kitchener
Roy Ayers
Bob Marley
Lee Scratch Perry
Fela Kuti
It’s funny I believe all of them are not only musicians but producers as well kind of interesting

06. What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?

I grew up around a lot of music coming up my dad had a small sound system also my god brother so I remember lugging around record crates and helping with the turntable coffin a lot of block parties was going on in new york city at that time of course the boom-box era in the early 90’s, and labor day here in brooklyn that’s like the largest party we have here and being of West Indian descent that was mandatory as a youth.

07. Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?

My dad’s old collection which has been passed on to me now a good 200-250 records with everything from Barry White, The Love Unlimited, Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Early B, Sade, Chaka Khan. The one record I revisit the most from that collection is “Black Roots” by Sugar Minott the production on that record is so smooth I believe Sugar produced that record himself if I’m not mistaken.

08. What is you favorite format to listen to music, records, CD’s, cassettes?

Vinyl and cassettes are my favorite to listen to or purchase but certain records aren’t readily available in those formats so I listen to mp3’s as well but if it’s a record that I want to purchase and I can get it on vinyl I would do that before a digital download or cd.

09. Growing up what were your favorite magazines and why?

The Source was number 1 but it was the king in it’s time for hip-hop information, interviews even the unsigned hype.

10. Where do you feel are best spots to find records to sample?

Truthfully you can get records for sampling from anywhere I think first if you can source something internally like family or friends old records that’s great that’s how I started even places like the goodwill and thrift stores have vinyl you can pick apart and work with. I know some people aren’t from metro cities like New York were I have “The Thing” here and many other spots to go digging but with the internet you can gain access to many records you just may not be able to find locally, nationally, or even internationally some are out of print etc. I’m totally for e-digging as well at the end of the day how you got the source material really doesn’t matter it’s what you do with it how you use your creativity to bring life to what ever record your working with.

Thank You.

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