WIZDUMB – Möstly Crëw [Album] [2014]

WIZDUMB – Möstly Crëw [Album]
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01. H.A.M.I.L.T.O.N. (Intro)
02. Cause It’s Cool Feat. Sean Blak
03. Fitteds Feat. Sista Hailstorm
04. Ice Grillin’ Feat. Pacoe The Illiterate & Shape Zilla
05. Warning Strike Feat. Grief78
06. Something Good Feat. Madshroom
07. Remember Feat Sach Illpages from The Nonce
08. Commercial (Interlude) Feat. Blowfly
09. Rap Class Feat. Silas Blak
10. Tiffany Faberge Feat. Matt Gamin
11. You Know What? Feat. OGSb
12. You Don’t Own Me Feat. Leland Jones
13. ’96 Bubble With The Gore Tex (Alt Take)
14. Slouching Toward Mesopotamia Feat. Alex Oh
15. After Hours Feat. Uzi & Hash Adams
16. 8 Days A Week
17. Roll Up Feat. OK
18. Dougland Feat. Def Dee
19. Dope Static
20. Doucett (Interlude)
21. Spacecase Feat. Araless
22. Perfect Strangers Feat. Hash Adams
23. Aloha Feat. Alca

WIZDUMB – Möstly Crëw