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DREDi – The Stimulus Package [Beat Tape] [2014]

DREDi – The Stimulus Package [Beat Tape]
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01. Phone Sex
02. Ridin Shotgun
03. Only Just
04. Dead Club Siren
05. End Of Paradise
06. Fairytale
07. Plate Spinning
08. Eastside
10. 4th Dance
11. Heat Puddles
12. Problem Hero
13. Feeling Rain
15. Infamous Villain
16. 187HD
17. Animating L’s
18. Hung Up
19. Organ Donor
20. Vegas ’81
21. Star Field
22. Astral Bodies
23. Chant To See The Dead
24. Better Ways
25. The Belly Dancer
26. Thailand Bar

DREDi – The Stimulus Package

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

“The Stimulus Package” is a 26 track instrumental album of experimental hip hop beats from producer DREDi. The beat broker culminates a three part series “The Stimulus Package” in an storyboard collection.

The intention was to create more then “just a beat tape”. The Stimulus Package is an abstract movie for your headphones. The use of samples and themes has been used to conjure a context and a sense of a story unfolding, without being too specific and direct with those themes the listener is encouraged to fill in the blanks. Throughout the tape this is hinted at, our perception of reality, our individual interpretations of spirituality and also entertainment are examined. But all in an entertaining and sometimes comedic way.