Beat Tape

EIGHTY9S – VIBES [Beat Tape] [2014]

EIGHTY9S – VIBES [Beat Tape]
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01. daily
02. valley
03. vision
04. journey
05. signal
06. astraltravel
07. aura
08. connect
09. believe
10. faces
11. taunt
12. genesis
13. beastmode
14. energy
15. peaks
16. rest
17. wakeup


Also Available On: VIBES Cassette [Limited Edition]

thanks to all of those who i have encountered, meet and connected with.
from chatting on the world wide web to meeting in reality,
things do come true if you put your mind to it.
as for myself and my sound, it has grown a lot since jan 2014,
i started making beats in 2003-2004.
and this last year has been the most productive timespan yet.
discovering the ‘beat scene’ revived me back into the production game.
i was tired of making beats for people to ‘rap/sing’ on and
i started making beats for myself to chill to.
thanks for the support and hope you enjoy these vibes as much as i do.
much love.