Beat Tape

J1K – The Vault Vol. One [Beat Tape] [2014]

J1K – The Vault Vol. One [Beat Tape]
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01. Soul
02. After Party
03. Resolution
04. Midas Touch
05. Shaft
06. Gengis
07. Sunrise
08. Sunshine
09. Musical Massage
10. Do For Love
11. Moment Of Clarity
12. The Stars
13. Change The Beat
14. Voyage
15. Earth Born
16. iLL Minds
17. Snowy Day
18. Moog
19. Fresh
20. Bye

J1K – The Vault Vol. One

“The Vault Vol. 1” is a combination of 20 of J1K’s best stashed and new beats he has been working tirelessly on over the past two years. He’s recently dropped the preview to raving reviews by over 75+ commenters and 2000 listeners on SoundCloud, and now the tape is finally here. It is the first of a 3-part series.

Thank you to the fans for all your support. The MCs who have been on the journey with me. And my beat machine. This tape would not have been possible without you three.