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Autumn Orange – Cobalt Blues [Beat Tape] [2021]

Autumn Orange – Cobalt Blues [Beat Tape]
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01. Now You Have My Attention
02. Cobalt Blues
03. You Look Like A Nerd
04. Such Beauty, Such Grace
05. Cracklepop I. Five Gold?!
06. I Didn’t Choose This
07. High With Molly
08. (Back On My) Dope Monk Shit feat. Denkles
09. Morning Routine
10. Empire Kids
11. Greatest Lie (You Have Ever Told)
12. Fall of a Friend
13. Long May He Reign
14. (Get You) Something Nice
15. Who Are You? feat. Jake Lionheart
16. Seaside Meditation
17. Tracy!
18. We All Get Sad Sometimes
19. Love Ya, Jess
20. I Wait
21. I Just Want The Truth
22. Stunning Strike
23. Don’t Die
24. Confessions
25. Cracklepop II. I’ve Seen You

Autumn Orange – Cobalt Blues