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Beat Tape Co​​​​-​​​​Op Presents – The Foundation Producer Series 012 Introducing 3volvr [Beat Tape] [2021]

Beat Tape Co​​​​-​​​​Op Presents – The Foundation Producer Series 012 Introducing 3volvr [Beat Tape]
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01. Colour It Ultra Violet
02. Yellow Sands Of Findhorn
03. Loagaeth – lo (first) + aga (together) + eth (speech)
04. Lavendula
05. Sediment – Calendula Visit
06. Nuevo (Cocoon)
07. How Much More
08. Tip Toeing To Totalitarianism
09. Inertia
10. Oxalis Foliage

Beat Tape Co​​​​-​​​​Op Presents – The Foundation Producer Series 012 Introducing 3volvr

Jason Lee Williams, also known as 3volvr is an American hip-hop producer, emcee, vinyl digger & music curator. Originally from Southern California. He was introduced to the hip-hop elements in the late ’80s. He started making pause-tape mixes in 92′. At age 9, in 1994 – 3volvr wrote his first rap verse. Half a decade later, 3volvr learned how to mix / scratch sounds on records – which helped him hone in to crafting beats. 3volvr first began producing music in 1999. Since 2016, 3volvr has released over 30 colourful albums – on his label Sidewalk Astronomy Recordings, also he has released music with global labels & has collaborated with many international artists. 3volvr has performed at open mics & local bar/restaurant venues in California.
3volvr’s music production process is primarily sample-based, also utilizing live instrumentation.
From 2006 – 2011, 3volvr worked as an audio engineer for the late Dr. Fred Bell & assisted with music production. In 2007, 3volvr produced an instrumental piece for Dr. Bell that was performed at a new-age health expo / award ceremony in San Francisco, California. He’s the winner of a 2009 beat contest (week 7) – judged by Akil of Jurassic 5, on Kevin Nottingham’s site (for the anniversary tribute to Nas’-“Illmatic” lp). 3volvr’s (Evolve Audio) — “Light It Up” instrumental, was selected & used for Trav Williams’-“Illtravis” lp — released April 13, 2009. From 2013 – 2016, 3volvr helped build and operate, Chironex Fleckeri Records – a Southern California / North County San Diego -based label.

In 2014, 3volvr was interviewed live on Indie Artist Spotlight, by Eroc the beatmaker/Eric Margettson – for his Native Suns album/collaboration on his Chironex Fleckeri Records label. His instrumental – “Self Realization”, has been featured on Psygon’s radio program: “The Crackle” (London, UK), 2015. His song – “Astral Projections” with Neila, was featured on Deeskee’s: “La2theBay Radio” (Los Angeles, Ca) – on July 28th, 2015.

Nekubi Tapes (Kavala, Greece).
Alpha Experiential Breaks (Patagonia, Chile).
77 Rise Recordings (San Francisco, California).
Mind Capsule (Chicago, Illinois).
Stay Busy Crew (Manitoba, Canada).

His brother – Michael Williams / Self One / OBSRV, Touchless Remover, Mumi, Neila, Anthony Ponterio Browning, D-Voo of Mysterys Extinction, Nekubi, Deeskee, Mumbles, Gone Beyond, Avatar, POLAR, Sach of The Nonce, Riddlore, Ngafsh, Orko Eloheim, Matt Bloom, Mike360, DJ Cro, Cave Mammoth, Rezult, Dojah, Jizzm, Dolphin Brain, Joe Dub, Megabusive, Fantom God, Wormhole, Hobs, TankWon, Kahsun, Noblonski, Mista Chinn, Guidebook Beats, Factor Chandelier, Wydow, AF Diaphra (Biru), Aloeight, DJ Wardove, Aquarius Minded, Sojourn, Jinsen, Igor Amokian, Cinturón Negro, Wax Fyah, Cosmic Blacksmith, Ruido & more.

Equipment/production tools:
Akai MPC2500 SE, Akai MPC1000, Korg TR-61, Korg Microkorg Synthesizer / Vocoder, Korg D32XD, Fostex MR-8 HD, Fostex VF80, Technics 1200 MK3, Vestax PMC-05 Pro 3, Shure SM58s Mic, & Vinyl.

• Beats by 3volvr (Jason Lee Williams)
at Sidewalk Astronomy Recordings / New Cocoon in Dana Point, California

• Mastered by Gone Beyond (Dahvin Bugas) at Transfer Station Records in Santa Fe, New Mexico

More of 3volvr’s music available at,