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Doc Heller – The Tragical History Tour [Beat Tape] [2021]

Doc Heller – The Tragical History Tour [Beat Tape]
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01. Thanks for dropping by
02. 500 something dollars
03. Pauly Shore?
04. Bring Back YJY
05. Smoke you in Golden Eye
06. Bound 3
07. Did you know that?
08. Summer School
09. Bummer Every Summer
10. Willy Nilly
11. Reptillian
12. Paradise
13. Nobody Loves Me
15. One for Sunny Lane
16. Sad Clown
17. When I didn’t have a mic
18. SoundCloud Academy
19. Zappa’s Face Melter
20. Totally Shredding
21. THPS4
22. Spring Fling
23. Nothing But Star Wars
24. Think about what you’re doing
25. Vending Machine Mirage
26. Sorry
27. Zircon Encrusted Tweezers
28. Don’t Be Afraid
29. The Guest
30. Happy Birthday
32. Can I get a T-Shirt?
33. My name is Marshall Mathers, I’m an alcoholic
34. Still Totally Shredding
35. What’s your total malfunction?
36. You got an ass like a BBW
37. Keith’s Manifesto
38. But they look like sneakers
39. Welcome 2 Costco, I Love You

Doc Heller – The Tragical History Tour

I’ve made so many albums throughout the years. So many so that I’ve deleted tons of my early released material. I’ve lost albums due to labels folding and hard drives dying. But the past is in the past for a reason, I always look towards the future. Though every now and then I do get nostalgic. This time I dug in the archives, old and new (2012 – 2020) and came out with this, “The Tragical History Tour”. Sometimes the commercials are louder than the show, if so, adjust your volume dork. Enjoy the ride!