Dutchyyy – Lofi Twitter Drama (Portals) [Instrumentals] [2021]

Dutchyyy – Lofi Twitter Drama (Portals) [Instrumentals]
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01. Reminder Jawn (Sample Challenge)
02. LofiTwitterDrama (Portals)
03. LTD Evolved (Portals)
04. LTD Devolved (Portals)
05. I’ve returned from the future to tell you to turn it down a little. [PATCHUPDATE_03_15_21]

Dutchyyy – Lofi Twitter Drama (Portals)

In October of 2020, Dibia$e kicked off the sample challenge that sparked a fire under the community, while it wasn’t the first challenge of all time, It was a milestone event for anyone paying attention as it inspired so many people in the community to start hosting and participating challenges. Which is a beautiful thing. This challenge was dedicated to goddess Patrice Rushen on her birthday. The sample chosen by Dibia$e was “Remind me”

I have this record on wax, but immediately wanted to support again and purchase a high quality digital version so I quickly went to and got to work.

This all went down during one of the most annoying, pointless and kinda funny Twitter “Lofi is different from hiphop” Drama debates. Tensions were high, and as usual, people came out the wood work left and right to argue with Dibia$e and any other “old head” to “remind us” that they created this new genre called “lofi” and while it may sound identical to the music you’ve been hearing since the early 90’s, It’s not the same at all. Dibia$e said, enough Drama, lets let those sample chop hands to work and stop talking.

Now i’ve flipped this sample a few times before, but I wanted to take it a more aggressive direction and also wanted to be the first to upload my flip, So I hella rushed out a quick version, Badly mixed, sloppy loud and too stiff for my liking drums. but I was just focused on taking the sample flip in a direction i knew no one else would.

Fast Forward to the present, and while putting together this 8gb usb for my subs, When i came across this track, I really wanted to actually put time in and clean it up and fix those drums. Unfortunately, I tend to re-sample my resampled flip, which is what I did for the original version, so those super loud drums were infused into the audio and there was no way I could re-mix it down.

Frustrated, I ended up just trying to re-flip it, and as usual, it just got weirder and weirder hahah. But that’s usually how these Portals go. crazy live experimentation.

anyway, Peace to Dibia$e, peace to Patrice Rushen and Peace to all my bandcamp subscribers.