Beat Tape

Moderator – Escape [Beat Tape] [2014]

Moderator – Escape [Beat Tape]
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01. To The Moon
02. Let Me Take You There
03. Love So Strong
04. Flowers
05. Old Portrait
06. Damn Your Eyes
07. After Midnight
08. Black Tux
09. Crossfire
10. Quietly
11. Home
12. Side By Side
13. Wonder Why
14. Sleep Tight
15. Bossa For Your Feet
16. Another Letter

Moderator – Escape

This is the debut Cult Classic Records LP from 21 year old Greek producer Moderator.

“Music has been a part of me since i was child, It’s therapy for me, I put my soul in every track i make and i never spend a day without working on what i love. I’m always hunting for soulful melodies for people to vibe to. That’s exactly what i did with Escape and i think it’s my signature style making atmospheric and melodic sounds whether it’s a slow or a more up-tempo track. I hope you all enjoy the release” – Moderator

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