Beat Tape

DJ Wigs – 30 Days [Beat Tape] [2021]

DJ Wigs – 30 Days [Beat Tape]
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01. Andre the Joint
02. Trinidad Calrissian
03. Isaac Haze
04. Purple Devil
05. Bad Man Talk
06. True Original B-Boy Apostle
07. Askin’ For a Baskin
08. Goodie Two Shoes
09. Keep One Rolled
10. Bruce Fleek
11. Heel Will
12. Gum Sole Singer
13. Gully Blanchard
14. Cold Chillin’
15. Tom Broke Off
16. Stuntman Mike
17. Tired of Rap
18. Body Shaming Skeletor
19. Ruffneck Ecology
20. Loop Skywalker
21. March of Dime Bags
22. Chatty Cobra
23. Judy Fader
24. Jazz Lettuce
25. Gunfight at the OkayPlayer Corral
26. Sunflower Seeds &Quarter Waters
27. Buddha JPEG
28. Nike Arizona
29. Christopher Wallets

DJ Wigs – 30 Days

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

In early 2017 I took part in something called the 30/16 Challenge alongside Lane Shuler. The challenge was to make a beat every day for 30 days and have Lane record a 16 bar verse over it. Last year we released those songs as 30 Days, Vol 1 and 2. This beat tape consists of those instrumentals. Every one of them retains some element of the original but many are virtually unrecognizable from their first incarnation. This is gritty boom bap Hip Hop created straight from the crates.