Beat Tape

Baghead – Dedicated To Those Who [Beat Tape] [2021]

Baghead – Dedicated To Those Who [Beat Tape]
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01. if it doesn’t matter
02. sometimes its gone
03. whats the love for then
04. what if u moved on
05. what if u slipped
06. some days i WOO
07. if you’re tryna flip a dollar
08. some newish
09. what if you couldn’t get it right
10. if u sneak a cheat
11. if u stayed on it
12. if ur bouta chop it up
13. what about the beat i sent
14. if naw, there is
15. if u fuck around
16. if u use twitter u might get stuck
17. if you slide
18. if you chill, then yee
19. if u had sanctuary
20. if you wanna chill, its good
21. what if the anxiety did u good
22. what if u tried other things
23. what if you had to pass on it

Baghead – Dedicated To Those Who

Also Available On: Dedicated To Those Who Cassette & Dedicated To Those Who CD