DJ Platurn – IKSRFO [Mixtape] [2021]

DJ Platurn – IKSRFO [Mixtape]
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01. Red Side
02. Noble Side

DJ Platurn – IKSRFO

When lockdown began back in March of 2020, a DJ I barely knew (Trex) sent me an email with a request. He wanted to see if i’d be willing to make a mix for him in the vein of the homage mixes i’ve done in the past (Native Tongues, Outkast, etc.) but for his favorite MC of all time, the Funk Doctor Spock. He explained to me that he is a nurse working on the frontlines of the covid pandemic and proclaimed he always wanted something like this in his possession and now would be the ideal time to make it happen, especially with the future being so uncertain. Lump in my throat for real so I agreed without hesitation. We swiftly made a connection and have become friends since. I took the project very seriously and am truly happy to share this with the world, on his behalf of course. Shoutout to my man Trex for sparking the vision and to Dr. Trevis for the many years of dopeness. Now light one up!


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