Illastrate – The Black Noise LP [INSTRUMENTALS] [Instrumentals] [2013]

Illastrate – The Black Noise LP [INSTRUMENTALS] [Instrumentals]
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01. Tape Deck Intro
02. Midwest Kids
03. Ghetto2Ghetto
04. Y.A.M.
05. Lay it Down
06. Whachagunnado
07. Going Places
08. Driftin
09. Chips
10. Higher (Revolution)
11. Center Stage
12. In the Trunk
13. Lethal
14. In the Trunk (Demo Version) *Bonus*
15. Caramel Dreams (previously released) *Bonus*
16. Three (unreleased) *Bonus*

Illastrate – The Black Noise LP [INSTRUMENTALS]

The instrumentals to the 2009 release from Aarophat and Illastrate as Black Noise. The Black Noise LP. Also includes 3 bonus instrumentals from songs not on the original album. All beats produced by Illastrate except for “Whachagunnado” Co-Produced by Koda for Codafied music.