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Roberto Bronco – Lost Souls [Instrumental Album] [2019]

Roberto Bronco – Lost Souls [Instrumental Album]
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01. Lay Back
02. Golden
03. Truth
04. Trumpen
05. Out The Box
06. Lost Souls
07. Turn
08. Rest In Peace
09. Those Days
10. Tape Jam

Roberto Bronco – Lost Souls

Also Available On: Vinyl + Digital Album

After having established Deep Inspiration Show Records on a foundation of deep-leaning house music EPs featuring the likes of Viktor Birgiss [Freerotation Records/Lagaffe Tales], Marco Nega [Altered Moods/Waehlscheibe] and Theory Of Movement [Dan Piu & Grant], our next move was obvious; to champion an album of instrumental hip-hop and jazz-inspired beats and flavas from Germany. But, honestly, the opportunity to release Lost Souls, the outstanding new project from Roberto Bronco, was too good to miss. Featuring ten soul-warming tracks of chilled, downtempo and supremely laid-back vibes from the experienced Bielefeld artist, mastered deftly as ever by the one and only Sven Weisemann, the question should not be is it deep but rather is it great? We think so.