Beat Tape

Enzo Eyeris – Hand Picked [Beat Tape] [2014]

Enzo Eyeris – Hand Picked [Beat Tape]
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01. Hand Picked Welcome
02. Couch Surfer
03. Silent Star Ave.
04. Out For The Title
05. Tidal Wave
06. Quick Push of Wisdom
07. Free Dumb
08. Your Lies
09. Let’s Act Normal
10. Adios

Enzo Eyeris – Hand Picked

Hand Picked is a select collection of Enzo Eyeris beats from over the years that he has sent me, just as two friends sharing their music. Now as madweight forms I felt it a great time to pay homage to a good friend and put a project together, with and for him. Throw Zo in a mix with Alchemist or Black Milk, and he is sure to shine bright along side them with that sound we all love, yet still bringing something fresh to the table at the same time. Composed mostly of EMCEE ready instrumentals, safe to say it’s bangers all day. This beattape is for all the head nodders out there, the mind drifters, the innovators, the emcees, but most importantly for Enzo and the rest of our STBB brothers. Enough Said

Push Wisdom,