Beat Tape

Spellwrks – The Purge [Beat Tape] [2014]

Spellwrks – The Purge [Beat Tape]
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01. Windy C Loop
02. Brasilia
03. With Soul
04. Everything 4 u
05. Feel Everything
06. Ghostwalking
07. Horizun
08. Offer U More
09. Cali Bounce (lol)
10. Idea #3
11. Storm of Conciousness
12. Ego Trip

Spellwrks – The Purge

I periodically clean out my project folders, and normally just delete or sell the beats included in said folders. But this time, I felt like people should see behind the veil and peer into what the hell producers go through. This is a compilation of several projects where I played with different styles and attempted to master different techniques. With so many sounds being made everyday, not everything I do is going to be great, which leads to “The Purge”. **NOTE: Feel free to rap over/remix/sample any of this material, all I ask is that you give credit for the source material. Peace.