Instrumental Album

Delorean Gray – Retrofuture Daydreams [Instrumental Album] [2020]

Delorean Gray – Retrofuture Daydreams [Instrumental Album]
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01. 2087 (Intro)
02. Neon & Synthetic Palm Trees
03. Holographic Beaches
04. Futuristic Cityscapes (Domes of Life)
05. Cruising the Sunset Strip
06. The Outsiders (Wastelanders)
07. Dark Days, Bright Nights
08. Discotech Daze
09. Radiation Sickness (Nuclear Fallout)
10. Retrofuture Daydreams
11. Psychedelic Sunsets & Skyscrapers

Delorean Gray – Retrofuture Daydreams

This album is a synth heavy/analog trip into a dystopian/post-apocalyptic future…

The year is 2087 where the earth has been ravaged by deadly viruses, pollution and war. Small cities scattered across the planet only exist of the ones that have been contained and controlled from viruses/radiation and now live under giant domes where fluorescence and neon is the only true life force and electronic instruments/machines are the only way to communicate. The ones that are still contaminated (Wastelanders) are left to fight like savages for survival in the barren wastelands that take up most of the space between cities. Oceans are toxic and plant/animal life is synthetic and holographic…

…Welcome to the Retrofuture…