Beat Tape

blnkspc_ – Queens [Beat Tape] [2020]

blnkspc_ – Queens [Beat Tape]
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01. Snow Flakes
02. Lady Blossom
03. Close To Sleep
04. Harvest Moon
05. Smoke Screen
06. Haze Talk
07. Space Cakes
08. Wax Lotion
09. Down Wind
10. Candy’s Crush

blnkspc_ – Queens

Radio Juicy proudly presents blnkspc_ the collab project by two very talented producers B-Side and Tesk. Queens is their debut album together, an ode to the fabulous and regal, where strength meets elegance. You can feel the influence of both producers on the music if you are familiar with their respective work, and blnkspc_ is a luxurious taste of both worlds. Queens plays out as an intrepid escapade into the heart of the city, where cultures blend together and inhibitions are left behind. Come in for a while and enjoy the smooth beats with this unique selection.

The vinyl edition is incredible for this one, the art is printed on the reverse uncoated side to give the colors a more pastel feel, almost like a painting. The vinyl itself comes with a white with red marble also giving a pastel feel. The entire piece is literally like a work of art. Specially with the perfected mastering which will give the best possible audio experience!

Note the vinyl is a limited edition and the shipping will start at the end of August due to annual holidays. The safest bet is to expect it at the start of September.