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Ill-Advised Records – Lofi Hip Hop Magazine [Magazine] [2020]

Ill-Advised Records – Lofi Hip Hop Magazine [Magazine]
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Ill-Advised Records, is dedicated to helping creators of art, music, and journalism in the lofi hip hop community find an outlet to have their art seen by the broader music scene, as well as push the boundaries of what lofi hip hop is. In their largest effort to accomplish this to date, they just finished creating the first issue of Lofi Hip Hop Magazine, the first magazine dedicated entirely to (you guessed it) lofi hip hop!

The magazine is a 100% free, not-for-profit community endeavour, and after half a year and an overwhelming number of community submissions, they have managed to put it together and release it to the public.

You can check out the magazine here:

Their hope is to give the community a new outlet for sharing all types of work, and they are hoping that they can get the larger music community involved in helping spread the word.

Respect to Ill-Advised Records and Lofi Hip Hop Magazine!

Everyone be sure to support!